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people like you always want back the love they gave away
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Last Person You Talked To?
who are your fav fav mutuals??
leah, chloe, xue, jessica, tania, nik etc..
u tryna date¿ (cul cul cul)
the brackets though lol.
I can't describe tbh because you should just be you :)) (how gay of me)
have u been bullied ?
yes :/
please, 1 picture of your ootd
Sorry :/
why don't you feel comfortable doing it?
im serious to buy hair for normal price  Haircutmaster
Sorry, no :( but good luck
favorite skirt?
my new look floral skater
$9000 all hair  Haircutmaster
why not 1 million?
picture of you with a dress or skirt?
Ahhhhh one day
picture of your ootd
I dont feel comfortable doing it
wow you're so fucking pretty  Katherine Reyes
You haven't seem me
favorite dress?
My newlook jersey
picture of your leggings?
I dont know man
deal if you serious  Haircutmaster
One million dollars and maybe
leggings and a baby blue shirt from newlook
what do you like most? dresses or skirts? and why?
skirts cause you can wear them with different tops and stuff
hay can i buy all your hair?  Haircutmaster
Pay me 1000$ dollars
turn ons?
neck kissing and lip biting yesss
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oh me too in many ways.
I'm sorry anon, hope you're okay
whats the first letter of ur crushs name¿ chloe¿ Leah¿
no, someone else
have u ever been rejected ?
yes, many times
do u like sumeone¿
Yes yes
love you so much
love you too anon