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Relationship goals?
Those are bullshit and if you actually don't like a guy because they don't do things that are on twitter or tumblr then you're an idiot bye
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It shouldn't bother you because if he loves you, these other girls would only be friends.
That's what I was trying to get across
Does it bother you when your bf talks to other girls?
Ahhh idk because at the end of the day I'm the one being told that he loves me or I'm in his arms and they aren't. I shouldn't have to worry about other girls looking at him when he's looking at me.
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Do u have a thing with anyone?
I've been in a relationship for almost 9 months.......
Tbh your nickname is dick , but math class was fun and your fun to talk to , I always tell you I'm going to gojis but I never do
Thanks Tanner and yeah I don't think I've ever seen you there hahaha
Girls obviously wear stuff for attention
Not really!! And even if they were looking for attention from it I'm sure they weren't wanting it from creepy old men so go away
Yeah I wore a corp top to the exhibition, big mistake. People need to stop being creepy like excuse me I did not wear this for you I wore it for me now back the hell off.
Yeah I know!!
Tips for minor niners
Stop asking that dumb question maybe and find out what high schools like when you get there
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I KNOW EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL I wear crop tips n maxi skirts on hot days and older guys are looking at me real sexual and then the old ladies are giving me the stink eye because my stomach is showing, good lord better cover up cus of other ppl!!!!  Robyn Travis
People are so weird!!
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Tell a story
Today I was in an arcade with my little brother in Toronto and I was just minding my own business when this guy was staring at me. He was probably 35+ and then he kept following me around this arcade. My mom told me that I should probably leave this place which was really unfortunate because I was having fun. I know the guy was looking at me because of the outfit I was wearing but I was not aiming to have creepy men to look at me I was feeling confident with my body and thought it would be nice to look nice. It's not like I was wearing something overly revealing only part my stomach was showing and one leg because I was wearing a maxi skirt. I know understand why #YesAllWomen was so important and that over sexualization needs to stop
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I'll say yes but it's really just a maybe so don't get sassy if you don't get one
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Missed the good food truck but I fulfilled my dream of eating at one today!!
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What’s the first thing you’d do if you were the opposite sex for one day?
Get someone to kick me in the balls so I could see what boys go on about
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Why is your nickname dick ?
Omg hahahaha no reason zach and tanner just started calling me it in math
why is ur nickname rhino
Idk if nick leggatt or Leeam's dad started it (it's an ongoing argument) but they couldn't say my name and rhino resembles mine a bit and bam the nickname stuck
Boo that was deep  Natalie White
Wow didn't even really realize how deep it was when I said it
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Thoughts on love?
It's the best and worst thing in the world because it can bring you your highest of highs and to your lowest of lows
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Favourite smells?
Fresh strawberries, vanilla, after it rains, apples and cinnamon, gingerbread, coffee and Leeam's house, him and his clothes (weird I know but it's a really comforting smell)
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Want bday sex?
My reaction to that (hard pass)
Want bday sex?
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Tips for minor niners
Have sex with a senior guarantee you'll be popular in an instant
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About to go on a date as part of my early birthday gift
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You and leeam are actually the sweetest couple I've ever seen... EVER❤️
Thanks doll :)
I think u look hot  Natalie White
I think u look hotter
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u look anorexic
Sweet thanks man that's what I was going for
Fav people coming into grade nine?
I don't know them like at all so idk