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What do you do at your job
Move stuff
What grade are you going into
Je suis canadien*.. faire les chosesπŸ˜’
Pardon moi
Happy 4th of July! What are you doing this weekend?
Je suis Canadian
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tbh you saved my life in the car the other day with your great advice so your probably the best person in the worldβ€Ž  Jessica
Don't mention it
Are you happy with Jenna ?
What one are you in your profile picture?
The ugly college kid
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Whats the pilots?
Jr B WWE hockey league
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Did you make the pilots?
I got cut with a very sharp pair of scissors
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thoughts on Nigel Thompsons racy texts with Rebecca Baldridge
Nigel is a dog
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Lheidli T'enneh Memorial Parkβ€Ž  Haug
Uh oh
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You're a fucking fagmunch
What does the munch mean
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Are you going to fort george tomorrow?
There is no more Fort George
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short kidβ€Ž  Haug
I'm 6'3 now πŸ˜β€Ž  joel ingham
Atta boy😏
How tall are you
I think 6'2"
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Any parties on Canada day?
Advice for grade 8 this year?
Beware of the new big strong grade 9s and 10s
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tbh it's been a while, hope you're still treating jenna like a princess or else. haha text meβ€Ž  kaitlyn vancaeseele
Yea it has and I don't your # anymore you text me
Chara got cut from boston
In your dreams
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Are you in Calgary with jayden
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-β€Ž  Nick Hansen
Wishing you luck in your tryouts hope they go better than mineπŸ˜‚ you're a really good guy and fun to jc with lets go to the gym more soon!
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Did your parents buy you the jeep?
I wish haha
-β€Ž  Haug
Good guy hmu
-β€Ž  Ashley Novak
You're alright and fun to talk to, text me