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Cmon now who do you think
Last time you kissed someone
Are you single?
Im in a committed relationship with my savior Jesus Christ
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She's going on a date with me that night  Shaylee Scott
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Formal date?
Not going oops
Do you still write heart touching poems
Not so much been kinda out of writing lately
Your lip looks funny in your dp
Well duh I had to have my top lip sewn back together once so it's not shocking that it's a little uneven
tbh you and your bf are so sweet!! you are an amazing writer and seem like such a nice and fun person to be around! i love your hair too and i always see u at gojis hahaha  maggie
Omg thanks you too!!❤️❤️
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Did you sit in a pile of sugar because you've got a sweet ass?
At first I thought you were just telling me I had a nice butt but I see how it is anon
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u have a hot body
Thanks man but that anon is 100% irrelevant to me haha
Real men like curves
Well I don't know if this is supposed to affect me but my boyfriend of 11 months loves me and my no curves and I'm happy with my body and that's all that matters so suck my barely curvy ass
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have u ever went parking
How long have you and Leeam been dating now?
11 months and 1 day :-)
At least I'm a cute boy
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where do you see yourself in the future?
Stripping to pay my rent
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thoughts on contact sports?
Well I do not play contact sports bc I am a twig and my fragile body would get crushed so I don't have thoughts
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Tbh do i know you?  Nick Noel
Oops sorry no you don't, I didn't mean to like that
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Jesus break up already
Wtf no fuck off
How long have you and Leeam been dating?
Like ten and a half months
You going to #pitparty2014?
Doubt it but I would love to
Tbh I think your the reason I passed science and I still need to give ya that shot glass  Robbie Patrick
Yeah probs bc ms underhill hates you and oh yeah bring it to school tomorrow!
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Tbh- I dont really know you! But you're super super pretty and seem like a sweet girl :)
Thanks you too!!
your pic is flawless jesus  natalie white
Ur flawless and I love you :-)
Tbh Rhiannon I absolutely adore you and your writing and your face ain't too shabby either! You are so sweet and genuine and fun to be around, hang soon!  Kelsey Gill
Awh luv ya ❤️
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Tbh- I'm surprised I've never met you in person yet actually! You're really nice and I forget how I even started talking to you haha! I hope jmh sucks cause chatam sucks and stuff btw  Ryan Hale
Thanks and I m saw you at the peewee AAA ball tourny that day & no way mv smells