`Describe me!. iON.

Passionately obsessed with the beauty of sorrow, mildly sensitive, kind, having a bit of trust issues, likes art (mostly between Manga/Anime, and somewhat with other types of cartoons), prefers music with melodramatic core meaning that she can relate to, ambivert.

Speak to your soul !. iON.

Stay low, alone, midst darkness, peaceful, quiet. Those who claimed to be friends, where are they? Were they worth the title? Is there mutual respect? Stay as far away as you can possibly imagine. Disconnect, dissociate, detach, many are full of sickening bullshit. You've had enough waste, even vengeance would be vain. Fade, like a phantom. All shall be reduced to ashes, why are you even fighting to keep some people close to you? Stop listening, stop talking. Madness is sadness, huh? How unpleasant. They'll always judge as if they were God, those fucking scumbags. You don't know what's happening to them, so leave them be, they have their own issues to handle, so do you. Don't beg for their forgiveness, and definitely death will be upon you and them to be judged fairly. Peace with people? You're making a fool out of yourself.

What are you looking for?

Nothing worth mentioning.

اخر مقلب لكم,و في منو ? قهقهوني شوي ☹\.  -ايمـااجنيشنㅊ..

مو صوبي هالمواقف 😅

حساب شخص ؛ وتحدث عنه . Talk about someone account. iON.

I have nobody in mind to mention when it comes to using this program. Nevertheless, I'd generally say that it indeed, by time, showed me some brilliant minds.

منشن شخص دايم اذا احتجت احد تلقاه اول شخص معك.  -ايمـااجنيشنㅊ..

على حسب الزمان والمكان، مرات صوب الأهل، ومرات بين ربعي، وأحيانا بين المعارف البعيدة الي تحب تساعد 😏

`Quite Something. iON.

Quite extraordinary to find someone that'd stand for you in your absence, a true spirit that'd take the bullet for you, a worthy person to deserve the title of being a friend.

Talk to me... iON.

I would if you got what it takes to open your mind and listen with provocative wisdom, deviating from the common multitude.

تارِيـخ مُميز:💕|..؟  -ايمـااجنيشنㅊ..

February, 9th, 2015.

معلُـومةة عَـن نفسَـك 📝💕:  -ايمـااجنيشنㅊ..

ما اهتم وايد حق مشاكل غيري اذا اساس المشكلة منهم، فما احب حتى اسمعهم ولا اخوض معاهم بهالموضوع.

متى تحس الحياة راضيه عنك|🌾✨؟  -ايمـااجنيشنㅊ..

رضى الناس غاية لا تدرك 👣

هل لديك امراض مزمنة ؟ مثل : الربو ، فقر الدم ، السكري ...ألخ Do you have a chronic disease ? Such as : asthma , anemia , diabetes, etc ... iON.

Yeah, I have asthma, yet I vape *shrug*

اكتـب مـاا تـريـد.  -ايمـااجنيشنㅊ..

سيحكمون عليك، سيبتعدون عنك، مهما ارتقيت.

status. iON.

Obsessed with solitude, and this world feels so lonely, so I dive in an inner reality, where I can feel free and easy

نبـذﮪ عنـي ابـاا اشـوف كـلامكـم و اش فكـرتكـم عني,مـاا تعرفنـي? خـذﮪ مسـااحة☹💓.  -ايمـااجنيشنㅊ..


Are you an Eco-friendly person?

Mostly, yeah.

صبـاحكم أنـاه ويـَاحظـكم بـّعد 🙄👋🏽💦|..  -ايمـااجنيشنㅊ..

وصباحج ومسائج ورد ونور وسرور 😊

حَياتك صعبة بدوُن ؟.  -ايمـااجنيشنㅊ..

القراءة 😍

ماهو آخر أمر ارتطم بحياتك؟ ѴOИ̚

بدأت اشعر بالسوء مؤخرا لوحدتي، لكنني أحاول قدر المستطاع مصارعة المقاومة وتقبل هذا الواقع.

+5 ѴOИ̚

I get along pretty well with my imaginary friends, in a space where it's vast and almost infinite.

What's your middle name?

Not answering that, unnecessary info to anyone.

لو كآنت حيآتكك كتآب ، مآذآ سيكون عنوآنه ..؟! ! Šâýłêř Ķűñ~♡

ثلوج من نيران

Has anyone in your life ever betrayed you?

Who didn't have such an event in their lives?

كلمة ..: Haru Yushida

الحدود في امكانياتك وانسانيتك هي من نسج خيالك، فقط بحدود عدم اذية غيرك، سواء تجاه العاقل واللاعاقل، كالبهائم مثلا

- ʟօռʏ .. ςɦi

لم يبقى لي في الدنيا شيء سوى اكتساب العلم والموت في سبيل ذلك


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