Have you discussed a daily-quest system such as in many other games? It's an interesting idea, but I wonder if there could be an appropriate implementation that worked for league and also made it feel less like a chore.

We're not super excited about a system that tries to get you to go do things that you're not interested in doing. "Go win 3 games with Illaoi!" But, what if you don't like Illaoi?

What we have discussed is some kind of "adventure guide" that suggests or reminds you of your progress along different vectors. Currently we really only reward loot for champion mastery, but I can totally imagine a world where we have lots of different ways to earn rewards, and in that world, providing some reminders of where you are might help bring some strategy to what you play when. This is subtly different from an achievement system or daily quest system though.

Why do i still get my secondary role over 50% of the time? I thought you promised a fix, how long could it possible take.

The fix is not live yet, but we think it will make a noticeable difference.

Currently, you can think of the matchmaker as almost valuing your primary and secondary choice of equal value, which is not the intent or player expectation. We are fixing it.

Any News on Champion Mastery for ARAM?

There is news. This feels like the kind of thing more appropriate for an audience broader than my ask.fm feed, so look for something soon.

Is it a problem to try to rework champions that whose kits are "memetic" or "iconic" like Annie, Teemo or Katarina? In the sense of making it harder to remove parts of a champion's kit because players are very attached to them, even when they're bad for game health.

It is a problem for sure. There are no sacred cows though, and we should not allow bad designs that hurt the game to exist out of a sense of tradition. We do owe the players to examine if the change is really worth the cost in those situations. We should do that with every decision of course, but particularly when we know that we're messing with something iconic.

Then why EU can post in the NA boards and LAS cant? Why cant LAS have a PBE account? I feel ignored no ONLY for the Ask Riot, but for every other feature we cant use. EVERY Cross region feature Roit has, is disabled for LAS, Ask Riot is the cherry on the top

I don't know why EU can post to NA boards and LAS can't. I will look into that.

I am very sorry if you feel like a second class citizen. That is emphatically not our intention. League has a massive number of players in regions other than NA / EU. I understand that is your perception though, and we will do what we can to try and rectify it.

Why is your new askRiot system not available for all regions? LAs already cant have a PBE account, cant post in the NA forums and now we cant use the askRiot system either? Why are we being ignored?

We definitely don't want you to feel ignored. League has players in a whole bunch of different countries. As far as we can manage, we try to make sure everyone feels equal. For example, we frequently delay important messages until they can be translated into every language and released simultaneously.

We also choose certain regions to test out new features. For example, loot went live in Turkey first so we could monitor player response and any bugs or needed changes before players everywhere got it. We do often use NA as our test bed, because that's where our headquarters is located, and NA English is the native language of a bunch of LoL developers. If Ask Riot works out, we will absolutely try to get it deployed into other regions. That would be awesome from our point of view.

I'm certainly not crazy about PBE being limited either.

Did the Intermediate bots get downgraded at some point? I swear they used to use wards, and bots like Galio could flash-ult. Now they never flash or ward.

They placed wards but they never actually used them the way a player would. I'm not sure about Flash.

Edit: This did break, unintentionally, perhaps as far back as November. We are fixing it and bots will be able to ward and Flash again.

Hey, @RiotGhostcrawler :) I heard that some assassins are getting reworked at the end of the season. Is that true? If yes, is Zed going to be reworked? Thanks for answer :) Masta of Shadows

We have said that assassins are the next roster-level project (following mages, and before that, marksmen). We haven't identified yet which individual champs are getting larger or smaller updates.

If someone comes, gives first blood and then he afks am i fucked up?

Again, the intention is that the feature is to allow you to fix a "broken" game, one that never even started correctly. If someone plays for a little bit and then leaves, that's not a broken game state, just a disappointing team member. We certain;y don't want any feature that makes players feel like what they are supposed to do is AFK if things turn south.

And again, if the specific rules we put in cause weird behavior, we'll adjust those rules. The intent is that you don't have to play 20 minutes until you can surrender if you start a game with only 4 players. This is something players have asked for for a long time.

Has the balance team changed members lately? It feels like the recent patches contains a lot of proactive changes which doesn't really make too much sense (Aurelion Sol's 3 patch nerf, fizz with a buff right after his buff with the new mage items etc).

No, it has been pretty stable for some time.

Does the new Ask Riot have some machine-learning sorting or such?

No. Am I understanding that you're looking for some kind of system to let questions that the most players care about bubble to the top? I'm not sure we would want a system that selects for the questions that get asked the most. It's possible these type of questions could be really important to the community at large, but it's also possible they could just be so broad and generic that they touch a lot of people.

Assuming wild success of the future, and really it's wayyy too early to even think about that, we probably will need a system to let players find older answers. Even in the Twitch stream we did yesterday, we saw some of the same questions get asked over and over again.

