I am very excited for happy birthday.. carly

Happy birthday!

when are doing meet n greet in NY Tondra

You'd have to ask WWE. They arrange meet & greets.

Siobhan graduated kindergarten yesterday! Cap and gown and all! Stacy Holder

- Joe

Love when you and the Usos fight together. Blood is thicker than water! Awesome as usual, can't wait for Extreme Rules! Stacy Holder

Tell the kids I said Hi. And thanks for the support, Stacy.

your i can i will slogan really has helped people. including me. im a mom of 3 who's battling diabetes & my 2 boys are disabled. 1 was just diagnosed with autism & adhd. your slogan has helped me keep myself together. I just want to say thank u. keep being u. I'll always be a fan. tylin oakes

I'm glad to hear that. Stay strong, Tylin! And all the best.

Hi Roman, For the past 2 yrs you've given me a bday shout out. Can the 3x champ give me a 3rd one? #HAPPYBDAYTOME #RomanEmpire Mellíe

Happy Birthday, Mellíe!

I meant to ask, did you ever get the box the girls and I sent? Was the gift ok? Stacy Holder

Yes, I did. Thanks so much.

Passed. ALL. Classes. Now it's just acting as anesthetist for two surgeries, externship, and the graduation ceremony on June 10. Thanks to you and "I can, I will", I could and I did! Oh, and I hope you got the box from the girls and I! Stacy Holder

Congratulations, Stacy!

Saw that WWE is heading back to Hawaii for the first time in 7 years. So jealous! Never been there and would love to (even though the flight would be awful from NY). I'm volunteering my services as your personal luggage carrier! LOL! Karen J

Ha ha! Nice. Thanks.

My nephew was excited to see you win. I brought him tickets to see your match. It made him cry when he heard some people booing you. We just wanted to say that You're #1 in our book and we love your work. Keep up the good work and we will keep you in our prayers Tea Angel

Thanks so much.

Safe travels! Karen J

Thank you.

Great fight last night, although after the huge feud between you guys, it felt odd to have you on the same side! It doesn't feel that way with other heels, but your personas are such polar opposites it was off, but worked somehow. Does it ever feel that way to you? Stacy Holder


Yo Champ, nothing but respect for you my man 👊🏾 #theguy #Boxhead ✓


Randomness, but your gear you wore on RAW is my favorite. The all-black (as I call it). And you vs AJ is such an amazingly fresh match up. Those are the best. Kind of reminds me of you vs Bryan. This match is going to be all types of crazy and awesome. But yeah that's it have a good week! Raz

Looking forward to it.

Great pictures on the red carpet before Raw tonight. Looks like you're having some fun overseas! Can't wait to see Raw tonight...been avoiding spoilers all afternoon. LOL! Karen J

Hope you enjoyed it.

Yes, Chris used my phone and didn't tell me what she sent until after the fact. I apologize for her. If I'd known, I wouldn't have allowed it. I've never been rude, certainly wouldn't start now! Stacy Holder

She actualy said nice things, I still have that message in my inbox.

I highly recommend 'Batman vs Superman.' I had a feeling these reviews were BS. It was AMAZING. Though I recommend you watch 'Man of Steel' before if you plan on watching it. This is the sequel to that. You'll understand everything then. And you were awesome on Smackdown. Raz

Gonna keep that in mind. Thanks.

My nephew is a huge fan of yours and I just wanted to say thank you for teaching him the true meaning friendship, dedication and hard work. I Wish the best in everything that you do. Thank you Tea Angel

Thank you so much. That means a lot.

I am so sorry about how Brooklyn treated you tonight. So disappointed in my old stomping grounds. If nothing else, though, we New Yorkers are stubbornly loyal, and those of us in the Empire will stay there! Stacy Holder

It's okay.

Me being from NYC I want to apologize for the way my city treated u. Good Luck at Wrestlemania. 3x World Champ #RomanEmpire Mellíe

It's okay, no worries.

Happy Easter! Hope the Easter Beagle paid you guys a visit! :) Stacy Holder

There are tons of haters out there but the love and support from your fans far outweighs all the negativity and hate. Sending best wishes for a speedy/healthy recovery. Take care!! Ariceli Medina


HI Roman just wanted to say take care and I hope you are healing nicely, Are you going to wrestle at wrestlemania? Bernadette Quinteros

That's the plan.

Please forgive my friend Chris' language; I don't know what she was thinking when she sent her message earlier. And please forgive ME; if I'd had a clue what she was doing I wouldn't have loaned her my phone! Stacy Holder

Is that the other one that came in with your name? I'm only now getting through all the messages.

Hey! How have you been? Bet your inbox is full 😉. Glad you're spending time with your beautiful family. Hope you get fully recovered soon! Take care and blessings! Gaby

It is indeed. Will take a while to get through this.


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