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⸢V01D⸥ @RobinMnemonic
No love, no drama, no bullshit, no judging, no endorsement, no coercion. I'm not concerned with how good or bad you are as long as you're not being a pain in the ass; otherwise, fuck off.

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يومًا ما . . . ؟  Lian.
سيحين دورنا، على كل نية وفعل وكلمة
سيعود لنا ما أعطيناه
سيأتي يوم الأيام، يوم موتنا
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When is your birthday?  - Space Gurrrl 
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A person you knew from ask and you wish you could meet someday ? 👽  - Space Gurrrl 
No one in mind.
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what's your major?  •▒•ϰ я ϰ•▒•
Maj. Computer engineering
Min. Mathematics
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To those who mix between "your" and "you're"  ⸢V01D⸥
To those who mix between "your" and "you're"
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What's the last photo you took on your phone? Post it!
That moment when the ISP really pissed me off badly.
What's the last photo you took on your phone? Post it!
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Followed :'♥  طلحة.
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الي وصلهم هالسؤال يعني سويتهم فولو والي م سوو لي ادا م عليكم امر فولو.. و صباح الخير بعد  нυssαıη³
Good morning
الي وصلهم هالسؤال يعني سويتهم فولو والي م سوو لي ادا م عليكم امر فولو.. و صباح الخير بعد
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اعزمني ع مائدتك،،!  ѴOИ̚
تفضل ^_^
اعزمني ع مائدتك،،!
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Somelikes n thanku✨  Danah☠ #92
Okay, gonna take a look.
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What's your inspiration ? 🎠  - Space Gurrrl 
If you're asking about the sources of my inspiration, they're so many to mention, but here are some:
I. Novels/Books/Comics
___Neuromancer, Count Zero, Monalisa Overdrive, All Tomorrow's Parties, Virtual Light, Idoru
=====William Gibson
___The Catcher In The Rye
=====J. D. Salinger
___Cypherpunks: Freedom And The Future Of The Internet
=====Julian Assange, Jacob Applebaum, Andy Mueller-Maguhn, Jeremie Zimmermann
___I, Cyborg
=====Kevin Warwick
=====Randall Munroe
II. Anime
___Ghost In The Shell
=====Section 9 Team & Ao
___Ganmu or GUNNM or Battle Angel Alita
=====Gally/Alita & Daisuke Ido
___Eureka Seven
=====Eureka & Renton Thurston
___Sword Art Online
=====Kirito & Asuna
___Accel World
=====Haruyuki Arita & Kuroyukihime
___Code Lyoko
=====Jeremy & Alita
___Tokyo Ghoul
=====Kaneki Ken
=====Okabe Rintaro, Mikase Kurisu, Shiina Mayuri
=====Hashida Itaru, Kiryu Moeka, Urushibara Ruka
=====Akiha Rumiho, Amane Suzuha
=====Akane Tsunemori, Shinya Kogami, Shougo Makishima
___Summer Wars
=====Kenji Koiso, Natsuki Shinohara
=====Sakae Jinnouchi and her whole family
=====Wabisuke Jinnouchi
III. Movies/TV Shows
___Johnny Mnemonic
___The Matrix
___John Wick
___The Day The Earth Stood Still
___Pirates Of The Caribbean
___Edge of Tomorrow
___Guardians Of The Galaxy
___The First 20 Million Is Still The Hardest
___Tron: Legacy
___Big Hero 6
___V For Vendetta
___Breaking Bad
___The Big Bang Theory
___Ex Machina
___Die Hard
IV. Music
___30 Seconds To Mars
___Limp Bizkit
___Adam Freeland
___DJ Tiesto
___David Guetta
___Cosmic Gate
___Armin van Buuren
___Michael Jackson
___Jesse Cook
___Emma Hewitt
___Aly & Fila
___DJ Shogun
___Marco V
___Chewy Chocolate Cookies
___Future Sound Of London
___Claudia Cazacu
___Rob Zombie
___Ferry Corsten
___William Orbit
___Steve Aoki
___Markus Schulz
___Bjorn Akesson
What's your inspiration ? 🎠
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Who do you admire the most right now?
Many in mind; some friends, historical figures, and fictional characters in some novels, TV shows, Anime and video games.
Who do you admire the most right now?
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Some likes🐰💗#la ynzll  Nn.
Don't worry, the ones who're following me are likely to be friendly badasses. Ladies n' gents, show her support! \m/
Some likes🐰💗#la ynzll
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:$ عطني رقمين ؟؟ ( 1 ) احبك ( 2 ) معجب ( 3 )اعجب هبالك ( 4 ) مجنونك ( 5 )اكرهك ( 6 )ارتاح لك ( 7 )اموت فيك ( 8 )حبّوب .. نستقبل الصدماات😂😜  нυssαıη³
ما اعرفك عدل بصراحة، فما اقدر اختار رقمين او حتى رقم.
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(...)  ѴOИ̚
In the world that I live in, my existence is sorrowful, but the dream does not die.
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تجارب على النمل السؤال ( للمتابعين ) http://ask.fm/TRex2016/answer/132930980301  т - я є χ ( الباحث ) .
I don't know why am I having a feeling that it's washing itself and then dry quickly.
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مساحه  Masa
Let's double the technology! \m/
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If u had to choose between Love,Money and science- which one would u choose? And why ? :3  мя.ғяeâk ™
If you read my bio, I'd be left with money and science, so I'd be picking money in this case, since I already have the passion to read and learn; by money, I should be able to buy whatever resources needed to gain knowledge, and by using that knowledge, I can use it to get more money for potentially further advancement in science and engineering, if not even in humanities and social sciences.
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متي عملت/ي حسابك ع الاسگ وليش ?!  RABAB NEEDAL OBIED
اعتقد من سنتين او ثلاث، وكان من باب الفضول لما كان العموم يحط اجبوته بتويتر وحسيت انه غريب شكل اللنك وكان منتشر، فقررت اجربه من ذاك الوقت.
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I love your dp.  Beast
Thanks! 😏
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لا يهمني واقع كوني كاذب، لكن ما يهمني أن الكذب محله في قلة الكلام وتحاشي من لا أود أو أطيق الحديث معه
أما غير ذلك، لا يوجد سبب يجعلني أكذب
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منْ ﺎلجمِيل ﺎن يأتيگ [ . . . . . . . ] وﺎنتَ لم تطلُبه  AVIA.
كوب شاي أخضر
منْ ﺎلجمِيل ﺎن يأتيگ [ . . . . . . . ] وﺎنتَ لم تطلُبه
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I wanted to imagine him way older than you😂😂😂  Nora
LOL! I guess including *mentor* gave you that impression 😂
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30😐😯  Nora
Close enough, he's 29 😊
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32?  Nora
No, but you're getting a bit closer.
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