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If you feel stressed what would you do to reduce it?

exercise, best thing ever for reducing stress.

How do you usually start a conversation?

it all starts with a simple hello.

So, how was your day dear? tell me.

awesome el7amdallah.

what eyeliner do you use?

yls's pen liner.

What was the last thing you made with your own hands?


يعلج فالينه

آجمعين ان شاء الله.

تولهت عليج يابنت :)

ههههههه وانا بعد.

مرحبا ريم ، شحالج عساج بخير فديتج؟

مرحبتين ، بخير يسرج الحال ، من صوبج؟

What was the last life-changing decision you had to make?

pft, that's a deep question to think about.

What is the most important thing you need to do today?

go shop.

How does it feel to be called beautiful everyday?

quite Nice actually.

You have a beautiful nose *-*

I've been told, Thanks.

Do you like your name?

Very much actually.

What 3 things you like about you and what you hate ?

I like my personality the most and my eyes and nose. I don't really hate anting about myself.

Do you post your picture in instgram ?


I adore you Reem, I just do without a reason♡♡♡

so sweet, that makes me Happy.

Your eyes kill me to death<3


your family name ?


شو لونج المفضل؟

اسود وابيض. شانيل.

شو أكثر شيء تحبين تسمعين له؟


خذ من اليوم عبرة...

ومن الامس خبره.

تستخدمين البي بي للحين؟


كم رقم عندج ؟


ليش بتمسحين أكاونتج؟


كم عندك انستقرام؟



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