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Thoughts on  Caitlyn Simunac
I do not know you what so ever
That was me oops  Desre Clark
Oh thanks and ya I'll text you rn
Tbh congrats ur cool enough, Imy and you and Jenna are cute, text me loser
Who is this haha
Tbh ily <3:*
Who is this
like for a tbh
Sure I am a bored boy
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thoughts on Max Cornell, Shivam Jani, and Tucker Marshall?
Bunch of beauty queens
Why isn't jenna in your recent texts?
She is in Vegas babe we chat over snap chat now
10 reasons to date you?
Ask Jenna
tbh we barely talk but you seem nice and funny:)  Kiernan Andrews
tbh + rate?
Jenna is hot
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Thoughts on :)  Michael Dziuballe
Cutie, miss you. We haven't hung out in forever! Hopefully Friday works out ;))
Tbh I love you sesh u are actually quite tall I want you to come over tomorrow but we shall see <3  Alex Benny
Sesh with me :*
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Tbh man I miss you dude and you're a great guy  Valentin Hoffmann
Come back :(
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Tbh you seem pretty chill
Thanks bud
Tbh I don't really know you but I've heard good things about you and you and Jenna are a good couple  Aaron Jakubowski
like for a tbh from Alex, Noah, Jacob and I  Ŕïľëý Łįņđşăý
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Do you love jenna?
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Tbh your nice and attractive and you and Jenna are really cute  kate arnold
Thanks :) text me!
do you think hairbrush is gross?
What do you mean by hairbrush
how much makeup do you wear
Too much
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Every one that's in your profile pick?
Me Dylan, Jared, Michael and Corbin
Your profile picture is fantastic. #followed  IG: its_isaac_halvorsen ⭐️
Thinking rail  Alex Benny
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Happy birthday Riley:)  kate arnold
Happy birthday babe❤️ so proud of you for reaching double digits, it seems like just yesterday you were 9 and now you're already 10 you can do so much cool stuff now like gamble and fuck bitches and I'm so proud ❤️ but remember now that your double digits big old 10 puberty will hit soon so be ready  Jared Macpherson
Love u
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