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Agi agi mga tweets mo ya

Unfollow mo ko eh

How many times do you masturbate in a day?

Someone in Brazil died after doing it 42 times so I'm keeping it below 40 para safe.

What’s the nicest thing that anyone has ever said to you?

From Vane: It's better that you take awesome shots with a point and shoot camera than other people who take crap shots with an SLR (((=

What's your favorite animal?

Piggy Bank

What is the most beautiful language?

French. loljk money

Your awesome!

Thank you and it's you're* btw (:

I ain't nice. I am a Great White Shark that eats vegetables remember? HAHAHAHA!

Abno ka gid ya Lor. HAHAHA jk

siomai or chopsticks?

Wait, what? hahaha siomai

Guess I'm no stranger na noh?

Ma. Aloura Krista B Gellada

The nicest person on )':

pancake with butter but without syrup, or pancake without butter but with syrup?

hard one!! Pancake + syrup will do good I guess

hi renz

bye stranger

Ikaw lang bala nga lake nga kilala ko nga almost tanan nga gina himo sang babaye or agi imo man gusto, gina himo pati mga idols mo and the way u think and act. Are u confused on ur self?

Because I like Avril Lavigne,Lady Gaga or Katy Perry? Since when did LIKING WOMEN considered gay? Besides, you can't make conclusions without knowing the person (: and I'm not confused. I know who I am and who I wanna be (:

Paano ka mag deal sa friend mo na may BAD BREATH without hurting his or her feelings? :>

Say this: Boring no?? Ma Toothbrush ta bala!

No offense, Tikalan ko bla simo.

lol okay

Do you think that speaking English should be a prerequisite of being Miss/Mister Universe?

私にはわからない rate her?:):):)

Sorry. I'm afraid to open random links. lol

Paano ka naglalambing? :)))

idk. I just buy stuff for a person

What is/are your guilty pleasure/s?

Starring at Katy Perry's boobs

What if a girl initiated to do it in a Department Store fitting room? Would you do it there?

It might be a hidden camera show of some sort so.. No. Whatever "it" is

Ano meron sa February 14? :)


NaPantyzoned ka na ba? :))) HAHAHAHAHAHA :D Nakngpating. Iba't ibang klaseng friendzone pa nais >:)))))

Uhhhm no?

What was the last CD you bought?

Avril Lavigne's "Goodbye Lullaby"

Is it gonna hurt if you'll see your crush hugging someone else?

Yeah, but a crush is just a crush. You don't own them ((: ):

Do you want to have an SLR?

Hell to the YEAH!


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