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What was the last argument you had?
Literally because Leeam told me I play video games like a low functioning autistic
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Any good parties this weekend?
No clue
Bad at Tetris tho
Julian why is there no pickles in the fridge I just really want dill pickles
How are you?
Close to perfect but school takes away from it
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Tbh I dont think I know u but u seem pretty and nice  Avery brennan
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What courses did you choose?
What courses did you choose?
Wanna have sex with me?
Of course
I thought sex was your hobby
You got me ;-)
do u enjoy sex
Why don't you ask me about my hobbies
Are you a virgin?
Wouldn't you like to know nosy pants :-)
Bet Leeam fucked the shit out of you
You need Jesus and a therapist if that's what you think about in your spare time
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I'm standing outside your house right now I'm about to come in and fuck the shit outta you
Jokes on you I'm at Leeam's
Tbh: I don't think we've ever spoke before but you're in my history class and you seem so funny and nice and you're gorgeous!  Colbie Mckay
Thank you!!
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You're pretty
You're probably prettier, hot stuff
How many times per day do you shower?
Do people actually shower more than once a day??? Is that a real thing or am I just really unclean
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i miss u  natalie white
Miss you too this weekend is long as hell, let's have lunch tomorrow
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What junk food could you never give up?
I could never give up chips that'd be like giving up a piece of my soul
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Do you post your writing on tumblr or anything?
I haven't used tumblr for a really long time
Omg, you're writing is really good!!
Thank you!!!
Post your writing
Post your writing
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tbh youre so beautiful plus u wear glasses so well like i look like an idiot when i wear mine how?? but u seem so sweet and ur writing is so good and u and ur bf are cute as hell  maggie
Aw thank you, you're too sweet :)
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Post a drunk picture!
This adds fuel to the fire about people calling me Asian
Post a drunk picture!
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Did you wear contacts at prom?
No I was walking half drunk and blind and waving to people I thought were people waving to me
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You got a few likes on that picture haha
It was from like a year ago
pap of your bro rn
He's not home I can't fly to his friends house and take a stupid picture of him