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Ask me anything you want :3
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Give me ur pin pls
Umm how about no? Untick maybe then..
u must be the speed of light because time stops when I look at u ;)
Hahahaha thankyou lol xD
Damnn girl, Your face must turn a few heads.
lol cool  JOJO ♥️
Haha xD
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fun of you♥
thabkyou 😘
For? :/
Who is your favorite YouTuber?
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BBM pin pls
Umm who are you? ://
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:) itne years bad open ki?  JOJO ♥️
Yeaa🙈 saare questions dekh rhi thi to mila xD
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name the 5 hot guys you know on ask?
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Aw thankyou x suree
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u have BBM or kik??
Yes I have bbm and kik both.
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Can I have your bbm pin?
Lel no.
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r u single?
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You'r bestfriend is really beautiful!
Yes she is❤️😍
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What is the perfect number of hours to sleep?
Does a million count?
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hi...:-)  Umair Anwar(*_^)
Hello :)
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which guy r u closest to in gr 11
Adil xD
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What is the thing that u don't like to share with anyone else even your bestfriend  Breksam Magdy
There is nothing that I don't share with my best friend ❤️
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awein :/
both of you nice  TayyaB Mir ☆
Okay.. thanks?
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hi are u single?
hi are you tharki?
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who are you going to prom with?
Someone ;)
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