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What did you have for breakfast this morning?
V6 engine
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Are you going to the Halloween dance this thursday?
tbh you are a very rude person, like when I say pretend to walk YOU FUCKING PRETEND TO WALK. but other than that you're pretty chill  Kaitlyn VanCaeseele
Awe thanks Kaitlyn
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You bet
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Sara dawns having a party next Saturday 2784 marleau road bring people!
Oh my god I don't care if you have to put your address on ask to get people to come to a party you're bogus
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Nicest people you know?
Nicest people you know?
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tbh your a goon  kitchen
Thanks buddy
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Tbh, why don't you love the boys anymore  Brody Barber
Tbh, you and Jenna are adorable! Don't really know you other then that though  Meg
you're cute text me 250 640 4420;)
you're a really nice guy, funny and a qt:)
Hey Jayden's throwing a party Saturday night, 6170 Dave road come and bring people!
That's unreaaaalll
tbh your bæ likes Dallas more than Boston so that sucks for you;) see at hockey soon :*  joel ingham
Buddy I'm not even in your league
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tbh we havent hungout in the longest time :'(  Tanner Riplinger
Text me soon+
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tbh i love you big man, im listening to you talk to sharky right now it is a great time  Alex Benny
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tbh riley you're such a great friend:) after everything that's been going on, you've been there for me the whole time and i really appreciate that <3 you're a funny guy and a boston fan so you're kinda my fave and you and your girlfriend are adorable:)
Awe thanks Olivia :)
tbh we haven't talked in a while soo text me, but you and jenna are super cute and your nice:)  kiernan andrews
Tbh we've talked a couple times but you seem really nice and you and your gf are super cute :)  Katrina Tillmanns
Thanks :)
fav hockey player?
My idol Jesse Pomeroy
fav hockey team?
The big bad bruins
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tbh you seem like a really chill guy we went to the same elementary school a while back but yeah you seem like a great guy!  Gurpreet Bhatti
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tbh u r great guy riley!  Shivam J.
pap of texts
Nigel was about to swallow the camera
pap of texts
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