Pharong Sarun
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If you could live anyone's life for a day, who would it be?

Me when I'm wealthy and just doing the most wildest shit, and hopefully be 24.

iPhone or Android?

I been Blackberry

What were your thoughts when you stepped outside and it was freezing this morning?

"Yeaaaah...ill just wait till summer to come out"

If you got murdered and came back as a ghost, what would you tell the police in charge of finding your killer?

I'd tell the police to bring that mufucka to where he murdered me, turn into a poltergeist and then show him what's good.

What does your name mean?

Pharong Sarun or Richie Rong?

post a line from a lyrics that makes you happy

Too many. Music is life.

harold and kumar reference! kudos to you brotha

Haha, so that means you did eat a nice cockmeat sandwich from big bob?

i ate a very big sandwich yesterday and i loved it

a cockmeat sandwich?

give a "truth is" to anybody who likes this :)


How are you?

good, how about you?

I'm bored, do you have any movie or tv show recommendation




First impressions are important, what do you do when you meet a new person?

Greet them like normal people do. Also act like the honor is yours even though it may not be.

Why is it that people say they 'slept like a baby' when babies wake up like every two hours?

Because that's not actually accurate and some babies do sleep nicely. Could also be the fact that babies are decently heavy sleepers when they are in the zone.

Confession time! make it a good one

hug me

How often do you watch porn?

You can never watch enough.

Whoever likes this, like 3 of their answers and ask them a question


Eli is a better rapper than you

He's pretty dope to be honest haha. He killed this

do you like to stay on top or under when you are having sex ?

Depends on how much work I feel like putting in during that time. Mostly on top though.

Whats the most disgusting thing you've ever seen?

Some kid pick up a Kinder Egg right off of a huge pile of dog poop and ate it. Those were back in the days where Kinder Eggs were the shit. In this case, in it. Could you blame him?

What celebrity would you like to hang out with? just as friends

Too many. I don't hate on celebs because they are actually successful.

What name would you like to name your first child?

Don't care what my future wife says. If it's a son, his name HAS to be Donovan, and girl it HAS to be Valerie.

Which grade in elementary school was best?

Whole elementary. Kindergarten you slept all day, and the rest was fun and games and a couple of hot, young aspiring educational assistants, who thought you weren't old enough to realize they were good looking or could develop an erection in class.

What would the male/female version of your name be?

(M) Pharong, Pharina (F)

Who is your celebrity look alike? Just a rough guess.

Hmm, idk a lot of people say with my head shaved I kind of look like 50 cent? lol