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are you having a party soon
Duh I am Riley Lindsay of course I am
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tbh siejay  Alex Benny
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funniest thing that happened at nicks?
Max got dropped
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what happened at nicks
Someone wrote jesaisaca on my right thigh
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perks of dating jenna?
She knows what to say to make me.a happy boy
She is always there to have a good chat
She likes to watch hockey with me
She is beautiful
Her and I can spend a lot of time together and never get bored
We both love each other
We like to go to the gym together
She is the best
I can't really explain everything, the perks never end
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who kicked ur ass in gunning tonight???? o right ME  carlaay
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is it sienna?
Perks of dating you, be serious
Only 1 person needs to know that
Tbh chill soon ;)  Avtar Takhar
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nice one ;)  joel ingham
cuz he sucks and never plays right? fuck Boston
You probably like Dallas
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If you could draw happiness, what would it look like?
Zdeno and I on the beach
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Do you wear a watch?
Tbh you're a beauty at puck  Austin Haugen
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tbh you're actually such a great friend, super funny and I love talking to you and I miss u lots n lots, let's have a call between me you Marlo and Jacob again ;;;)))  tyler wolsey
Actually I don't, I gave him a tbh, and I honestly wish that I didn't bc he's a prick.  Alyssa Boyce
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Tbh I don't really know you  Alyssa Boyce
You know my friend Jared Macpherson
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You just got Jeffrey MONKED
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What is the meaning of the life in one word?
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Most attractive girls in your grade at Dpss?
Jacob tiani
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what grade are you in
Tbh I don't really know you but I see you at unbc all the time. You seem funny and nice so text me sometime 2506406454:)  Hannah Paterson
Thanks, and yeah I will!
message me on chatous
Don't have it
Hot tea or ice tea?
Ice tea is pretty cool
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