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That picture of you and that cactus you said you were in Australia it was when you went to Spain hahah stop lieing
It was an obvious joke hence my tweet afterwards you melon
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What you doing in blackpool
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What's wrong with putting a pic on
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Are you in blackpool
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Are you in blackpool
Single or taken?
u r a rat
i kno eek eeek
I'm being serious -.-
I know but you said they're cute :') put a pic on :p
oooh yeh
I know but you said they're cute :') put a pic on :p
On twitter you put you had an audition? What audition. X
a school theatre production x
Let's see if they're cute?
Why though aha? If you thought they were grim you wouldn't paint your toes
i have cute little feet, but feet over all are just gross
Why are feet a no go
they make me vom
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nope, feet are a no go for me
Ohhhhhhh what are you doing when you get to Blackpool for Friday Saturday and Sunday?x
i dont get in till saturday! but seeing my cute ass friends x
Last 10 mails
none of your bees wax lady
Girls with sleeves?
Pic of them?
of what?
Who would you cast to play you in a movie?
Jenna Marbles
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Toes painted??
basically in love with you
basically, pretty damn cute
What are you doing for that weekend, doing a photo shoot
not this weekend... october smelly
How long you in Blackpool for x
Are you gonna give izzy a load of shit when you are her? can I watch