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Which one are you in your dp
I am all of them
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Figure pap?
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are you friends with olivia jenaway?
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Tbh love skipping with you bud haha you're a beauty and a half 😚  Steve Kidwell
Thx b
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tbh I'll meet you ‎@chss tomorrow 4am sharp for a duel of the century everyone else come and watch and enjoy the spectacle fight  Blex Aenny
Just like this morning
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Jenna is so beautiful
She's real purdy
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tbh: your a beaut man, gotta chill soon  Brandon Gill
Thanks buddy
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I'm going to concuss you at pilot tryouts
Break my arms while you're at it
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Thoughts on tim bambz fighting alex Benny tomorrow after school?
Uh oh
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Are you going to the fair?
What makes you feel proud about yourself?
When my bra and panties match
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Are you going to duchess after prom?
I am Ryan wishart approved
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Tbh really like ur profile pic that's what I would call a full house and ur a real funny guy and we should chill soon an party or sumthing soon!  jacobthibodeau
Forsure buddy
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Tbh I miss u so much  Brody Barber
Imy2 text me b
tbh your a skipper but you showed up 5mins before class ended so that's good and you didn't even get me anything from red robbins:(  Ashley Novak
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Tbh your a sick guy, Chris- idk you
Thoughts on Sheridan MacArthur?
Your sister is a nutcase but I hear you're really nice!
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How many tattoos do you have
Just one:)
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Holy man Jenna and you make a stunning couple
Thoughts on Alex Benny's foot fetish??
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friends off im cutting off your gum addiction  K-Booty
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hey what about me bish we endured the glover magic as a crew  K-Booty
Sorry i forgot
-  Jacob
I can't believe one of my best buddies moved away and I miss you lots, can't wait for you to come back pg to visit #kapow
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