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What makes life worth living?
Cinnamon melts from McDonalds and mixed drinks
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i miss u sm  Natalie White
I miss u too sweetpea can't wait to see you Wednesday
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Post a drunk pic
My birthday w/Natalie ❤️❤️
Post a drunk pic
Tbh you're actually so gorgeous, you're real funny and a sweetheart! I'm gonna miss seeing you this year, message me anytime girl!  Keisha Jardine
Thanks so much :)
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Tbh: I miss you, text me when can talk about cool stuff  Emily Watling
Text me tomorrow & I don't think I have your number bc didn't you change it? 4240626 is my #
Tbh we need to drunk twerk asap  Shane Arbeau
I haven't drunk twerked in foreverrrr
Tbh u one of my besties and we've got a lot closer this year! Love ya to pieces ❤️ you're always there for me if I need ya and you're a sweetheart and gorgeous xo  Shaylee Scott
Awh love you too❤️❤️❤️
Tbh I don't know you but I think I saw you at the ball field last weekend and your probably really nice and fun to be around
Thanks :) and yeah that was probably me I spent quite a bit of my summer at the ball field!
Last pic on ur camera roll
He loves me sorta
Last pic on ur camera roll
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Holy fuck people are dumb, you're actually so pretty don't listen to the anon fuck them
Thanks anon
Girl u hot that anons not  Shaylee Scott
Don't listen to the anon your actually perfect, the have no life if the want to spend their time saying random shit about you that isn't true, you are a perfect size don't take any of this shit seriously
Thanks it means a lot
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Shut up anon Rhiannon is perfect  Ashlyn Urquhart
Awh thank you!
You don't play sports and you're too thin and your face isn't that great. Idk how you got a boyfriend
Wow you pointed out everything I hate about myself thank you!!! :-)
Holy fuck we r so cute I FEEL SO HONOURED TO BE IN YOUR DP  Naomi Mcgowan
Hehe :*
i want your boyfriends dick and we talk all the time ;)
I will actually kick you in the fucking face you slut
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Tbh i never spoke to ya before but you're gorgeous and seem really nice!  Hailey Savoy
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I'll try I don't usually do them so like if you want ahaha
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You're a funny person
I have to be it's all I've got going for me
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Ever hear of George hoeman?
I though it said George foreman and I was like hecka yeah I have a lean mean grilling machine of his
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When was the last time you farted?
Wtf hahahah
i wanna do you
I would do me too (not really go away you creep)
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ur hot
Thanks man whoever you may be