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How do you usually express your emotions?
I don't.
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Last kiss?
uh I don't want to say his name cause i know he's gonna see it but it was like 6 months ago so it's been awhile.
would you ever give head?
no unless you're the guy who puts a ring on my finger.
If you could draw happiness, what would it look like?
I wouldn't be able to draw happiness because there's so many things that are happiness, all of it wouldn't fit on paper.
Good, oh and don't forget we're supposed to be getting married whenever........ and don't be mad if I have kids when I get there, cuz it won't even be my fault yo  Clint Bonney
oh okay sorry I wasn't aware of my own wedding lol but okay
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Its okay, I still love you and stuff, just figured we wouldn't have to have this talk again  Clint Bonney
lol okay don't worry we won't.
are you into athletes?
oh yes. very much.
finest seniors at your school?
I really don't know cause I really don't know any of the seniors.
False, I saw you a several times after that the following year, and I have great taste in women, never question my judgment nigga.  Clint Bonney
lmao alright sorry.
Nigga why do people always have to explain to yo simple ass that you are in no way or form ugly. In fact I take that back, yo self esteem is the only thing on you that don't look right.  Clint Bonney
lmao you haven't seen me since freshmen year so how could you possibly know?
Least favorite person at Northside?
I don't have a least favorite person, I'm okay with everyone (:
Hey you are not ugly okay! You are very pretty!
lol you're just saying that to say it but thanks
Figure it out omg
how omg
WOOOooooowowowow don't know who I am. Insulted
lol sorry.
Y u tweaking?
jk what?
Nop. Wait message me to scheduleeee
who are you first? lol
no. r u?
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lmao ok let's play.
always an Asian in my ask. lol
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When was the last time you tried something new?
can't remember since i haven't gone out in like all summer.
you look like you smell like flowers
actually I probably do because all my body sprays from bath & body works smell like some type of flower (:
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What's the best dating advice you have?
probs not the best.
but don't date someone just to date them, date them with and for good intentions and date them because you can see them in your future.
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does the bbj in your twitter mean big blow job
lmao noooooo! I'm not gonna say what it stands for but no definitely not that.
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What's the most valuable thing you've held in your hands?
a baby.
Damnn hit me up bae you beautiful (:
pretty sure I'm not your "bae" lol but thanks.