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Tbh i never spoke to ya before but you're gorgeous and seem really nice!  Hailey Savoy
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I'll try I don't usually do them so like if you want ahaha
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You're a funny person
I have to be it's all I've got going for me
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Ever hear of George hoeman?
I though it said George foreman and I was like hecka yeah I have a lean mean grilling machine of his
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When was the last time you farted?
Wtf hahahah
i wanna do you
I would do me too (not really go away you creep)
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ur hot
Thanks man whoever you may be
Worst hookup ever?
Don't have one bc I don't hookup
How bigs your dick
About 2 feet long
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Oh lucky u
Yeah I'm quite excited to have him around for another year :-)
Is leeam going away to uni?
He's doing his first year here
What sports are you playing this year?
You're funny hahaha you think I play sports
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How are things with Leeam? Are you still together?
Great haha and yesss
Tbh you're a really good writer I love when u post stuff on here! You seem like such a sweet and outgoing person but I don't know u super well, talk sometime girl!  maggie
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How would you describe your style?
The "try to look as decent as possible but give up halfway through the first month of school" kinda style
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how was ur day
It was actually terrible so I went to Leeam's house and he hugged me lots, took me to mcdons and made me smile :-) so now it is better
Tbh you're like perf. Perf hair and face and writing! So funny and fun to be around, you're a complete angel, miss ya girl!!
Oh gosh I think you are all that :* miss you too xoxox
tbh you're an amazing person , so nice and funny and pretty, itd be sick if we have a terrible class together and just rant like we did last year lol  Noah Manuel
Awh thanks Noah :) and yes I hope so too!
Tbh you're such a sweet person! You're unreal pretty and so nice, love your style and hope we have classes together this year love ya xoxo  Kia
Thanks all the same to you :) love you too xoxox
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Tbh you seem like a great person always willing to help someone out you're also really nice and you're pretty cool  Christopher Manuel
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u have no boobs
I may have a flat chest but at least I'm not a cunt
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Tbh your so pretty!! And idrk ya aha we've gone to school together for as long as I remember tho! We should deff talk more message me sometime! :)  Haylee
Thanks & yeah! :)
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