Just stop to say hi! Hope everything is fine with you and your beloved family. Blessings hun! Gaby

Everything good. Thanks for stopping by, Gaby.

Avi says it's ok. How are you, hope all is well! Stacy Holder

How are you, Avi?

Good luck at summerslam Roman. :) Boyka


Just saw the footage from last night with Seth in the ring. Why on earth would ANYONE think for one second that jumping into the ring with ANY of you guys would be a good idea?! Probably the same type of fool that thought it was acceptable to grab your butt as you walked down the stairs! Not cool! Karen J

I can only tell everyone of you to not jump in the ring, no matter how excited you are. Don't do it.

RR❤️ you are not a good guy , you are not a bad guy 😏 you are THE Guy💪🏻 Atakan

Thank you.

Hi, Roman! Mom and I are both on! Avalon Stacy Holder

Was still on tour. Sorry, Avi.

Please please please bring some cooler weather to NY when you come up here for SummerSlam! Its been disgustingly hot for well over a week with wicked thunderstorms the last couple nights. I love warm weather, but this is insane. Feels like the tropics. UGH! Karen J

Weather's not in my hand, I'm afraid,

that mcgregoyver guy vs you?? as a wwe fan i'm on your side big man .btw..today is my friends birthday ,his name is Albert (17 yo) he is your biggest fan ,once he said "no matter what people think about roman i will never un-fan him" ...A birthday wish from you will make his mind blowed. Hubert

Happy birthday, Albert.

my birthday is August 13th and I was wondering if my favorite superstar can wish me a happy birthday. thank you for your time. 👊 tylin oakes

Happy birthday, Tylin. Have a great day.

Had to euthanize Avi's dog today. He was 9, and had gotten aggressive with Siobhan. Today he bit her in the scalp, so we had to make the hard call. Avi is devastated. Stacy Holder

I'm so sorry to hear that. Give my regards to Avi, please.

omg i hope what i just heard isint true please tell me u are still coming to smackdown in dallas texas on aug 30th Christina Burson

Tours are according to brands now I'm afraid.

Happy Birthday Roman😊💜🎂🎁Have a blessed birthday and a wonderful year ahead !!!! 😊 Sapna priya

I know I'm late on this, but thank you everyone that send me birthday greetings. I've read them all, just didn't have the time to answer every single one of them.

Roman Reigns, you are the best superstar! :D El tío Reigns


i hope u see this havent talked in a very long time i hope ur not mad @ me or blocked me 😞 Christina Burson

Not at all.

What do you think about Smackdown being aired live starting in July? What about the 2 separate rosters? Karen J

It's exciting to see how that works out for everyone.

I just wanted to say sometimes as fans we forget that your human too. and u do the best u can and ur only 1 person. u entertain us almost every night with ur all. u take risks and make sacrifices. thank u roman for all u do. your passion shows. tylin oakes

You guys are why we do this. You, the fans, keep us going.

Hi Roman if you ever see me in public, it would be an honor if you superman punched me in the face :D Allen

Not gonna happen.

Got an early anniversary gift last night. My wonderful husband bought floor tickets for the live event in Glens Falls, NY in July. Can't wait to see you there! Its been too many years since we've been to a live event and I can't wait!!! It will be a long drive but will be worth it to see THE CHAMP! Karen J

See you there, Karen. Enjoy the show.

so bummed.got tickets to see you in new Zealand. had perfect seats for where you come out in the crowd but then they changed your enterence. why? Anita Gamble

You'd have to ask WWE.

I am very excited for happy birthday.. carly

Happy birthday!

when are doing meet n greet in NY Tondra

You'd have to ask WWE. They arrange meet & greets.

Siobhan graduated kindergarten yesterday! Cap and gown and all! Stacy Holder

- Joe

Love when you and the Usos fight together. Blood is thicker than water! Awesome as usual, can't wait for Extreme Rules! Stacy Holder

Tell the kids I said Hi. And thanks for the support, Stacy.

your i can i will slogan really has helped people. including me. im a mom of 3 who's battling diabetes & my 2 boys are disabled. 1 was just diagnosed with autism & adhd. your slogan has helped me keep myself together. I just want to say thank u. keep being u. I'll always be a fan. tylin oakes

I'm glad to hear that. Stay strong, Tylin! And all the best.

Hi Roman, For the past 2 yrs you've given me a bday shout out. Can the 3x champ give me a 3rd one? #HAPPYBDAYTOME #RomanEmpire Mellíe

Happy Birthday, Mellíe!


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