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Hey cute si new friend! Guess who???????? :P
OMG. Robert pattinson is that you ? Itni din ho gaye no message no nothing. Badha harami nikla tu toh :3 Ab birthday pe ayega party maangne. I won't give you a tissue paper even .
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Snapchat?  Rakshit
I like aloochat instead !
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hi sexy  Virat Kohli
Hi Master :3 Busy doing your stuff ? :p XD
umm u zinda??  Aditya Arora
-Location - Heaven .
i loved you. really. i dont know why but you are very attractive.
You loved me ? Really ? You don't know why ? But I am very attractive . Ok. I see your problem .
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hello Ridhima, beautiful summer on you. You are lighting up....
Lighting up? I'm a girl not firefly .
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How often do you smile?
Once or twice a year.
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When you go to a movie, do you like to sit in the back, middle, or front?
I'd like to be in the movie :3 IYKWIM -_-
What two animals, if combined, would make for an awesome animal?
A pig and a human = Chhavi :3
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If you could have lunch with 5 people dead or alive who would it be?
If it's about lunch. I really don't care about the people. :3 Dead , Alive , Half dead, Zombies !
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What famous people were born in your city?
The whole HUPSHI GANG was born in my city. Famous enough :3 B|
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I read your bio today....... .........Speechless  Ѻ Mr.Incognito Ѻ
Sorry. Now you can't speak because of me right ? It's okay . Tomorrow I'll punch you on your throat and may be then you'll able to speak again :3
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How often do you use your brain?
Oh shut up you dumb head . Itna bhi nahi pata ? We don't use brains because it can't get out of our body . How am I suppose to use it without touching ? -_- :3
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Who was your first love ??.?
The girl who stares me always when I look in the mirror. Seriously she was so cute and lovely <3 I never saw someone like her before. I'd turn myself into a lesbian for her . My first and last love . :'(
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your top chatters on facebook..?
We can chat on Facebook ? :O wow. Why didn't anyone tell me about that before ? I'm gonna try it :3
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y u alwayz turn off your chat...? nd then rplies..?
So that nobody gets to know that I'm online although I am ! GENIUS ME B| For classes contact Ridhima Sethi . ASN Sr. Sec Schhol. Grade 12th Commerce with maths section . Ab hum 12TH-D wale hai B| :P
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who is your favouriate person outside A.S.N..?
The Gatekeeper standing outside the gate of ASN .
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How far in advance do you prefer to plan?
1 cm far :3
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i saw you .. I saw your DP.. It was a Fab one ! Aai shappat ! I loved it.... Finally,I want you to be my friend... Will you be my friend plz ?? :) Plz dont send me hates to this answer.
You saw me or my DP ? :D And okay. No hates . But who are you ?
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are you still cmttd with him? strange tu kitna pyaar krti h usse but wo sala deserve nhi krta hai -0.000000001% ittu sa bhi nhi :D
Are you like kidding me ? Pyaar ? My ass ! And I know wo deserve nahi Karta. Low standards -_- . All he deserves is total shit on his face ! :3
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i think tu apne ex. ki trf point kar rhi h :D
Who ex ? I had no ex boyfriend .
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saali zada khush mat ho tri saar par upper sa lodo ki barsaat hogi...:D from:Mr.stranger
Well in that case, I've to carry an umbrella everywhere I go cheapster :3
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dnt be thanx jst smile it suits u!! I promise if i had a shotgun ryt now, I'd point it straight at the sky and shoot heaven down for u....:-* :-* <3 from:Mr.Stranger
Heck :O You're the best :P :D
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block toh nhi laga muja but tuja bhabhi word bhut zoor sa laga :D
It's like a gaali for me :P And btw who are you ? I don't remember blocking anyone these days.
ohh this Dp i can't define this girl<3 :* Ommgg :o:*: This pic <3 She is on fire the hottest.. Too hot when do you plan to stop looking soo hawt..This is The Reason I Say,I'm The Luckiest.. coz,I Got the opportunity to see The World's Cutestestest Thing Alive..;) u r such a cutiepie from:Mr.Stranger
Awww.. Mr. Stranger your words touched my heart. No sarcastic answer for you just a big THANK YOU :D <3
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