Rihanna @rihanna
Rihanna @rihanna
Hello.Guestion Problem :))
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I love you thank you.
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Thank you very much to come to Turkey soon, I hope you'll give concerts there in January, I can come meet you but I love you so much little to resist ...
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you cant even speak proper english and dont understand what half of these askers are saying lmao stop trying to convince people that your not fake someone would be a complete idiot to believe this is real
I do not have to convince anyone to talk to if you do not believe, you know I believe in forcing anyone to believe that you will be glad and video I put pretty bi walrus
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Poco fake mi dicono.
I'm not angry enough is enough no fake recently and never will believe, and therefore I'm not saying dont fake Do not say please
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Si c'est vraiment Rihanna, elle aurait plus de question !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yes you are right, but do not have time to tell me a little bit'm rarely do we have to believe in ozaman recently I 'm gonna pull fake video
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I think u re fake. If u re'nt fake, u can take a video.
yes when you put a fake video but the video will be sorry if you think I feel sorry
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Fakeeee!!! LOL!:P  ❤Marte Horan❤
we also do not want no fake fake if I am not forcing talk writing writing very sad and there are already enough fake :((
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OMG , You are like my Role model , you're an AMAZING singer , You have a GREAT sense of fashion , and you're really pretty ;3 I wish i was you :') What celeb(s) would you really like to meet? xx
Keep it super darling ever so nice and plays to Turkey soon hopefully the fans will come soon :) by the way, thank you very much meet
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Rihanna ❤❤
Than you as you sofia at tea 02:10 car video :))
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Rihanna, video please :) < 33
now I can not friends camera
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If U R not "FAKE" PUT youre settings on twitter to prove #FakeBitch#
thank you, dear
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Hello (: I´m a big fan ♥♥ My birthday is on the 20.2.2001 , too :)
how beautiful
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I love Rihanna,she's a christian and i'm a Niggah and a muslim how about this? I'm inlove with her four years to an extent that there is someone who calls me Rihanna.I wish we could meet oneday and a share a word with her oneday even if she gets married.Goodbye
Thank you dear :)
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what are you saying or
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If you were rihanna you wouldn't have typed no fakee dumb ass it's not fake
Thank you, honey
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Riri doesn't even talk like this
What ? :)
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دي انتي اللي في الصوره؟!
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Ill eat you
ohh I eat you
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If you are Rihanna, can you post a video answer?
yes send it first thing when I get home, I'm not home right now is going to make a video I promise you
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Fucking fake, you're not her, please, don't lie. Patetic :|
do I do not believe that video you will see why it is not no lie tomorrow :(((
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Oh thank you.I was very happy :)
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jejeje. make a video answer
yes will do as soon as possible, please wait :))
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I wonder too think this is funny!!!
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Fake.  Lúthien.
No no no no Please do not upset me.!!!
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