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Tbh Riley your a sick guy and we gotta chill soon or go for lunch bb. And we have to go driving around the jeep πŸ˜˜β€Ž  John Botelho
Thanks b ❀️❀️❀️
Tbh we've never talked but i think you and your friends were at the horses with lex for a little bit, and you seem like a funny kid πŸ’β€Ž  Fayre Layton
You bet we rode horses but thanks :)
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ranger dangerβ€Ž  Haug
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Where are you right now
in the esso parking lot drinking gasoline
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Wanna hang?β€Ž  jacobthibodeau
Text me
Tbh what r u doing in 3 days?β€Ž  jacobthibodeau
Idk why
wheel Carli gibbs
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You have a really nice ass id fuck it
Shit hey
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Are you going to dykes tonight?
No dykes for me
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Happy birthday!
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Tbh you're super chill but don't know you too wellβ€Ž  Luke Dziuballe
Did you get the N
Of course
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tbh we don't talk all that much any more, you suck at being kemps bitch but some how u are... lol jk , ur a nice guy & quite funny txt me palβ€Ž  alissa boudreau
thoughts on Jacob Tiani deepthroating a cucumber?
Jacob Tiani is a good man he does not deserve this hatred
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Tbh I miss you. And our seshes.β€Ž  Nigel_Thompson
Miss u too bby
Tbh riley I want to come to your party, also your very nice and you and Jenna are very cute :)β€Ž  Kate
Thanks text me:)
tbh you're a top guy and the Kelly o's tradition must live on through grade 12β€Ž  Tim Bamgbade
Oh forsure it will every Tuesday
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Tbh I think that we have met a few times at parties and such and you seem really nice and like your a cool guyβ€Ž  aly muir
Hey thanks
When do you get your N?
Next week 😈
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Tbh you are awesomely cool and quite attractiveβ€Ž  Prince George Bae
What do you do at your job
Move stuff
What grade are you going into
Je suis canadien*.. faire les chosesπŸ˜’
Pardon moi
Happy 4th of July! What are you doing this weekend?
Je suis Canadian
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tbh you saved my life in the car the other day with your great advice so your probably the best person in the worldβ€Ž  Jessica
Don't mention it