Riley Lindsay @Rileyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Riley Lindsay @Rileyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
smack the lip wabam
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Relationship goals?
Relationship goals?
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Thought on emily H foursome?
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tbh I need a ride in your jeep  Hannah Paterson
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tbh i don't really know ya but your good at volleyball and really attractive and I think I saw you at mitchs on Halloween but I'm not too sure, you also seem sweet and funny snap me sometime if you'd like☺️  zyanya mantler
Thanks what's your snap!
what are you thankful for?
Front row Kush socks
what are you thankful for?
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tbh Riley or should I say cassandra;) youre such a nice guy and I really enjoy talking to you. You are very attractive and we get along well. I love your jeep but you already know that. you're great at volleyball andddd good luck tonight😏  Cassandra
Aw thanks Cassandraaa☺️
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What happened to the jeep
Nothing she's still mine
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tbh u used to have a sick jeep
tbh u used to have a sick jeep
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Tbh you seem like a funny guy and super chill too  Alex Edgson
Thanks buddy
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You're so tall👨❤️👨
youre soo tall!!!  brooklyn gess
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You're sooo tall😍
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What famous people do you share a birthday with?
Selena Gomez😈
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You and Jacob just hangout with grade 10 girls now why?
You and Jacob just hangout with grade 10 girls now why?
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you are so easy to talk to about anything and honestly a really great human being thank you for everything you also have the best stories. We have to hangout:) you are hilarous and so nice and goodlooking. But its so confusing you have these qualites considering youre a jeep not a human... Whoops.  Lolita dallaire
Aw thanks, im a jeep
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How do you like your eggs?
Made with love
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That's so hot😍
Settle down
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How tall are you👅
6'3ish I think
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Malcolm lamber is a sexy man hunk! Do you agree? I wanna date him and pork him so hard, if u wanna help us get together text me 2506406463 #meandmalckie2015
I want him all to myself
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So hottttt babay I miss seeing your beautiful face everyday 😘❤️  John Botelho
Miss you John ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Tbh you seem very nice and funny but I don't think we've ever talked:)  alyssa cheung
Thanks, text me sometime!
Tbh: never really talked but we kinda hungout in Kamloops at the tournament but from what I've heard you're a pretty sick kid and you're good at volleyball  Braden Dukacz
Thanks buddy hmu sometime
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Thoughts on Jenna and kam dating?
Choosing the meat platter is always the hardest
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tbh did u even say thanks for breakfast???  alissa
You bet I did