Roda Al-Hor @RodaAlHor
قل مـا شئت , تلق مـا تستحق .. *ّ
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But your brother pic in insta plz
What even?
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Do you have brother called salih?
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Roda plz add me in Instagram
Who are you thu?
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Is your pic in google??
I think ya
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انتي تسوقين؟؟
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what are you studying at uni ?
Information Systems =|
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احبببج يالشيييته :$ اتوقع انج عرفتيني :p
اي عرفتج
آي آحبج توو
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In what University are you studying?
Carnegie Mellon =)
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شخص ﻏﻴﺮ ﺣﻴﺎﺗﻚ ﻟﻸﻓﻀﻞ.؟  الحمد آلله☆MarymBE
A lot of people that I met during ABP.
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On a scale of 1 to 10 how “cool” are you?
Ummmm let's see
Probably i'll be 10 B-)
Just kidding :p
I don't really know! :]y
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في وين سجلتي؟ ابي أسجل انا بعد
سجلت ف وشو بالضبط؟
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هل آنتي بانتظار شخص ما ؟!
Ummm, I dunno
I guess maybe!
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What's been your greatest discovery on the web?
most people are stupid :)
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are you waiting for someone ?!
I guess ya ! :]x
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What crazy things do you dream of trying someday?
Jumping off a helicopter ="(
I want to do that soooooo baaaaaaaaaaaaad !!!!!!
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Cats or dogs?
Horses and Rabbits :D
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Do you smile at strangers?
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I want..... I miss.... I need..... I wish.... I hate..... I love.....
I want my soul-mate
I miss , well .... :D
I need that person around
I wish i can control some things in life
I hate when people make up things
I love who i am
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عيزاانة اكتب -.-
أبي اخلص الجامعة إن شاء الله
واخلص مخطط في بالي!
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Would you like to live in another country?
yep, i wanna try living somewhere else other than my country
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ش تطمحين. له ف المستقبل !؟
يعتمد على أي موضوع! دراسة ! شغل! حلم؟؟!
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يعتقِدون أني [            ] لكنِي عكس ذلك تمآمآ !  الحمد آلله☆MarymBE
عاقلة =))
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Facts about me..
أم العصاقل -.-
مرات مخج فيوزاته تضرب =))
طبعا تحححححرين
أحبج :$
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دولة تبين تروحينها من زمان. ؟
يّ مكان , مابقول لا
بس صج أبي اروح لندن وفرنسا وماليزيا :"(
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صفهہَ يحتاجهآإ اَلشخصَ حتىَ يحآإفظِ علىَ علآقتهہَ معَ آلاخرينَ (........)  الحمد آلله☆MarymBE
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