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People really can't get through their head that even though WWE is scripted and the superstars are trained to take hits it's not easy on your body's. "it's fake!" I don't care how thick that may is when you fall off a ladder to the outside of the ring it's still gonna hurt... Don't think that's fake  Owin hall
The pain is real. We do get hurt more than we let people see. The show must go on.
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Just wanted to tell you that Nathan said kick Bray's butt at Battleground! Whatever the outcome you always have our support xxx  Michelle
I'll do my best!
And thanks to everyone who wished me luck for Battleground.
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Hey Roman it's my birthday today and the only present I want is for u to follow me pls that would me the world to me!!  Nicole Alizae Torres
Happy birthday, Nicole. Have a fantastic day.
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Haven't been around too much lately. Hope all is well. Lost my dad unexpectedly a month ago. Still trying to comprehend and come to grips with everything. Never expected it to be this difficult. Look forward to seeing you on Raw & Smackdown. Makes me smile through the tears! xoxo  Karen J
So sorry to hear that. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family, Karen.
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What is your fav meal of the day?  Laura Jandi
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Great pictures from the ESPYs red carpet. You two definitely make a beautiful couple!!!! xoxo  Karen J
Thank you.
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Good Morning Roman!!! Won't you wish ur muslim fans a happy EID please???I mean its our biggest festival.Blessings for YOU.  Mehr Maah
And happy EID to you as well.
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It's Eid today . Roman Reigns can you say Happy Eid to me x  Naffisa Malik
Happy EID to you.
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Hey man !! Your'e my inspiration my idol it would mean the world for me if you just follow me! Please !!!!  Hassan ✌ ☑️ Official
Like I said, if I followed you, I'd have to follow everyone and I can't do that. Sorry.
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Hello Mr. Reigns I would lol to ask if you would follow me on Twitter  Logan Ritzert
If I followed you, I'd have to follow everyone and I can't do that I'm afraid. Sorry.
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Roman are you ready for the battleground?All the best!  Annie malik
Sure am!
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i celebrated my anniversary at the wwe live event in philly. first time i had front seats and ur performance was even more amazing. we had an awesome time. thank u for the selfie. it made my night even more special.  tylin oakes
You're welcome. Glad you had a good time.
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Watching WWE helps me stay strong. I have depression, I cut, and often feel like committing suicide. The only thing that keeps me from it is the thought that I might meet you guys one day. Even though sometimes cutting isn't enough...  Brookelyn Ferree
Stay strong! It will get better.
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It would be an honour if u say few words to your biggest fan and well wisher.  Annie malik
Hello there.
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When u have days off what do you enjoy eating or over indulging on  Naffisa Malik
I'll have to think about that.
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Thanks God my son surgery was successful, so far recovery has been painful, he's on day 5 of 3 weeks recovery needed. He can't wait to see you again in August 1st at our venue, hopefully he will be medically cleared by then. Blessings hun!  Gaby
All the best to him.
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i hope you will fight seth again for WHC title  GHANI PERNAH DISINI©
I probably will at some point.
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Since my birthday is on July 7th, I thought I might treat myself to some tickets to the show in Pittsburgh but the card I'd really love to see is booked for Nashville that night.  Amy Rupert
Happy belated birthday, Amy. I'm sure you'll enjoy the Pittsburgh card just as much.
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Thanks for your reply and your kind words to my son before surgery, you made his day! Blessings to you and your beautiful family!  Gaby
Hope all went well.
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why dont answer me  GHANI PERNAH DISINI©
Depends on what you're asking.
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Thanks for the reply Roman means a lot :-)  Michelle
No problem.
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I hope you teach Bray Wyatt a lesson for talking about your daughter  Gevon Wade
You do know that's a storyline, right?
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You should know , gawjus jaw , hair , smile and eyes and don't worry I ain't flirting just admiring a beautiful creation ;)  Naffisa Malik
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last yr i got sick and was put into induce coma the recovery was hard. this yr so far has been awesome I've been lucky enough to meet u and watch u wrestle. your matches r exciting. u do alot and go threw alot to entertain the fans. thank u. good luck at battle ground.  tylin oakes
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