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you know how to make a mad boy chuckle  Alex Benny
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U are friends with Rebecca Baldridge lol wtf why
Haha what
Likers get a tbh?
Sure why not
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Tbh you and enna though (y) seem like a cool guy from what I can tell  ®yan Fisher
Thanks man
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Tbh u rock Nick- u rock  Emmersun Taylor
tbh- we used to talk quie a bit haha and yyou and ur gf are like way too cute  Taylor Moase
Awe Thanks
Who is one girl who could be really pretty if she was popular?
What does being popular have to do with any of that
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Well if it ain't Riley Lindsay  Troy
like for a tbh :$  Alex Benny
like for a tbh
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going to baylee party
Tbh congrats on making tier 3, you seem like a pretty cool guy and I've heard you're funny  Aaron Jakubowski
Thanks man, text me sometime
tbh you and jenna are the bomb.com❤️ you're a really nice guy and really funny :) let me know when you me and jenna wanna chill I'm okay to third wheel ;) just no frickle frackle. ahah text me sometime  Kaitlyn VanCaeseele
Haha ;) and okay thank :)
tbh you and jenna are really cute and your pretty funny too  kiernan andrews
Oh thanks
Tbh, we don't talk as often as we used to which sucks because you can be nice when you want to be! But you and Jenna are cute and text me soon :)  Jayden MacArthur
how long have u and Jenna been dating
5 months today
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Do you know of any parties tonight?
Shutup Jared u party animal
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-  Noah Goyer
Don't really know you too well but I hope you left luc with a few broken bones
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Really nice guy, we should hang out soon!
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$  Taro Nakahara
You have a funky name but don't know you at all, hmu
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-  Noah Matyas
Buddy I've barely seen ya all summer, where have you been!?!?! But good friend of mine and I'll see you when a chill starts
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-  Avtar Takhar
Hangout soon;)
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Good friend miss you lets jc
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Gimme a real one  Michael Dziuballe
Text me pets hangout soon