Rii @RiiDesu
Rii @RiiDesu
Gelderland, Doorwerth
Showing my face at 9999 likes! I'm an application developer, my favourite language is c#. PC Games I enjoy(ed): Stepmania, C&C RA2 & Generals ZH, Touhoumon, osu!, S4 League, Minecraft, PSO2, Ib, PatchCon, Labyrinth of Touhou, Age of Ethanols. I fluently speak English and Dutch.
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Rii A.K.A Rianne, she, Myeong, Toilet Cirno and a lot more!
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You people should stop butchering foreign name pronunciations :(
Sadly, I only have respect toward players that masterized everything and have multiple skills, I hate this generation, only playing DT+HD, sad thing ):
Well people will always just farm PP, and because TP became the standard people started farming TP(ppv2) which means DT DT DT DT. TP is awesome, don't get me wrong, waaay better than PP in which ass anchor[Hard] +HR+DT gives enough PP to get rank 4k in 1 play... and is considered way harder than arisu no yuuutsu dt or kamui.
Also for some reason people think I'm also an ar10.3 only player s:
The truth is that all the players wanted to be like us and then practiced AR10.3 to look like their idols :D
Mastering it before it was cool(and abused).
RIP 'former' #2's of country
I remember playing it with NeverDie/Gadaffi when nobody even thought of ar9+dt and it was soo much fun to have a great variety of all ARs because there were barely any ar10.3 maps available, now it's only generic10.3 nonstop in most rooms >:
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What do you think of "pro" players nowadays?
I don't even follow the latest news, but after a little bit of research;
Some of these pro players nowadays seem to set really crazy scores, and upload a mixture of really mediocre scores* and some crazy scores and act proud on both of these. And then even on some livestreams they do really crazy stuff and then the other moment they can't even do the most basic patterns/jumps.
I also have played with some and they are really unstable in mp, one time they get 95% on really hard stuff, and then the other time they get just shitty scores and call you pro.
So in short: Really unstable players that randomly peak in skill and can only read ar10.3 for some reason. Either that's all just true or something fishy is going on. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Note that this doesn't apply to all pro players, just to some that I observed/remember.
* = scores I could easily set
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what are the material image lyrics?
jesse sang most of the important lyrics in this video
What is your opinion/thoughts on HanzeR?
The name makes me curious as to why the "R" is capitalized.
Furthermore, all I know about them is that they map and make people sad.
your hands are qt, may i lick your fingers?
I find how they've turned out thanks to osu! really creepy, might just be my weird taste.
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will you ever upload stepmania again?
I don't know, I'm still at beginner level when it comes to spread style (2 hands) and I already had 2.5 years of experience with just my right hand which already gave great speed in my right hand and because of osu! I have a left hand that's almost as fast as my right one..
With those properties it's kinda painful to play slow songs to learn the basics as I always play for fun, as my fingers are longing for high BPM spamfests, but before I can even upload something remotely worthy uploading on YouTube I'd have to learn the basics of the game >:
I do have a stream layout made for it though incase I magically become good at spread. :p
http://puu.sh/aexaP.jpg What do? ; w ; There's so many.  Vext
You can put on your cat ears and start breaking shit or you can keep them as souvenir until you have like 1000, then when you know that someone is sleeping, redirect all your questions to someone. ‎@silmarilen didn't mind answering all the questions I couldn't answer, so that's a promising candidate!

What do? ; w ; There's so many.
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What kind of people do you follow, and how many?
mainly friends and acquaintances, but only the ones that have something interesting to post and don't constantly like pictures that are completely out of context.
I used to follow like 30 people but I trimmed it down to 9 when I became more active on here and noticed how cluttered my ask page was with anime girls or other dumb things that would probably never interest me.
What is your opinion on Mercurius?
That name reminds me of iMercurial who iirc posted shit in off-topic like everyone else and farmed post count in beatmap subforums until like 4.5k+ posts.
