Your facebook dp is stunning ^_^

Awww :* Thanks !

what have u decided to do in future !? related to ur academics field?


Economics 7-8. And You once accptd my rqst bt you suddenly removd dnt knw why :-P Remember anythng ?

Achha I did that? XD Sorry :P But I have no idea who you are .

Haha :-P I dnt drink :-P And im no random, Im your tution mate :-P Voh bat alg ki srf ek do bar kaam ki bat hui h ttn m bs :-P XD

Oh, hello tuition mate! Which tuition btw ? Maths , Eco , Accounts?

Lol! Compartmnr ka opposite na ho jae :-P

Aapke muh mei vodka ! :p

You dont add randoms on fb, h na ??


You're in IMS's karkadooma branch or kabti nagar he kia h ya fir ?


How do you stay fit?

You talking to me? :o :p

Atlast exams over :-D What are your plans now ?

Compartment ki tayyari :p Lol!

N gym ? dekh kr lgta nhi jrurt h :-P You're nt motii :-P

Hey true mate :')

please pap of your feet riduu ?:P

Why the heck are you guys more interested in my feet than my face ? :p

You also started coachng at IMS ?


views on ambrish dhawan

He's an amazing friend. He always helped me a lot! I've known him for the last two years and we had so fun at tuition everyday :p (Jaha tak I remember)

After 12 what are you gonna do excpt fun ¿? ^_^ N maths ke papr ke bare mai kuch bolna chaho ge ? :-P

I'm gonna continue swimming ,get some driving classes , join gym and paint my hair blue :P

mje pta tha u wont recognise me... still its perfectly ok... :P jst stay blessed... xD

Okay, I'll stay blessed ! XD

Ridhimaaaa :D i want to kiss your feet :P

Sorry, but I have inches!

Oye !!! :-P Kitna pdoge toppr ^_^

Jitna aapne question mei likha hai ^.^!

Where are you ? i think too much bsy in studies ? :-P

You thought right :P Tty after April 6th !

arrey arrey arrey... luk who is bck on ask... :P i knw tu bhool gi hogi mje.. :3 aftr ol itne phle baat hoti thi... bt mae AJ TK NI BHOOLA HU.... asa kch nhi tha... bt our tlks were awsummm.... :** miss u sethi... nd haan jo bji tune mere lie kia uske lie thnks... :') nd issi wjh se mae tje kbhi ni

I am sorry but I didn't not recognise you :P

Views? XD Chhavi Mehtani♡♥♡

I don't know you at all :P
But you're cute and you seem to be a nice person :D ^.^

Fav junior...?

Hemanth , Aayushi Rana and.....! I don't know much juniors !

Kisne bola nhi aata. :-P :-D

Mayank? It's you only right? You are confusing me!

Arey economics ka agr sir ke schedule ke acc. chle to h na ?

Yes yes! But tujhe economics ka schedule kaise pata? Tu toh tuition nahi aata ims pe !

OH Ha...I forgot. :-P 12-13 tk course complete ho jaega. :-)


you can simply say am tooo Moti to bend and pick up the fone Mayank jain

Yeah :P Because once I bend down I need a crane to pull me up :P


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