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when did you start to love miley?
Like 2007
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you love Selena Gomez?
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you get tickets to the Bangerz Tour?  anna;аня
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Hey! I bought two extra tickets to see Miley Cyrus in concert on 2/22 in Los Angeles! Let's do a fun giveaway for the holiday season so a lucky smiler gets an awesome Xmas gift! :-) ‎@ncaaat
Yes! Tweet me so I can follow and dm
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Where are your seats for the Bangerz tour? I got floor 3!
Floor 1 I think
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what is your personal account? I can follow you? xx #muchlove  #Bangerz
Ask me on twitter and ill dm it to you
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who is the guy on mielys 21st birthday vid?? i mean hes hot
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What do you think about Miley appropriating urban hip hop culture and being unapologetic about perpetuating stereotypes and oppression ?
i'm sorry can she not be a part of hip hop culture because shes not black?
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how did miley follow you? what did you do for it? Did MileyOfficial or MileyCyrusBz help you or? :)
No they didn't she saw Cheyne tweet me I think and then followed
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can u take a pic of your dm with her
No lol
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have you talked with miley by dm's?
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do you really speak spanish?
I understand it but I don't speak much of it. My dad is from spain
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That fan of Miles who works for her now, is that you?
nope thats Olivia MileyOfficial
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can u speak in spanish?
claro que si ;)
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what do u think about argentina? miley´s bun
i want to go
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if i asked you to dm my username to miley or help me get noticed by miley on twitter would you? i've been trying for so long i love her sooo much it'd mean everything to me :(
i wont dm ur username but i can RT u
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where are you?? Country??
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whats ur tumblr?
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You're amazing. I watched Miley the Movement and I saw how Miley tweeted off this account! Idgaf it's awesome and ily
aw thanks lol
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Do you think miley loves the gays?
yes i do lmao
why miley follows u? its just a question :)
Idk cause she wanted to lol?
who are you? you're famous? i'm sorry i don't know :)
No I am not famous.
Please tell me your reaction when miley followed you.:)
I was stunned lmao
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i love you
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