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Do you remember Michelle? She's in touch with you also, she's at hospital, can you please send her some positive vibes? Thanks hun! Blessings!  Gaby
Get well soon, Michelle!
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Hey Roman my dad broke his foot he's 67 and he's getting old lol but he thinks he's in his 20s still can you please tell him to get better and to take it easy and stop trying to act like he young again lol thanks love you  Anna Frye
Sir, your daughter asked me to tell you to take it easy and get well soon.
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it was awesome seeing u again at axxess hope u like ur gift.  tylin oakes
Loved it. Thanks so much.
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Besides spending time with your girls because that's a given, what's your favorite thing to do when you have some time off?  Karen J
Relax! That's something we don't get to do much,
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Just stop to say hi! Hope you all are fine. Blessings hun!  Gaby
Hey there. Been a while. Hope everything's alright.
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I know your married but how long would you wait to ask a girl you really like out even tho you been friends for a long time  Anna Frye
Can't really answer this. Everyone is different.
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How to find true love?  tammycurtis
You don't find true love. True love finds you.
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Okay, time for a serious question. Would you ever go/Have you ever gone Skydiving or Bungee jumping? Personally I would MAYBE bungee, but it has to be over a net as well as one of those blow up things.  Raz
Maybe skydiving at some point.
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Hello Roman Good Morning.....Im curious about the third member of ur Team....Whome do u prefer if You got a chance to select Your third partner??? Or You think that You n Dean are enough??  Mehr Maah
Dean and I have a past. The best in-ring chemisty we've had with Seth Rollins. But that's not in our hands.
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Hi roman reigns i was just wondering if you apply oil on your hair or water 💦?  Aeysha Akhtar
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Siobhan says hi back to both of you, and wants to know if Joelle likes school. Siobhan is in kindergarten and is very upset that she doesn't get homework lol.  Stacy Holder
She does. Thankfully.
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How long does it take to really 'know' someone?  tammycurtis
Forever. Every day something changes. You'll never stop learning new things about the people around you.
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Are you afraid of the dark?  tammycurtis
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Just came across a radio interview from when you were in Cleveland earlier this year. There was a moment in there when the interviewer asked you if you were a wrestling fan growing up. SMH! Don't these people do any research before they talk to someone? What were you thinking when he asked that?  Karen J
It's one of the most asked questions. I don't mind.
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Hi!  Ashleyy Nickkolee
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Hello Roman :)  my name is Mario :dd :))
Hello to you as well.
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Can You make superman punch into my face ? :D  Damian D3IMaN
I'd rather not.
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If you had to live the rest of your life in a movie which one would you pick?  tammycurtis
Any movie that has a happy end.
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Hi Roman,My best friend,Jason's birthday is today,can you wish him a happy birthday?He is a really huge fan of you!Thanks  Jonathan S.
Happy birthday, Jason!
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Hi Roman!!!! My birthday is on 19th august....can I get a happy birthday from you...plzzzzz^_^....your wish will make my day plzzz :))))  Sapna priya
Happy belated birthday. Sorry I missed it yesterday.
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Wanted to tell you, I apologize if sending a link to the letter on my blog was the wrong thing to do. There just isn't enough space here to tell you how you've helped me and mine, and how, and it was something I really wanted you to know. So, apologies if it was wrong.  Stacy Holder
I'm just answering this question today. I got your message and I've read it. I won't openly answer it because I think it's something personal that shouldn't be made public by me. I just wanted to tell you, that you're a wonderful, brave person and that you're an inspiration, even to me. Life will get better, even if it doesn't look like it at the moment. Someone once said "It can't rain all the time" and I think there's some truth in it. Thank you so much for sharing your story with me. I will keep it safe. Stay strong, Stacy!
Much love,
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my birthday is aug 13. one of my gifts is a meet n greet ticket at ss axcess. it's always fun meeting u. u might get sick of seeing my face. would mean alot to me if my favorite wrestler wish me a happy birthday.  tylin oakes
So sorry I missed this. But happy belated birthday.
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Thanks for your answer roman.....I really wanted a good friend to share my all problems and I want to break my loneliness ... but I am failed to make good friend and friendship all friends are happy with my friendship that I know but I am not... this is the main reason of my deppression ...  soumya
Don't give up!
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I've been reading back over the questions you get asked. In some ways, this is really like a super-long interview. You're a really nice guy for taking the time.  Stacy Holder
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My youngest, Siobhan, is asking me how old your daughter is and if she can come over and play lol. I'm trying to explain to her that we live on the other side of the country, but she's not getting it yet. She's 5.  Stacy Holder
Tell her Joelle and I said hi.
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