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Rii @RiiDesu
Rii @RiiDesu
Gelderland, Doorwerth
Showing my face at 9999 likes! I'm an application developer, my favourite language is c#. PC Games I enjoy(ed): Stepmania, C&C RA2 & Generals ZH, Touhoumon, osu!, S4 League, Minecraft, PSO2, Ib, PatchCon, Labyrinth of Touhou, Age of Ethanols. I fluently speak English and Dutch.
Rii A.K.A Rianne, she, Myeong, Toilet Cirno and a lot more!
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help i want more pp
It seems like you're in need of a ... PP Up
help i want more pp
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do you think that is a weird place?
it's the users that make it weird
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what do you think about people who take osu! too seriously?
Tryhards, if that's what they like to do, sure, but don't force it on others.
Eat da poo poo ?  Niko Bellic
eat da pew pew
1 person likes this S3RL made a song about Nightcore
And just what gives you the idea that anyone cares?
Do you prefer to keep your all time favorite music to yourself, or share it with other people?
I'd share it with others if my music would fit the interests of "normal" people, which they don't.
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Have you ever been afraid of something, but couldn't explain why you feared it? If you did, what was it?
Afraid of heights, I don't know why I just start to lose all balance in my body whenever confronted with it.
I'm not even afraid of dying but still heights are terrifying...
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What do you think about the Don't Hug Me I'm Scared youtube series?
I have never heard of it and it sounds too dumb to be worth looking up.
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Have you ever been in Japan? :)  Coco Yume
I haven't and I don't plan on going there. :p
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What is your favorite question you have ever been asked?
I don't remember all of them, but any non-retarded/osu! related questions are the ones I like.
I liked this one quite a bit:
If you could tame any animal and keep it as a pet which animal would you choose?
I'd still not choose any since I wouldn't have enough time to give to my pet so it'd probably be really sad since I first took away its freedom(taming it) and then I wouldn't even give any attention to it due to not having a bunch of free time.
Also I don't like cleaning up poo.
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Welcome back, will you stay with us a little bit longer this time?  Winterwillow
Perhaps.. There's no moving out involved anymore and I pretty much won at life so I have time now. It's just that I don't feel like there are many interesting questions being asked in this place, so I rarely pay attention to it anymore.
I like how many dislikes it has.
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Your thoughts on this (basicly jewlery that takes energy out of your body and uses it to power your phone)
Oh my, imagine having to charge your phone with wires, the terror!
Your thoughts on this (basicly jewlery that takes energy out of your body and uses it to power your phone)
Would you ever buy your own Japanese arcade cabinet despite the huge cost? (games like Taiko, Beatmania, and Jubeats ect)
Nope, it'll just waste space in my home and I'd never play on it.
If you could get all the time back that you wasted on osu!, what would you spend it on?
I had a bunch of fun playing, so I wouldn't consider it a waste.
Do you have any weird addictions?
I go mental when I can't listen to my music for a whole day, I'm not sure if that counts as an addiction.
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where's anime man
I've last seen him two years ago
Watch too much anime and he will find you.
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If you could listen to one song before you died, what would it be?
I'd just not listen to anything to extend my life, if that wasn't possible I'd pick Masquerade from Code Geass.
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Where did you get your username from?
Which? The askfm one RiiDesu is just "Rii" with "Desu" pasted behind it due to laziness.
Usually I just pick "Rii" and paste "Cirno" or "Desu" behind it when lazy, in really sad cases I put "Maid" in front of it.
greatest action scene?
greatest action scene?
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Have you ever owned a NDS? Any games for it that you enjoyed?
Owned the fat one but broke it, then bought the slim one and a 3DS, enjoyed playing GBA games on the nds. I currently have 82 unique shinies on Pokémon Emerald.
I have enjoyed playing Pokémon Black for the DS on my 3DS, and Pokémon X was also fun.
have you ever accidentally liked a really bad answer?
Not that I remember, I have answered really bad questions, though.
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Don't you hate it when you need to take a shit right after you get out the shower?
Don't you hate it when you get so many shitty questions that it drains away all your energy by just looking at them?
Don't you hate it when you need to take a shit right after you get out the shower?
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