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Roman Reigns @ReignsWWE

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With December approaching, are you excited to be getting back in the ring?  Amy Rupert
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When are you coming back to the WWE?  Allen lentz
Sooner than you know.
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What did you think of Survival Series?  Bertha Terry
Was a good show.
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It was great seeing you last night during the Survivor Series PPV. I've gotta say, you're looking better than ever!!! I loved when you told JBL his question was stupid LOL. I can't wait until your return so you can take care of Seth and anyone else trying to impede your rise to the top! Take care :)  Ariceli Medina
Thank you.
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I'm trying to get bufffed out like you can you give me some tips like protein shake reps and weights?  Cameron James Linehan
I'd rather not cause my training routine was made for me. Find yourself a gym and a coach that gives you your own routine.
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what do u think of sting!! makin team cena win and what about dolph what a performance! and heard u back in a month !cant wait to see u come back  zohr irani
The one last big match. Can't wait to see it.
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what are you doing? Roman :)  Mario Ivaylov
Answering questions at the moment.
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Glad your recovery is going well...and can't wait to see you back in the ring! I know its early, but have to start cooking for the masses!! Wishing you and your family & very Happy Thanksgiving!! xoxo  Karen J
Happy thanksgiving to you too.
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You think Dean can win against Bray at Survival Series?  Bertha Terry
He can win against anyone.
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How many bottles of conditioner do you own?  Callum M
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Hey Roman. How are you doing?  Bertha Terry
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Has ur diet remained the same whilst you have been off or you been eating a little comfort food, do you miss the road  aaliyah malik
It's changed a bit, but not much.
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If you were in your full power. Will you go on team Cena or team Authurity?  # @mr Kötb
I'd be on my own.
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When will you return?A China are ing of you。  REXHAN
Sooner than you know.
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You should try and convince Dean Ambrose to use Twitter more often. ❤️  Giselle Jimenez
He's not using his Twitter at all.
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It's great that you're taking acting lessons.  Callum M
Was fun.
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Hey Roman. How you feeling? I missed you not wrestling in the UK in November. Do you think you will be here in April next year?  Stephanie WWE Davies
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I miss you!!!!! When are you coming back??
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Who are you routing for in Team Cena vs Team Authority AND Bray vs Dean  Jasmine Rae
Dean's my boy. Of course I'm voting for him.
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December 30th is your return right? sweet too bad i'm going to be in Springfield, MO by that time so i won't be to see you make your return.  Heather Lowman
Somewhere in December. Keep your eyes open.
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Hi Roman, just wanted to see how you were doing. Hope all is well, take care!  kimmy
All good.
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Since you are such an avid fan of The Walking Dead. Have you ever considered going on The Talking Dead?  Heather Eustice
Haven't been asked yet.
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Hi! I read you took a 3-days intensive acting classes at LA, were they hard? Hope you enjoy them. Can't wait to see what did you learn! Blessings hunni!  Gaby OM
They were challenging. I hope they've helped.
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What supplements / protein mix do u use  Esteban Milla
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when do u think your returning to wwe  jayson gonzalez
If things go according to plan, hopefully late December.
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