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Wanna go to prom with me!? :3  Luwam
Hahahahaha shuree
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guys you may go to prom with. please list some
Why so desperate? :/
What you dunno you're going with D'Bae. xx  Kitty❤️
hehe :$ D'Bae :*
who will you go to prom with?
i donno....
who will you go to prom with?
i dont know x_x
I can't add you :( Bye :(
Okay byee.
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Okay :(
Lol who are you?
Do you talk to strangers? I just wanted to talk :D
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who =  Hassan khakwani
Okayy thanks
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If you had a problem and had to ask a boy grade 11 and above who would you ask? Name 3.
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boys you may ask out for prom
HAHAHAHAHA xD I wont ask a guy for prom. Lol.
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Dua begged to be the head girl, lmao..... literally begged.
No she didn't. She deserved to be the head girl and was therefore appointed as one.
hey .!
pic atm
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followed, follow back maybe
Lol. I don't even know who you are. xD
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5 boys from gr 11 you think have a nice personality
very gd idea...! thnk uu :p
R.I.P English.
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Hii :D
ap do jodon mien ladki do jo ladki huwi hamari! ask ur dad  sabeelshad
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do u think taha is cute ?  tahaa aq
VERY! *.* haha jk. xD
no really he is *.*
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like ni krna han...! bnda chaahy marr jaye...! boot achi strategy hy u ki...! -_-  Faran Jutt
Lol what? I dont understand what you mean to say... :/
HAHAHAHA. cutie of grade 11 xD LOOOL.  ∞Rihab ღ
LOOOOOL xD i get so many questions like that. ;_;
Which guy do you think is the cutie of grade 11 honestly?
Do you like cHilli milLi..!:D?
Who doesn't? *.*