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describe the guy u like without naming him
i dont like anyone :/
Being in green i can say sana is the worst captain ever She used to scream at the little girls and use her bad tongue to demotivate us She also started getting angry to a girl when she fell down in a race she is so proud that she is showing off about winning the captain's race which she asked for
u really seem like you hate her....
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Name one thing which can be good and bad at the same time?
what do u think of zain jokes apart
really nice, kind, sweet, cute, caring, amazing as a friend :D
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Hey rida? :)
hey <3
Best Personality Award Grade 11 Goes To?
Ali damji :3
Best Personality Award AS Level Goes To?
Tadadadaaahhh *drum roll*
Maroulyn, obaid, dua, nayab :D
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Best guy friend from 10/11/12/13 (one from each class)
10 Nathan :3
11 don't really know people well
12 obaid
13 no one xD
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What is your favorite thing in your room?
Everything <3 I choose to keep it in my room cuz it's my favourite xD duh :3
who is the nicest guy in 10
Hmmm... Idrk x.x
Have you ever got into trouble with the police?
ha no xD
First impression - Who is she? O.o , Pretty.  ASHER.
Aww staap it you :$ thank you <3
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220 like on TBH. How many did u actually do??
only the people i know.
OOH. OOH.DO MYY TBH :3 Make it long and sexy c;  ∞Rihab ღ
done girl ;) its lonnnggg ;)
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funniest nicknames ever recieved?
pfft no I'm not saying them publicly x_x
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Top 3 good looking guys in grade 10
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what qualities would you want to have in a best friend?
EVERYTHING <3 honesty, reliability, madness, trustworthiness, epicness :3
What qualities do you think a guy should have to be a good husband?
honesty, humor, reliability, trustworthiness yep :3
Who had the biggest influence on you as a kid?
Tom and Jerry yakhii xD
that's like...the high-est level of friend-zone I can imagine :') your so evil <3  ∞Rihab ღ
AHAHAHA xD ikr 3:)
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name your top five best friends.
1. Duaa, Aliya, Rihab, Mariyam, Zainab, Hiba, Najmeh they're my top 7 <3 can't have top 5 =.=
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have u been in a relationship ?
yes… once upon a time in a far far away land, lol jk.
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Okayy :3
do u think zain still loves u? would u make out with him?
ew no. STFU :S
You are beautiful. <3
Hayee <3 :$ thankyou :D