I think Ask Riot misses a fundamental part of The Communication Problem: finding content from longer than a week ago. It won't be addressed until you can categorize communications with tags (more than one per post) and players can view a list of all *official* content with a certain tag. char limit. Hyrum Graff

Totally agree. We aren't missing it in the sense that we don't understand it's a problem. We miss it in that we don't yet provide it.

This goes for any kind of communication, not just a designer's answer on whether we thought a particular champion needed buffs or not. Are you a MF player and want to see all of the MF content that Riot has ever made? Good luck finding it.

We'll get there.

Okay, let me explain this slowly with simple words. The game starts, and the enemy team has an afk. I figure this out at 2:30, while trading normally with my opponent. I decide to die to his turret, and since I took damage earlier he gets credit for the kill. Is he stuck playing 4v5?

I'm not sure whether that would count in the current system. I'll ask.

Again, if we cause more weird behavior than we solve, we would iterate on or remove the First Blood rule.

Again, the intent is that you remake when you are literally down a player, not that you had a rough first few minutes and want to surrender and try again with a fresh game.

You're thinking of executions. I mean, what if I traded with my opponent and I suddenly made a beeline for his turret?

If you're already trading with your opponent, then presumably they made a decision to stay in the game and give it a shot, so there is no need to force them not to /remake. The remake decision should happen quickly or not at all, not after you test the waters.

The first blood rule creates a lot of bizarre incentives for players. If my teammate hasn't connected, should I play extremely passively and not even try to kill my opponents?

The intent is that you /remake if you start the game and realize you're at a disadvantage and want to call it. The intent isn't that you use it surrender early if things start to go badly for you. "Let's try guys, and if it starts to go downhill, we'll just /remake." Our thought was that if you have a First Blood, then both teams are actively playing the game. In fact, there is often so much pressure to give up after losing a First Blood (even in totally normal 5v5 games), that we want to extra err on the side of "No, really, just go play the game."

If the new rule ends up causing more weird behavior, we'll adjust it. It is intended to primarily handle two cases: 1) Someone never connected, 2) Everyone connected, but someone went AFK before the game even started.

Now that ask riot is a thing are you still going to be answering questions here long term?

I won't be turning it off anytime soon. We'll see how it goes.

The new remake command seems great but...not coming to ARAM? We're honestly starting to feel left out with all these things just passing us by...High MMR ARAM games are serious stuff for us and already plagued by the dodgers (which btw you can fix by just giving them the champ they dodged). Help us?

We didn't forget about ARAM in this case. It was a constant decision not to include /remake because we were worried it would feel like something you're supposed to use to avoid undesirable team comps. It's not off the table of course, but we want to make sure we aren't making the situation worse.

Question about /remake: if I realize at 2:30 that the other team has an afk, can I suicide for first blood to force them to continue playing?

Suicides don't count towards First Blood, so you'd have to actually run in and get killed by the other team. Our goal overall is that /remake should be intentional. We want the 4-player team to realize it's in a 4v5 state and choose to remake.

Will Lyte have a replacement?

He is kind of irreplaceable. :)

We have several people who have graciously stepped into backfill him on various roles, and as you know, he had a lot of roles. I don't think you will see someone say "Hi, I'm the new Lyte," but hopefully you'll get to know some of the Rioters working in the same space. Stay tuned!

Do you speak french ?

No. I know some Spanish and Ancient Greek. :)

How much do the "Help us improve" surveys in the client that show up each patch actually influence game design/other parts of the game as a whole?

We take them super seriously. It's not a vote, mind you, but it does help us understand what problems players want to be solved and whether our changes are resonating.

Since you don't fully work on the balance team, are there other rioters you know of on the balance who have an ask that I could ask them questions on?

FeralPony is the lead designer on the balance team and he has an ask.fm account.

have you hit a point where you are ready to admit that the competitive levels of league were hurt by dynamic queue?

I'm not sure what you mean by competitive levels. We definitely made queue times longer at the highest levels of play, which isn't acceptable and something we are working on fixing.

I heard that you buff things beyond belief and nerf things to pure invalidity... I also heard that you were an oceanographer... and there's this worry about the ocean levels rising... I think you know where I'm going with this. (also I was sad you left Blizzard but was happy to see you with League) Caoimhin Waelisc

I don't buff or nerf things. I'm not qualified to do that. I do help establish the parameters for why we might buff or nerf something and how we make that decision.

I was an oceanographer, but I have been making games professionally for 18 years.

The sea levels are rising. Slowly, but they're rising.

I too was sad to leave Blizzard, but in retrospect, it was totally the right call. Riot is a great company for me, and while the job is hard, it is the happiest I have been in my career.

http://bit.ly/1XacOlcI : Just found this post on tumblr & I can actually kinda relate. Gameplay has been quite bad this season (best examples being Kindred, Kench, Illaoi, exceptions being Ekko, Jhin). I'd love to get the everyone's opinion but posting on Reddit might mean kissing my karma goodbye..

I get a page not found from that link. :(


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