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You're indian ??β€Ž  kenza lone
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hey Ro just wanted to ask u this question the glove things that u wear on ur hands/wrist are u ever going to make some gloves like that so us fans can buy themπŸ˜† tell wwe to make themβ€Ž  Christina Burson
We'll see if they'll do it.
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Why do you look more and more gawjus and strong Mr Reigns , keep it going !!!!β€Ž  aaliyah malik
I don't know?
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I've just watched the awesome video of you meeting Kenneth & his family on Sunday had me in tears as I lost my grandfather & mother in law to cancer xxβ€Ž  Michelle
I'm so sorry to hear that. Stay strong.
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How did you like being in Hungary?β€Ž  Laura Jandi
It was nice.
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Hi roman ur awesome ur my third favorite wrestler. Plez give me ur numberβ€Ž  Rias Keilani
I'm not giving away my number. What do you think who I am? I don't even know you.
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you're awesome cause of what you bring to the ring and the character you show on and off the camera's. not because your gorgeous. your more than thatβ€Ž  tylin oakes
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Hello Roman....its my birthday...wont you wish me plzzzz im waitingβ€Ž  Mehr Maah
Happy birthday. Have a great day.
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Hi hun! My son will get a surgery on July 2 morning, pretty sure he will be happy to receive some positives words from his fav superstar. Thanks in advance! Blessings!β€Ž  Gaby
Oh no. Hope he's okay. Wishing him all the best!
Much love,
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Why did Bray target you!?!?!Why is he putting baby Joelle in this?!?!?!She's innocent.β€Ž  Jollisa Phatu
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would you ever kiss a fan on the cheek and give her WWE merchandise if it was her birthdayβ€Ž  Nina Valentine
Giving away merch isn't in my hands. And no, I probably wouldn't kiss any fans. I'm very happy with who I'm with.
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If you could have any wish in the world what would it be and why?β€Ž  Nikita Dunn
I have everything I need.
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Hi,i m your biggggggggggggest fan from pakistan,,plz tell me how are you ?β€Ž  Muhammad adil khan
I'm fine. Thanks.
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Did it hurt when u got all those tattoos on ur arm? Love you soo much πŸ˜β€Ž  Laylay
Not really, no.
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Hi Roman, you are my favourite wrestler and I wish to see you but it is impossible for me,this is the only way for me to say I am a big fan of yours.β€Ž  soumya
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Hi, from Brazil! <3β€Ž  Flaviane (MemoriesWarrior)
Hello Brazil.
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Why did Seth betray you and dean?β€Ž  Taylor Ford
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I'm a big fan of u. I got a T-shirt of u and I wish i can meet uβ€Ž  Chrislene Petigny
Check for my public appearances.
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the first time I saw you I thought you were an Indian lolβ€Ž  kenza lone
I'm Samoan actually.
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27 june and his name is Patrickβ€Ž  Hubert
Happy birthday, Patrick! Have a great day.
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R u friends with Dean and Seth?β€Ž  Laura Jandi
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Your my favorite wrestler..!! I hope to meet you one day....β€Ž  Amanda Hozjan
Check with WWE for my appearances.
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Hi roman are u affraid that Bray Wyatt might hurt your familyβ€Ž  β€CutiePie❀
No, because it's nothing we take outside the ring after work.
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Hi,Romanβ€Ž  Xabi Alonso
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Hi Roman how are u ??β€Ž  kenza lone
Good. Busy.
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