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Richard Rodas @RichardRodas
Ask me a question
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pap rn
I'm not gay
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didnt u date kayla kerendian
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didnt you throw a fooseball at some kids chest ?
He was out for the season
arent you the child rapist
das meu
wrestling or nestling
is brian harvey single ???
Single like singlets
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who won the fight max or bri ?
Bubble man
new pro pic huh?
Is that okay with u
What is the most popular sport in your country?
i was gonna say golf wang  Brian
Because you always copy me
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emilio rojas?
Rojas vs rodas 2k14
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Have you ever played golf?
Golf wang
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who has the best beard in greenwich?
If Bernard wasn't alive then Brian
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Cutest couple?
Brian and Danielle & Matt the thaybus and Gil
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Who sent the last text message you received?
Bubble man
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Uh uh uh
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Kevin r ?
Rom u rok Kay 11
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brian harvey?  Brian
Brian Harvey?
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knob head
Fuck boy
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fuck me in the ass  Brian
Fuck mike g
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Lets go rounds rn you pussy lmao . Such a fag dude
Come to my bubble party nigga
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hoe ass niggggguh i'm juss playin u beautiful <,333333333
La u 2
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Please pap !!!
Please smd
dammmm u hot nd sessi papi mmmmm
Smd hoe
Sam may have widows peak (which BTW is, awesome) but she is one of the most beautiful ppl I have ever met. You are classless ugly uneducated and annoying.
Oh werd
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