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Then why are you such a dick
That's just how I am, live with it you cabbage
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What about wilf
I don't hate her or dislike her I just don't think it's right how she treated Jenna and I together and I like to tease
Do you hate anyone
No I do not "hate" anyone at all
Wow you are such a funny guy  Sienna W.
Wrong number
Wow you are such a funny guy
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Tbh you're a beauty and you and Jenna are super cute  Steve Kidwell
Thanks b
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date :* sowwy Jenna  joel ingham
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You kinda remind me of hitler and Sienna is the jews
I find this offensive
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Will Aiden and sienna fight at jynessas?
If Sienna wears her dc shoes then yes probably
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tbh Lindsay you tower over me so you should work on that  Ashley Novak
Sorry I'll get on it
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Do you sleep in the dark or with some light on?
I sleep deep in the darkness of aidens ears
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Are you and katey v friends
Yeah she's super nice :)
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tbh: hockey was shit last night but eh your beaut pretty funny and chill guy  Brandon Gill
Oh thanks pal
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tbh I'll give you 4 bananas for your Samsung s69  Alex Benny
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How tall are you
6'2"ish I think
Thoughts on Sienna WilfWilf
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tbh your bæ and we gotta hang out soon!!  joel ingham
Text me b
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Well how about stop making shit up and grow up  Sienna W.
I'm going to write a book on how you bully me
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stop lying about sienna or she will fill your lungs with vape smoke until they dont work anymore
I'm calling police don't ever say this to me again
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Hahahahah  Stephanie
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Tbh idk but you seem pretty sick  DaneNeufeld
Thanks buddy
imy big guy  Shivam J.
Love u
Don't sienna and Jenna still talk LOL
I think sienna texts her like every day asking to hangout still but doesn't get much further, max cornell approved
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Are you happy sienna leaves jenna alone now
Ya new year new me
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Tbh we haven't talked in quite a while and idk if we are friends are not aha but Merry Christmas riley  Sienna W.
U played me like a gameshow for 8 yrs
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