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Best friends on snapchat?
I only snap Jenna and Aiden
Do you wear socks in bed?
tbh are you my peer tutor or are you not my peer tutor??  Ashley Novak
You'll see
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You and tanner rip are related?
You heard right
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tbh I miss you tons!! we need to hang out cuz your a sick guy and hilarious  joel ingham
Miss you too and yeah!
Thoughts on sienna stealing 350$ from her parents for weed?
Wouldn't surprise me if this were true
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Going to havens?
Follow this page because its not a hatepage. Send names for thoughts on too  PG lovin
No thx
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Thoughts on spaghetti
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Thoughts on Carlie gibbs
Lucs gf, she strives off that good chew and of course she is a nice lady, kind of
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mean boy  Garrett scott
Garret man
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Did you and sienna wheel?
Sadly no, I think Alex Benny may be
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Do you love Jenna
Of course I do
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tbh you are my bae and i miss you so much  Tanner Riplinger
Text me soon bb
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You look like a skunk
At least I have a big heart
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Tbh you are one of my best buddies and I love ya lots<3 you are also a dark rp/ guitar hero master. You are a swell man and we gotta chill when yA get back so I can meet Baxter!! Stay stinky, binky :)  Jacob
Love you baby girl
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Tbh your a pretty sick kid  Brevin Gervais
Oh I'm loving the effort level in this bro, but thankya
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tbh I love you and Baxter:)  Jenna
Love you too:)))))))
fi: really cool guy and a guitar hero specialist  Nick Hansen
Thanks nicky
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Do you like living in Prince George?
The whole place is a fucking circus
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Tbh don't know you to well but you seem nice and we should chill sometime  Eaden Singh
Forsure buddy!
tbh you make jenna so happy and that makes me happy❤️ and that necklace you got her is adorable awe I approve. haha you're a really nice guy even though you were on your man period and over reacted a little this summer jeez but all is forgiven. you and jen are so cute though❤️  kaitlyn vancaeseele
Hey thanks
I got a new phone too :')  Jesse Pomeroy
Fuck what's your new #??
Text me ASAP!  Jesse Pomeroy
I don't have your number anymore bro new phone, you text me!
What grade you in