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do u love leeam
Yes lol more than anything
Where the fuck did u get the tits in your profile picture ???????
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Where did u get ur name
A song
Facts for each name beautiful
Can't see that either
Do a tbh u never do them
Ah idk about that
You're dumb
Tips for grade nines next year
Have fun, because the school part of high school years isn't very fun. Fall in love, get your heart broken, drink a little, do what you want with your body and experience everything you can
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Leeam and I are going for breakfast first but we are going to watch at least one game
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Come to my game at 10:30 tmr
Who r u
Tbh were best buds thanks for helping me pass chem! Miss having the same class together! Yoire really nice and oretty to Rhino!  Nick Noel
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Hey bud  Julian MacDonald
What do you want
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What was your tweet about?
Post a picture with your bf
He posted one on Instagram yesterday look there
Are you and Leeam still dating
tbh ur so so sweet and beautiful, plus u pull of glasses so well like srsly how can i look like that with them?? youre an amazing writer too everything u write makes me feel something, and u seem like so much fun to party with n be around  maggie kingston
Thank you omg ❤️❤️
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What is the last thing that made you laugh out loud?
I dropped a hot pepper on the floor and my dog ate it and wouldn't stop licking his lips and running around
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Ootd you looked great today
Thank you but I'm in my pjs now!!
Your brother has the whole pack he's nice, funny, good looking and athletic (:
Tbh I don't know you too well but your selfies are always perfect & i love your dp!! You seem so nice and your writing is really good too!!  Hailey
Thank youuu☺️
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Tbh, you're a model omg 😍 you take the nicest selfies ugh! I seen ya at the jmh dance and you seem like a time to be around ! You're such a sweetheart from what I've heard n I love your clothes too!  Riley Anthony
Thank you!!😊
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Tbh youre actually gorgeous and you and your bf are so cute omg, everyone says how funny you are haaha talk sometime girl :)  jillian harris
Thank you, you're too sweet😋
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ur boyfriend is out of ur league
Tell me something I don't know he's a gem💁🏻
No lol I wore my brothers shirt and under armour leggings
do you love sex
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tbh I've never fully recovered from the day I made u miss the buss like it still hurts me. That said your peer cool and u let me copy math homework so that makes you v cool in my eyes  Robbie Patrick
I accept your apology 😅 n yes I know you love me for my math homework