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Tbh we talked for a bit last saturday and you seemed like a real fun guy to be around :) Youre attractive and the europe trip should be fun. You & jenna are cute together too  Romalia
can I suck on ur toes??  Blex Aenny
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Fuck you soccer guys are way better than hockey guys
Thoughts on Jacob Tiani moving to kelowna?
It's pretty sad he is a good friend, best wishes to him
Thoughts on Riley Lindsay and Aiden Smith fighting tomorrow?
Go Aiden
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People whose first instinct is to smile when they make eye contact with you are some of earths treasures and need to be protected
That's me
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Why do you still talk try to talk to sienna she doesn't like you
Nick Hansen is a cheese thief
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💂  Steve Kidwell
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Hot  Taro Nakahara
tbh you seem like a beauty  Alexander Nimmo
I like you, you have potential
Top 5 vape flavours?
I don't vape I wouldn't want to get lung cancer now would I
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How do you stay fit?
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Why does the Easter bunny hide eggs?
For the memories
tbh your a dandy peer tutor and a tall tall guy your a blast to chat with and such only when your nice but yes keep up the good work  Ashley Novak
Unfollowed for offensive content srry  Jacob
tbh: your beauty man so funny hockey was fun and your pretty chill and sick  Brandon Gill
Thanks pal
are you a laugh sleeper or heavy sleeper?
Laugh sleeper
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do you like hugs?
Only from myself
how tall are you?
6'2ish maybe
what is your shoe size?
tbh you're the best and miss you lots love you
Love ya
tbh you suck at socials & you're a liar:))))  alissa boudreau
I've been peer tutoring for all these years and this is what I get
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Like for a tbh
If you're lucky
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Tbh live and die in the KI beaut show  Nick Hansen
tbh we r having a slumber party with the japan boyz hopefully hit up the groupchat xox  Blex Aenny
Ok bby
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