Do you actually give two fucks about anyone. Like honestly I thought you were a nice guy

No I probably hate you

Do honest TBH for likers


What grade are you in

Uni boi

Since when do you have a girlfriend? How long you been together?

100 years

Are you going to Kamloops for volleyball?

Yeah got scouted for first line

Where and when do you move?

Kamloops and real soon

Are you moving for school?


Tbh you'r a really funny guy and an easy guy to get along with and id say time to shave the stache but that's just me, you have yet to show me that you aren't a nice guy so I'd say you're an all around good guy and fun to be around :)

Thanks kaitlyn 😌 idk if I can shave it, too attached to it

do you think vegetarian girls are better than ones who eat meat or other way around?

Fuck who cares throw a shrimp on the barby

Why don't you use ask anymore?

It's stupid

If you could take one thing to prison what would you bring in with you?


compliment: jeep, funny ruses, height Sienna W.

life goals

Are you over 6 feet?


Look like a babe to me Braden Dukacz

You're the only one that understands me❤️

Shave you look like you're 25


Are you staying in town after highschool?

Probably not

Do you like duchess?

I'm scared to see what it turns into next year when we are all gone

wear something tight so I can see your hot ass tomorrow


Girls only talk to you because you're tall


Tbh I've heard tons about you and you're pretty funny and good at vb Sydney Davis

Ooh tons hey? But thanks

How tall are you


You look like you're 10 without it

I am 10

You look so much better with facial hair


I like that😏 Pierce James Obrycki

Good 😘😘


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