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Ŕïľëý Łįņđşăý @Rileyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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Tbh??:)  PGanonymous
thoughts on all grade 9 girls
I can confidently say that about 90% of them annoy the fuck out of me
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tbh I miss you and the boys so much!!! we need to get everyone together again for some miss jiff :) BTW I love you (Boston sucks)  joel ingham
Text me Joel bby
tbh- only know you from koltons team haha  Braedan Dyck
thoughts; can't say anything nice or else people will think we're dating LOL  tyler wolsey
what do you love about jenna?
compliment: You play cool video games!  Shivam J.
Post a picture of your favorite celebrity!
Post a picture of your favorite celebrity!
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how long have you and Jenna been together
Really close to 7 months
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tbh I better get a smooch on the cheek from the big cuddly condor! Im sad about missing movie date tonight :(  Alex Benny
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tbh idky but youre attractive and seem cool  Fayre
Toughest kid on your team?
Toughest kid on your team?
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we should hang out or go to unbc man  Tim Bamgbade
For sure, text me soon!
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tbh- your a really nice guy and you and ur gf are crazy cute  Taylor Moase
Thanks :)
you're so tall and isn't she really short?
She isn't really short
Is your girlfriend like way smaller than you because you're that tall?
She isn't way smaller, why?
how tall are you?
I'm pushing 6'2"
You're a beauty and a really good goalie, this season should be sick. Get ready for Kelowna I have some big chirps ready for you
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I like to ate ate ate apples and bananas was my first impression  Alex Benny
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only pretty nice because you don't listen to me when I say pretend to walk  Kaitlyn VanCaeseele
You'll never let go of that will ya
tbh you're pretty nice and you and jenna are my fav  Kaitlyn VanCaeseele
Pretty nice?? But thanks
Which town did you grow up in?
Do you prefer very spicy or non-spicy food?
I like spicy but not so spicy that it rocks my socks off
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Tbh your really nice and funny and fun to talk to,and you don't get mad at me anymore cause I said hi to you and you and Jenna are cute,text mee  Ashley Novak
Thanks :)
tbh ilu RILEY!  Shivam J.