Wimpy Kid @RidhimaSethi957
Wimpy Kid @RidhimaSethi957
Female,16,Birthday - 27th october , ASN Sr. Sec. School, 12th grade, MU <3
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Questions-Answers. Answers - Ask. Ask- questions. Questions- Me.Me-Users :p
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i saw you .. I saw your DP.. It was a Fab one ! Aai shappat ! I loved it.... Finally,I want you to be my friend... Will you be my friend plz ?? :) Plz dont send me hates to this answer.
You saw me or my DP ? :D And okay. No hates . But who are you ?
are you still cmttd with him? strange tu kitna pyaar krti h usse but wo sala deserve nhi krta hai -0.000000001% ittu sa bhi nhi :D
Are you like kidding me ? Pyaar ? My ass ! And I know wo deserve nahi Karta. Low standards -_- . All he deserves is total shit on his face ! :3
i think tu apne ex. ki trf point kar rhi h :D
Who ex ? I had no ex boyfriend .
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saali zada khush mat ho tri saar par upper sa lodo ki barsaat hogi...:D from:Mr.stranger
Well in that case, I've to carry an umbrella everywhere I go cheapster :3
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dnt be thanx jst smile it suits u!! I promise if i had a shotgun ryt now, I'd point it straight at the sky and shoot heaven down for u....:-* :-* <3 from:Mr.Stranger
Heck :O You're the best :P :D
block toh nhi laga muja but tuja bhabhi word bhut zoor sa laga :D
It's like a gaali for me :P And btw who are you ? I don't remember blocking anyone these days.
ohh this Dp i can't define this girl<3 :* Ommgg :o:*: This pic <3 She is on fire the hottest.. Too hot when do you plan to stop looking soo hawt..This is The Reason I Say,I'm The Luckiest.. coz,I Got the opportunity to see The World's Cutestestest Thing Alive..;) u r such a cutiepie from:Mr.Stranger
Awww.. Mr. Stranger your words touched my heart. No sarcastic answer for you just a big THANK YOU :D <3
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pap of your feet?
I don't have any . God gave me 4 hands instead of 2 feet and 2 hands :'(
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bhabi block Q mara...?
Dude, I'm not your bhabhi. Okay. Us ladhke ka itna abhi standard nahi hai jiske liye you're calling me that . Ye sunne se pehle mai marr jau :O And haaw. Miane kab block maara ? No I didn't. and if maara toh zyada zoor se toh nahi lagi ? :3 -_-
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Ki haal? :D  Mriganka
Tu soch bhi nahi sakta. ITNAA MAST :D XD
Pranaam. B|  Mriganka
why do u hate cricket??  Virat Kohli
Because they're so clumsy and creepy . Spiders are better than crickets xD
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hws ur leg now? nd wht hapnd?
When I was sky diving in Bihar, a Piranha bit me on my leg which caused chicken pox . I'm better now .
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Hi Wimpy kid. Update your bio. abhi bhi 11th mei rehna hai? :P  Ѻ Mr.Incognito Ѻ
11th class ain't getting out of my head . Because fail hone ki poori tayyari thi meri but unfortunately you know the rest .
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Who knows the most about you?
My facebook profile's 'About me' tab . Knows everything ABOUT ME .
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☆☆☆☆☆ Hey if u like 25 of my answers, i'll return the 25 likes and follow you! x ☆☆☆☆☆  OLIVIA JOLICOEUR
I've tried that once. A guy asked me to like 60 of his answers for a gift and I actually did that . And guess what ? I was trolled :'( :'(
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Hey Princess, you are beautiful. I am the Good Guy. Hope you are fine, i am here on ask, helping and sharing smiles. You could ask me for any help and btw can you please follow? <3  ™ äK§hÃÿ ™
Honey , You don't need to sugar coat it for a follow :D I'll do it anyway . Here done ! :D
We don't know each other. We've never met, never even spoken, but your photo caught my eye and I ended up on your profile. And let me tell you, you're so, so beautiful. Unbelievably gorgeous. Any guy who has you is the luckiest person in the world. You're just perfect and I wish I knew you :)
WOAW . That was like too much . Kisi ne 1 saal me bhi mujhe itna kuchh nahi kaha hoga . :') You made me cry :'( :'( . I feel like I just ate something . And for me that's the best feeling ever.
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tu bitch h ya fir kutiya ya fir chutddd h :D
Filhaal toh mai aapki English teacher hu and your first lesson tells you that BITCH and KUTIYA is one and the same thing . And after completing the role of an english teacher , mai teri maa bhi hu saale XD
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tu lucky h vipin tujhse abhi bhi pyar krta h ........(y)
Use cheapness kehte hai :3
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Do you need any help?
Yes. Pehle meri height chhoti thi aur ab mai moti bhi ho gayi hu .
If I use telebrand products toh mai chutiya bhi ho jaungi . What to do now ? :3
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How many slices of pizza do you usually eat?
49 when I'm actually not hungry .
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is a brahmin girl's pee holy to drink ?
No , It's diwali to drink her pee and Dusshera to eat her poop .
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☆☆☆☆☆hey 20 like= 20 like ☆☆☆☆☆ :))))))))))))))))))))  ☆░▒▓█ MODEL ▂▃▄▇█▓ ☆
10 for 10 . ;)
What is the most pointless invention?
Circle. Totally pointless XD
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