compliment: jeep, funny ruses, height Sienna W.

life goals

Are you over 6 feet?


Look like a babe to me Braden Dukacz

You're the only one that understands me❤️

Shave you look like you're 25


Are you staying in town after highschool?

Probably not

Do you like duchess?

I'm scared to see what it turns into next year when we are all gone

wear something tight so I can see your hot ass tomorrow


Girls only talk to you because you're tall


Tbh I've heard tons about you and you're pretty funny and good at vb Sydney Davis

Ooh tons hey? But thanks

How tall are you


You look like you're 10 without it

I am 10

You look so much better with facial hair


I like that😏 Pierce James Obrycki

Good 😘😘

Tbh- hey beautiful, you're kind of a stud actually ;) funny af and always a good 😂 better room together in Victoria haha Pierce James Obrycki

Hey baby and don't worry I got us the honeymoon suite for Victoria😏

What's the for a warrior thing on your guys' warm ups

Our coach

Farthest you've travelled?


Volleyball guys are usually way bigger and nicer than any hockey guys so stfu anon.... Atleast volleyball players aren't cocky and douches


Volleyball is a girls sport fag

sorry I'm better with balls than pucks

How did your team place this weekend?

2nd for Div 2

Tbh you're nice and funny but we don't talk anymore hope you're doing well! Jenna


Are you doing signatures at UBCO after the games?


What hotel are you staying at??

Can't give that away now can I

How much are tickets to watch your games this weekend

uhhhh 10$


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