As for Mercurius I don't know who that is.
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In America people dying from obesity because there are a lot of fast food restaurants placed by the government, Obama is an Illuminati general trying to get rid of all the white people by obesity!
In America people dying from obesity because there are a lot of fast food restaurants placed by the government, Obama is an Illuminati general trying to get rid of all the white people by obesity!
What do you think of people that constantly re-post images of any sort?
What do you think of people that constantly re-post images of any sort?
Women need more rights don't you agree?
Oh the dominance
Women need more rights don't you agree?
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http://ask.fm/lethalxd/answer/115894906263 what do u think about this
The privacy we get is overwhelming!
http://ask.fm/lethalxd/answer/115894906263 what do u think about this
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http://strawpoll.me/2097361 If you watch livestreams let me know which you want to watch most
.. oh, the available choices sound really boring.
http://ask.fm/RiiDesu/answer/114419639109 Wow, at 0:55 I almost thought that was a...never mind.  10crystalmask01
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I never got to see the next episode °^°
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How do u do that?
Whoa, calm down, you're being way too specific with your question here.
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http://ask.fm/RiiDesu/answer/114354156357 Did you have any fears stepping out of school life into the real world? I'm fucking terrified of growing up.
At first it make me worry about not having any free time and having issues with social abilities but I was wrong. I'd say the grown up life is way more amusing than school life if you actually picked a profession that you'll enjoy/love.
Also it might be scary if your social abilities are poor which was the case for me, I feared calling/answering phone calls but now I'm all fine with it. (still slightly nervous on the phone but 500% better than first)
A big tip for finding a job that I can give would be: do not procrastinate on it, mail people, call people, find your place, secure yourself! Having a positive mind also helps a lot, try thinking like: I already have a no, but I can get a yes, don't feel humiliated; when you get a no that's 'too bad' and then try again!
I've been very lucky with my first try though, but you won't see that often(depending on where you live) as my mom is trying really hard to find a job and got rejected many times but still has a positive view and blazes through companies like that.
As for living on your own; I'm still living with my mom, but I'm looking for a place to live which I can't find just yet, but I'm really hyped for it. :p I guess that's a feeling you'll (usually) get when you get older, you want to move out and live on your own(or with a partner). Just remember that managing money is very important, also eating noodles everyday is bad for you. (no matter how delicious it is ;v;) Cooking isn't hard, so do it! Cleaning is also important, if you don't already; help out with cleaning the house, or at least your own room, this means dusting and cleaning everything with a wet towel as well!
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What is being an application developer like?
It's super fun to write code and then see things turn into an actual application, then writing more code to make it even better is also very fun. I also love maths and creating formulas are things that needed to be done in application development which brings even more joy. Though I do curse a lot while programming because sometimes things don't work or crash for silly mistakes.
As for working for customers I have mixed feelings about it; it's fun to receive feedback ,expand an application for them and even fix some bugs, I really enjoy it, but sometimes I wonder how the hell they manage to break shit and sometimes feedback is really horrible. (example: I get an email: "it doesn't work", no specifications, no error codes, not even telling me what they were doing to make it crash, nothing) In the end I have to walk over there in person to see that they had an issue with sharepoint which has nothing to do with my application. And they way people treat data is also really annoying... Though ask.fm doesn't allow enough characters in an answer for me to properly talk about it. (refer to image below here for my view on some users)
..Also sometimes I get phone calls with people asking me why the internet connection is slow... That's the job of the network administrator. (refer to image below again)
What is being an application developer like?
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got any tips for studying efficiently?
I don't, I have never bothered with studying.
Be careful of ‎@gingerxohime ! I think she's a desperate slut
nice self promotion
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Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!
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Have u ever get bad feelings or visions before it's really happens? Like a chill ...almost like u know that something bad is gonna happen..
Bad things come as surprise for me.
Have u ever get bad feelings or visions before it's really happens? Like a chill ...almost like u know that something bad is gonna happen..
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