Mei @RiiDesu
Mei @RiiDesu
Gelderland, Doorwerth
Mei A.K.A Rii, Rianne, she & Myeong. I'm a programmer (game designer) but I also love to design applications. PC Games I enjoyed: Stepmania, Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 & Generals Zero Hour, Touhou Puppet Play 1.5 & 1.8, osu!, Minecraft, Phantasy Star Online 2, Ib, PatchCon, Labyrinth of Touhou
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nice question!
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i heard you have a flat chest
i heard you have a flat chest
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rate your oppai from 1-10
are you mocking me?
rate your oppai from 1-10
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do you watch hentai
do you watch hentai
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what is your sexual orientation?
Can you remember the first map on osu! you played? (The tutorial doesn't count)
Probably the only normal I played for fun, after that I went with the hard because it felt weird to play normals.
should i quit this game and cheat to ban myself y/n
what I want to know is why you're asking this to me.
If it makes you happy, then go do it :p
If there was a King and Queen on osu! (apart from Peppy and Pippi) who would they be?
listless and Shilkey
Stop squirting yo
Stop squirting yo
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1 person likes this oh yeah i just remembered because of that video, is there a link to that skin somewhere?
what are aevv's best osu achievements
He replied this to me: ascension to heaven 99%, rising in the sun hd 99.8 or so when it was new, tell your world hidden SS, axiom mouse hd fc with good acc, random shit on my yt
dont remember much else
snow goose 3x 100
palette 3x100
too many random high acc shits to list
His YouTube:
xi - Ascension to Heaven:
kors k feat. Rie - Rising in the Sun(original mix):
livetune feat. Hatsune Miku - Tell Your World:
sakuzyo - AXION:
Mutsuhiko Izumi - Snow Goose:
Yuyoyuppe feat. Hanatan - Palette:
And another really good one would be (SS)Hatsune Miku - Infinity:
There's no KB overlay, it wasn't implemented back then, just shortly after, he uses mouse left click + keyboard.
Is it wrong to kill animals for human consumption?
Kill the animals, save the run!
Is it wrong to kill animals for human consumption?
Incase you thought I chose it because I thought it's a bad movie/anime, I loved it, probably one of my favorite anime movies. (I have yet to watch the anime series)
The reason I don't wanna live in that anime is because of the way the world works there, you have to be a super strong macho with superpowers(or have a friend like that) in order to survive there.
Basically people kill each other indiscriminately for food and water and weaker people need to live a life where they're hiding all the time, hoping to not get found by gangs or any sort of bad guys, women get kidnapped and are used as slaves by gangs.
As for sure I won't be a main character, my life wouldn't be very good nor last for long in such situations.
What anime would you least like to be in?
Fist of the North Star
oh god what the frick frack how did they find it :((  ミルクシェイク
it's probably still in my signature on Rii, and I believe there are still topics up with Rii as the author
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lol, nice find.
I remember when milkshake didn't draw aevv yet and it only had me and kriers in there and kriers said (and others agreed) that it looked a bit like a lovey-dovey thingie
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I forgot the last part of the description:
Ask "Soly" ingame.
What is the most pointless invention?
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If you could create new osu! merchandise, what would it be?
I was thinking of a condom that looks like a slider, but that's a terrible idea.
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Have you ever seen any other osu! players in real life?
nope, only irl friends that didn't get seizures from watching me play osu! and wanted to try it.
sad thing is that they're all banned because I made the accounts for them.
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what do you like about elesa so much
she looks cool, reminds me of myself.
I, too, specialize in the mending of hearts
I'm not broken :x
what are your best Osu achievements?
uhm... I don't really know what would be considered the best ones, but here are some things I'm sorta proud of.
1. Passing AugoEidEs with NC (unable to do so anymore)
2. Passing Doppelganger
3. Getting top100 TP in 3 days of farming on a new account (Myeong) before accuracy was implemented, after accuracy mattered I was only like top600 tp though ):
4. Being able to read low and high AR decently (too inactive at the moment to read ar10.87+ properly though)
5. Streaming around 300bpm on a laptop keyboard (long ago, unable to do so anymore)
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