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Do you know of any parties tonight?
Shutup Jared u party animal
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-  Noah Goyer
Don't really know you too well but I hope you left luc with a few broken bones
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Really nice guy, we should hang out soon!
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$  Taro Nakahara
You have a funky name but don't know you at all, hmu
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-  Noah Matyas
Buddy I've barely seen ya all summer, where have you been!?!?! But good friend of mine and I'll see you when a chill starts
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-  Avtar Takhar
Hangout soon;)
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Good friend miss you lets jc
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Gimme a real one  Michael Dziuballe
Text me pets hangout soon
Who r u
-  Jonathan
Qt let's hang out soon
-  Graacee
Don't know you too well
-  Jenna
Youre a qt but we don't really talk so hmu sometime maybe we can d8
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-  Jared McIntyre
Having swag does not involve being a dick to girls
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-  Corbin Normand
Hope you're pumped for this season haha but we should hang out soon bruh
-  Stephanie
You're really nice, but awful at texting sorry steph, but let's jc soon
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-  Nick Hansen
Beauty boy, knows how to play some good volleyball, let's hang out soon bae
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-  Payton bayne
Nice girl, haven't chatted in a while so text me sometime if you'd like
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-  clairee
I do not know you whatsoever
-  Ryan Whitehead
You are good at hockey and if we are gonna be rocking the same team this year we should hang out soon, text me sometime
-  joel ingham
I apologize for leaving you alone in house, but I'm obviously gonna make it far in hockey so why not right ;) but ily and let's hang out soon
tbh you and jenna are the cutest❤️ you seem like a really nice and funny guy :) text me 250-640-8698 :)  Kaitlyn VanCaeseele
Thanks Kaitlyn :)
I would text you but I need a number... ;) aha  Kaitlyn VanCaeseele
Oh I didn't think of that, I'll text you ;)
mee  jcolk
You're really nice but we don't talk too much anymore so text me soon! We haven't hung out in forever aswellll and that's lame
You and Jenna are really good friends, and it was good to see you at tryouts. You and Aaron are so cute :) text me sometime if you want!