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Ridhima Sethi @RidhimaSethi957
No Bio. Commerce student. :3
Questions-Answers. Answers - Ask. Ask- questions. Questions- Me.Me-Users :p
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After 12 what are you gonna do excpt fun ¿? ^_^ N maths ke papr ke bare mai kuch bolna chaho ge ? :-P
I'm gonna continue swimming ,get some driving classes , join gym and paint my hair blue :P
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mje pta tha u wont recognise me... still its perfectly ok... :P jst stay blessed... xD
Okay, I'll stay blessed ! XD
Ridhimaaaa :D i want to kiss your feet :P
Sorry, but I have inches!
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Oye !!! :-P Kitna pdoge toppr ^_^
Jitna aapne question mei likha hai ^.^!
Where are you ? i think too much bsy in studies ? :-P
You thought right :P Tty after April 6th !
arrey arrey arrey... luk who is bck on ask... :P i knw tu bhool gi hogi mje.. :3 aftr ol itne phle baat hoti thi... bt mae AJ TK NI BHOOLA HU.... asa kch nhi tha... bt our tlks were awsummm.... :** miss u sethi... nd haan jo bji tune mere lie kia uske lie thnks... :') nd issi wjh se mae tje kbhi ni
I am sorry but I didn't not recognise you :P
Views? XD  Chhavi3mehtani
I don't know you at all :P
But you're cute and you seem to be a nice person :D ^.^
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Fav junior...?
Hemanth , Aayushi Rana and.....! I don't know much juniors !
Kisne bola nhi aata. :-P :-D
Mayank? It's you only right? You are confusing me!
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Arey economics ka agr sir ke schedule ke acc. chle to h na ?
Yes yes! But tujhe economics ka schedule kaise pata? Tu toh tuition nahi aata ims pe !
OH Ha...I forgot. :-P 12-13 tk course complete ho jaega. :-)
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you can simply say am tooo Moti to bend and pick up the fone  Mayank jain
Yeah :P Because once I bend down I need a crane to pull me up :P
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Haha :-D okay. What are you doing late night ? Studyng maths ? :-P
No! I'm following a schedule which my eco teacher asked me to if I wanna score 90+ :P Sounds weird ! Mai aur schedule :P
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Did you ever fall asleep in school?
At school: Sleeping and eating
At home: Sleeping and eating
At tuition : Gossiping
On ptm : Your kid failed ....
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too black to pick up a white fone, Racist Aurat  Mayank jain
Too green to pick up a golden phone xD Happy? :p
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You haven't uploaded any pic yet :-\ You dont like playng holi ya kroge abhi ?
Dude, I just love holi! It's my favourite . But today I was too black to pick up my white phone and click a picture XD
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i love you yr ;)
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Chalo Bst gone. :-D kaisa rha..And set konsa tha. ?
It went as good as KFC ! I had set -3 . Btw who are you ? :P
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Hey Paper kaisa rha.?
Amazing :D Baaki toh marks batayenge :P
Let's go out someday to pizza hut or dominoz , Your choice. :-D ;-)
I choose pizza hut. (The one in paris) .
You're quite funny ridhi :-D Dnt ever change this personality ^_^
I definitely won't. ^_^ Thanks :)
Where are you going after 12 for further studies ?
College :P
Jk, kahi nahi jaa rahi mai :P
dam cute dp :* ^_^  sam
I know . Tabhi toh lagayi hai XD
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Who is your Valentine?
<3 <3
Who is your Valentine?
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Do you want to get the Apple Watch?
Hi boyfriend . I have a huge list ! Batau ?
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