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Thoughts on the tulo trade
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Give me four songs to listen to right now that you like
Omg I said j cole when I meant kid cudi last time sorry
Erase me- Kid Cudi and Kanye West
2 Heads- Coleman Hell
Day Old Blues- Kings of Leon
From Time- Drake
You got really hot since middle school
Lmaoooo tell me about it
Tbh you're probably one of the nicest people ever, seems like you party hard I appreciate that stay gold  Miramichi Blazers
Thank you!! :-)
Do you talk to your ex?
HA gremlin  Julian MacDonald
I am a gremlin
Did you fall from heaven?
No I crawled up from hell
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Tbh ur my gf❤️❤️ ugh I miss you  Shaylee Scott
I saw that u were really sick at the party are you alright ?
Yes I went to leeams so I could be ill there😂 but I'm alive and well now
tbh i cant remember the last time we talked and that sucks cus youre so nice and funny as hell and youre really pretty  Shane Arbeau
Thank you 😊
Wanna kiss me
Yes of course!!
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Last time you kissed someone?
Tips for grade 9s?
I've done this before just look through my answers
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How tall are you and how much do you weigh?
Like 5'5 and 100 pounds
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Tbh you're hot and a babe and a sweetie ily  Emma
Ily too gf❤️
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What's the way to your heart?
Back rubs, tea, dairy milk bars :-)
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Tbh youre the best Rhino youre soo nice and always a time to be around! Youre really pretty too! Hopefully see yah around soon! Hope all is well!  Nick Noel
Thanks nick 😊😚
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Secret it's invite only
What's up tonight?
What are you doing tonight?
Was at Leeam's now home eating McDonald's and watching the jays game
You seem crazy
Kinda am
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tbh damn i love u 110% u crack me up so much and im so glad ur my gf cus holy dicks i would not wanna get on ur bad side u could rip me apart😂 u r cute af and ur clothes are on point and UR HOT plus ur up for fun shit so u like u ps be happy and go wild w me this summer pls ugh, always here for u❤️  natalie white
God damn it ilu fuck I'm down for anything but only with you💓💓💓
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your profile picture is so beautiful
Aw thank you
I really need a blowjob
Good for you
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