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Tbh hello gorgeous, you're such a sweetheart and so nice and funny and I love love love your writing, miss ya girl  Kelsey Gill
Aww thanks sweetpea miss you too ❤️ and all the same to you!
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Tbh, you're such a sweetheart, so funny & you're so friggin pretty omg!! We don't talk, but that should change!  Michaela
Thanks girl & yes!!
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tbh ur gr8, we need to have a drubken say sometime !! and if i have a terrible class this year u better be in it so we can complain and hate it together  Noah Manuel
Fanks Noah and yes omg
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msg me if ya wanna talk about it!!  Julianna Rousselle
Thanks girl :*
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Why are you showing off your boobs in your pp
Literally what boobs though so fuck you
Is it a relationship problem?
If you really want to know message me or something
I don't get it ...
I don't want to explain on here haha sorry for confusing you
What happened?
Uhh just me being me I guess haha
What's your number?
Why? What's wrong?
You can text me if you wanna know just ask for my number
How are you?
I really don't know
What's the best dating advice you have?
Don't be so damn serious all the time like have some fun with the person you're dating
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I feel ya girl, literally can't write unless I'm inlove or in pain and no inbetween hahaha  maggie
Hahaha weird how writing works like that
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Do you still write?
Not as much as I used to I literally have writers block
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Hahahhahaha omg wut, I wear them better *diva emoji*  Kelsey Gill
Fight me *flips hair*
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;)  Emily Watling
-you drink more than I used to???
-  Kelsey Gill
-lovely writer
-so funny & nice
How about that cute pic I like ur glasses
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-  Robbie Patrick
-smell weird
(Jk miss u Robbie ❤️)
-super funny
-really nice guy
Don't have any pictures sorry!
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:D  Alyssa Power ✌
-So funny
-sweetest girl
-love your outfits
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*  Shaylee Scott
-So pretty
-diva & spoiled
-so funny omg
Miss u ❤️❤️❤️
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-probs an alcoholic
Dunno if we have pics together
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I know there's like no pics of us together but whatever haha  Julianna Rousselle
-fun to work with
-when you complain about people or things it's too much hahaha :)
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yo  Noah Manuel
-my nig
-so smart n funny
No pictures :-(
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Ye  Zach gosse
-too funny
-it's bad that I know you get the shits when you eat Tim's breakfast sandwiches
-nice when you wanna be haha
Wow what a lovely picture
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