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I was right it is pretty:)
Thank you!!
How do u pronounce your name? It looks so pretty and I'm sure it sounds just as beautiful..
Hercules is cute sometimes
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you're pretty
Thank you :-)
Why is your boyfriends name Jon on Instagram?
It was a joke at first and now it's this thing haha idk whatever just let him be
im sorry didn't mean to offend you.
Well the whole point is to raise money for mental health awareness and in my eyes everyone is making everyone else aware of how it actually is
Half the people aren't even using the #bellletstalk thing right,its not to tell storys about how your thankful and all that,its about mental illnesses and what a tough time people are going through...
Fuck off man hahaha people are sharing stories about how mental illness affected them while helping the cause get a grip
What freaks you out?
How some people haven't tweeted #BellLetsTalk, people's tweets and stories are so inspiring and beautiful I think everyone should join in
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Ur a lucky girl to have someone like him
I know, everyone deserves to be loved like that
your tweet to leeam was adorable
He's my rock, he knows sometimes I don't like the way I look and he's always quick to tell me that I'm the prettiest girl in the world in his eyes, one day I went there crying because I was having bad anxiety and he just held me and pet my hair until the tears stopped. He's so important to me. If I'm having a bad day he'll bring me a tea and we go for a drive or we'll lay in bed. He can't stand to see me cry. My problems with hating my body and looks and anxiety from school or anything else became his to help with. I couldn't ask for anyone better and I feel better. If any of you reading this need someone to be your friend I am here because I know what it's like.
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Tbh we def need to hangout soon you seem like the sweetest girl n you're so gorgeous! You seem like the best time to be around n you love the vampire diaries too so you must be cool :)  Kassidy Blackmore
Thanks you too!! And omg vampire diaries is life I never thought I'd get so hooked on it
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What's up
Nothing someone venture out in the mess and come over
You and Leeam seem so cute omg
Thank youuu
Out of 7 best friends on snapchat how many r girls and how many r boys
I have two best friends on snapchat hahaha I don't snapchat very often
Do you like julian
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I'm happy that your happy, you seem like such a beautiful person! ❤️ you truly deserve the best!
Aww thank you
Pretty gay
Julian leave me alone
Cute story that lee did for you/to you
He's one of those boys that aren't very good at being romantic so idk he's just super good to me in his own way, something funny is he posted a picture of us one day and texted me all excited and then texted me back going "we even got our first like!!"
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Ur relationship is so cute
Haha thank you
Leeam is weird
I'd rather date someone that is your definition of weird than your definition of cool, he is as close to perfect to me as could be whether that means he's strange to you or not
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So is your brother
ur bf is hot
Well I know
Take a pic with ur bro rn and post it
No go away
Are you and shaylee friends?
No I don't like her bc I'm jealous of her booty
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Tbh you're like gay an suck but are clan on clash is cool
You're a loser
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