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tbh you suck at socials & you're a liar:))))  alissa boudreau
I've been peer tutoring for all these years and this is what I get
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Like for a tbh
If you're lucky
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Tbh live and die in the KI beaut show  Nick Hansen
tbh we r having a slumber party with the japan boyz hopefully hit up the groupchat xox  Alex Benny
Ok bby
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tbh your a great peer tutor  Ashley Novak
You'll get mamed in jr b hockey
Just give me a shot daddy
Big R.
Thats me
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tbh we're in the same bio class and you seem like a pretty nice guy. and we're always in whistler at the same time so that's pretty cool to  Noah Jacob
Bio is a riot and yeah it's wild!
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Congrats on getting invited to tryout for junior b hockey fag a blind monkey could make it
Tear me open
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tbh you're freakin fantastic  kaitlyn vancaeseele
Why are ou so obsessed with sienna
How could I not be she is the trend setter of 2015! :D
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Ur creepy  Stephanie
Yo that ain't me
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I haven seen u for a while man ur such a funny dude and we gotta chill again soon  jacobthibodeau
Definitely man
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tbh can't wait for you to be the tier1 allstar next year;)  Ryan Whitehead
See you in the big leagues bro
Tbh your a sick kid. Our Costco lunch dates are prime and I will try not to run across the street shirtless so you don't get distracted while driving and almost hit me ;)  John
Oh keep clear of the roads;)
date  Tim Bamgbade
Right back at ya
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How did you get Marisa Stege number
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You can't beak sienna anymore she ha a boyfriend
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Team Evans or Stege? How will this end?
I'm not allowed to associate with the Stege family
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why are you dating jenna?
She makes me very happy and she's perfect of course
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Tbh you're a quite mellow fellow
That's so sweet of you
What one word describes you?
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tbh are you my peer tutor or are you not my peer tutor??  Ashley Novak
You'll see
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You and tanner rip are related?
You heard right
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tbh I miss you tons!! we need to hang out cuz your a sick guy and hilarious  joel ingham
Miss you too and yeah!