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Tbh- I see you all the time with Callie n Chloe, you're hilarious!!πŸ˜‚ really fun to be around n I luv ur outfits😍 you're actually gorgeous wow! Way cooler than Julian. You're so nice! I'll probs see u soon haha!πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Šβ€Ž  Victoria Godfrey
Aw thank you!! If u go to Chloe's tomorrow I will see u there
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How do you do long distance?
Idk just do haha it's not exactly easy but it's easier if you really believe that they're the one for you. Leeam comes home in three days after over a month and I have never been so excited, it's like going to hang out for the first time again:-)
πŸ˜‰β€Ž  Emily Watling
The song that meows ruined the speaker for the seniors :/
Stop hitting on my brother
Ur not taking him to prom
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Chyeahβ€Ž  Shaylee Scott
We're gossip girls xoxo
U have nice clothes
(Because you're spoiled af)
Secret best friends
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πŸ˜„β€Ž  natalie white
Pretty lady
Idk like we're both frigged for physics 11 tomorrow
We can cry together
Music soulmate
Actually my soulmate in general
U like tequila and I think your gross for that considering I puke every time I take tequila shots
Fav drunk partner
Tb to getting too day drunk to play shot roulette
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ur bro wheels more than u
Well I've been with the same person for like 2 years I can't really wheel
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You actually wear like the same three pairs of jeans all the time
Ugh frig u caught me :/// almost didn't see this question over the over twenty pairs of jeans that I own
You actually wear like the same three pairs of jeans all the time
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Can people from other schools go to jmh formal
If someone signs them it
Before I have to put on the gojis shirt :-)
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Have u ever had sex with leeam?
Why would that information ever matter to u
When's Leeam coming home?
In one week😊😊😊😊
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Will u kiss me?
Only if it involves you giving me Jay's post season tickets
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You play softball?
Hottest grade nine boys
I'm not a cougar prowling for grade nine boys
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Tbh your tattoos are so cute 😍 you're super pretty and I hope you're having a good senior year πŸ˜‹β€Ž  Hailey
Thank you!!πŸ˜ƒ
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Did your tattoo hurt?
It stings pretty bad yeah like scratching a sunburn but a bit worse and more concentrated, not as bad as you would think though!!
Hottest grade 9s?
What lol
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So yes?
I don't want to get pregnant and die
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Did u have sex before
R u nuts
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Ive got a hard-on for you
The you're a really nice person and funny too! Hope you're enjoying grade 12β€Ž  Christopher Manuel
Thank youπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
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Ur pretty
Thank u!!
Who's ur date
Nick Noel because we're really good friends 😊
Is long distance hard?
I haven't seen him in 25 days so it's not exactly fun but hey he's worth it
Are you still dating Liam? How long has it been now, if so? :)
I am still dating Leeam and the first time we started dating was 1 year and 11 months ago