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What is the perfect number of hours to sleep?
Does a million count?
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hi...:-)  Umair Anwar(*_^)
Hello :)
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which guy r u closest to in gr 11
Adil xD
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What is the thing that u don't like to share with anyone else even your bestfriend  Breksam Magdy
There is nothing that I don't share with my best friend ❤️
awein :/
both of you nice  TayyaB Mir ☆
Okay.. thanks?
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username?  Hamza Rauf Khan
hi are u single?
hi are you tharki?
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who are you going to prom with?
Someone ;)
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my reaction after seeing your bio. Pakistani. (nice..may bhi pakistani hoon) 15 (iam 18) Single (YAAAAAY)
K paedophile. I don't really care incase you were wondering..
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I know who's your prom date.
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Wanna go to prom with me!? :3  Luwam
Hahahahaha shuree
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guys you may go to prom with. please list some
Why so desperate? :/
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What you dunno you're going with D'Bae. xx  Meows
hehe :$ D'Bae :*
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who will you go to prom with?
i donno....
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who will you go to prom with?
i dont know x_x
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I can't add you :( Bye :(
Okay byee.
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Okay :(
Lol who are you?
Do you talk to strangers? I just wanted to talk :D
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who =  Hassan khakwani
Okayy thanks
If you had a problem and had to ask a boy grade 11 and above who would you ask? Name 3.
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boys you may ask out for prom
HAHAHAHAHA xD I wont ask a guy for prom. Lol.
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Dua begged to be the head girl, lmao..... literally begged.
No she didn't. She deserved to be the head girl and was therefore appointed as one.
hey .!