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Is Leeam your first boyfriend
Yeah lol is that a bad thing?
Mike Walsh is a fagget lol
I still don't know who that is idk how I should reply to your statement haha
Thoughs on mike walsh
Who da fuq is that
Last pic u took with someone
Robbieeeee :)
Last pic u took with someone
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You're perfect ❤️
Not even close but thank youuu
Having anxiety or an anxiety disorder is actually a common thing for many teenagers and nothing to feel bad about if people make fun of you :) they just dont understand how something small can be so scary, the best thing to do is practice, like ordering your own food every time, it gets easier :)
Whoever you are you are hella rad and sweet and you made my day❤️❤️❤️
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On a scale of 1 to 10, how well do you sing?
In the shower an 11 and outside the shower -10000
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"Jade order my food please"  Natalie White
Exactly my point hahahaha
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Do you actually think you have anxiety
Yes I can barely order my own food at restaurants without stuttering
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Still all the ones you do are perfection
Oh my gosh you are too nice :)❤️
Omg your poems are perfect ❤️
Thanks sweetheart that one wasn't mine though!!
Tbh we don't talk anymore but you're so nice, and pretty!! Also I love your hair!  Keisha Jardine
Thanks you too:)
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This poem is about anxiety and IVE LITERALLY BEEN MADE FUN OF FOR DOING THIS SHIT thanks every1 who did that to me I think I have actual anxiety wow ur not helping me any
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Tbh and picture for every name you get?
Changed my mind it's a no I'm too tired for that shit bye
Meeee  Natalie White
I did your tbh and forgot the picture so I have to do it over again FUCK tbh me n u have the same music taste I love it ❤️ you're so pretty it's almost annoying bc your makeup, hair and outfits are perf everyday. You and your boy are pretty cute together and ilu to pieces :*
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When does gojis open?
I'm not 100% sure bc like they have an opening for their friends and family and then they open to the public soo maybe not this Tuesday but the next?
Do you have a job?
I start training at gojis this Wednesday :))))
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what's your Tims?
Like what I was drinking?? Small tea one milk one sugar
You watch pokemon?
Pap of your view
Sooo comfy
Pap of your view
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:) haha who is this anyway?
I'm not even kidding, your so beautiful it's unreal!
Aw thank you so much :)
Your so pretty, stay the same, never change because your perfect! :)
You're a sweetpea!
What books on your shelf are begging to be read?
I read all the good ones on my shelf but I'm dying to buy and read Lang Leav's Love & Misadventure or some1 could buy it for me that would be a rad gift:)
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All I do is play with the mirror app (this isn't a serious selfie either haha)
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