Rii @RiiDesu
Rii @RiiDesu
Gelderland, Doorwerth
Showing my face at 9999 likes! I'm an application developer, my favourite language is c#. PC Games I enjoy(ed): Stepmania, C&C RA2 & Generals ZH, Touhoumon, osu!, S4 League, Minecraft, PSO2, Ib, PatchCon, Labyrinth of Touhou, Age of Ethanols. I fluently speak English and Dutch.
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Rii A.K.A Rianne, she, Myeong, Toilet Cirno and a lot more!
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My tablet doesn't recognize my pen unless I hover it reeeeeeally close to the tablet (I almost have to drag it). Will buying a new pen work or is the tablet rip?  Mezzaten
I haven't had that issue before so I can't tell, but if you have a friend with the same kind of pen nearby try borrowing that pen and using it on your tablet.
It might be your pen since tablets are generally more durable than their pens, but if you broke an Intuos pen, you'll be better off buying a new tablet since the pen for my old Intuos 5 was like $80,- while I could get a Bamboo Pen tablet for $50-60-ish and they both work about as great, it was easier to hover with the Intuos pen range, though.
What do you work with :o?
I actually am going to start working with Java(not sure in which editor) coming monday at my new job.
In my previous job I pretty much worked a ton with Word, Excel, Sharepoint, SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio(generally for programming in c#).
I said goodbye to my previous working place because they couldn't give me more than 3 days/week, and as a programmer all available jobs are pretty much for at least 30 hours(4 days) a week, so it was pretty much impossible for me to find a job for 2 days a week.. And the 3-day salary sadly wasn't enough to live from so I had to look for a full-time job which I managed to get within 2 weeks after deciding that I should go for another job.
It's very bittersweet.
What's the stupidest thing you have ever done?
I pulled a clock from the wall and it fell on my head when I was around 5 years old.
It's pretty much a miracle to be unharmed, though.
Really Awful Question of the Day: What happens when you combine Michael Jackson and Bomfunk MC's?  Mara
Some morbid stuff with Bomfunk MC's hanging around Michael Jackson's corpse and being all cool and singing.
What does your morning routine look like?
Déjà vu...
Work days: http://ask.fm/RiiDesu/answer/111937010501
Weekends: Turn off PC and go to sleep / fall asleep while watching videos.
Which do you like the most, 2d or 3d games? Also, why?
Both are just fine, it depends on the gameplay and game itself where my preference goes to.
but I actually prefer games with characters in lower detail so there's room for imagination of how the character actually would look.
Tell me about your fetishes!
Surely your own fetishes weren't enough?
Tell me about your fetishes!
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What anime would you recommend ?
Code Geass is supreme!
Other than that I'd say Kaiji and Akagi are really great anime series, revolving around gambling.
Oh and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure was also too great for this world.
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acá pasa un comentario aleatorio ^_^  Leonardo Matallana
tener una respuesta aleatorio <3 ;v;
http://ask.fm/RiiDesu/answer/116720164165 didn't you have like 1300 posts on she and 999* on rii  Niokin
I just checked, she: 1196/3815 posts, Rii: 999/9983 posts.
Wow, screw you abandoned wasteland.
Anyway it was a ton of feature requests spamming and gameplay & rankings on she I think, and a bit of Dutch sub-forum posting.
do you use chatous? what's your username?
No, it looks like a really dumb thing to have/use.
how did you post so much with http://osu.ppy.sh/u/she before being banned
lol dat She bar. I don't think I posted that much on she, at least not as much as the 9999 posts on Rii.
What's your favorite sex position?if u haven't had sex yet, then which position would u like to try?
woof woof
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What do u do at night if u can't fall asleep?
Open up http://youtube.videodeck.net/ and watch some boring videos that I didn't want to watch earlier on.
Or just lie down and think "happy" thoughts.
What do u do at night if u can't fall asleep?
Thoughts on socialism?
A little Socialism does not hurt and can go a long way helping the needy.
Care should be taken that you do not go overboard and create a permanently dependent underclass that grows overtime and takes over the budget.
how you deal with the fact that you'll never get a qt3.1416 gf?
Tears keep flowing out because this cute pi is taken.
And on top of that there's another pie already in love with a tart. ;v;
how you deal with the fact that you'll never get a qt3.1416 gf?
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What is Deep Dark Fantasy even about?!
S&M, a ton of bondage and a few fake punches.
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Sounds fast, but going slow is more impressive at times.
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why do all that if you can just ace it?
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why havent u played cs:go on your steam yet, waste of money
I don't like shooters but aevv gave it to me so I could chat/moderate in the Super Euro Spel(R.I.P.) chatroom, I didn't have any games and I couldn't figure out why I couldn't accept the group chat invites so aevv gave it to me. He's way too kind
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Ahah, I managed to get her glitched into the bathtub once when she tried to escape, good punch timing.
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https://youtube.com/watch?v=WiWsVNy7sBo I think that is the game you are talking about :^)  Yuki
Ah yes, that's the one. I remember now that I didn't get any points for it because I punched her in the face all the time and you're supposed to hit her breasts and crotch for points.
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have you played any eroge :^)
Aqo once sent me this ero game where you enter your sister's bath tub while she's in it and you have to punch her to win, if you don't do it well enough you get knocked out by her, I forgot the name of it though.
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Thanks for giving standstill girl more publicity! The story was a bit tragic but charming and if it wasn't for you giving the game more exposure I would have never played it.  AhnYS
It was a pleasure to introduce people to it, anijs ;p I even made Xhomas livestream it for me because I found the memory fragments really charming, tragic indeed but realistic.
Sadly I don't come across games with those kinda stories very often, though.
vgperson translated quite a few games, but I haven't tried all of them out yet, there might be more good games out there. I liked Ib a lot and several people told me that The Witch's House is good.
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Wat is je lievelingseten?
slimairllion verjadags draden..
No but really, sometimes it's refreshing to spam silmarilen's bday threads in off-topic.
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