When was the last time you saw an animal in the wild?

I am an animal in the wild, rawwr


Cunts everywhere.

pipe down reece, pipe down ;D Amelia.

Yes love:) x x

You just annoy me so fricken much man

You really piss me off, you move from person to person.... keep that snake in your trousers mate.

wot, Hahhahahaha
Calm the fuck down mate

are you and Amy dating?x

Yes x x x

aw, thats you;3 x x Ella✌️

No, No. That's you x x x

nopnopnop <3 Amelia.

yupyupyupyupyup x x x x

love you :3 Amelia.

Love you more silly <3 <3


That you should die a long and painful death.

<3 - sent to my 15 favourite people who I follow:3 Ella✌️

Thank you perfection x x x x

Do u live in the unites states or in a different country Margo

I live in the uk(:

Reece!! Hai Katt

Hey(: x

Best singers you know?

Who I know personally?
Erm probably....

Obviously me...

your brother likes asking alexandria

hahahaha, Probably... He hears me playing them enough.

Last songs you have listened too?

Asking Alexandria- The Death Of Me
Nickelback Burn It To The Ground, and When We Stand Together.

Do you shop in like a hipster/scene/emo shop

Yes, Roys

Can you do me a fansign and I will pay you about 2.50 over paypow or shit. Got to be sexy tho.

no. Maybe if you said 3 pound then I could buy myself a meal deal from Sainsburrys.
Times are tough for a college student.

But then again.... could get a pot of ben and jerrys
or there is a deal at sainsburrys at the moment 2 monsters for 2 pound

I will get back to you anon.


You can buy scars, where can I get them from (Other anon)

ermmm can you not like have conversations over my ask please hahahaha

Omg, society is truly fucked. bye bye
Going to locate myself to stand on the train track.

Just saying u can wear scars and buy them from a jk shop they look real and people feel sprry for u lol not taking the mlic out of you bled

Why did I ever leave this website
omfg, so many freaks on this site.


do @ opinion

Posted this saying 'yeah'
Got about ten people listed

Aint no one got time for dat

Your music taste >>> SixAM is so perfect it hurts ♥Nikki Sixx♥ Deactivating byeeeee

Thankyou:3 Your music taste though, you're beautiful.. omfg, I know. x x

Yo You shouldn't wear that many bracelets, covering your whole arm. lol don't hide scars u idiot. show them off I buy mine loooool

What? I'm not hiding any scars?
Are u okay?
I swear, I have to wear an even amount though.


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