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Love u <33
Think glasses suit me
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What are your thoughts on the people who have been fighting and trampling all over eachother in shops across the country today, so they could get the best Black Friday bargains??
Love watching all the Jeremy Kyle people have fights just for like £10 of a TV, these videos are keeping me entertained
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You're gorgeous
Thank you
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Love you x  Becca
Love you too x
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like= follow?
Someone wall to wall chat me or
kik me; xRoxannex
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Made this by myself using spray paint
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Made this by myself using spray paint.. Sven from frozen, made it for my little sister
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What is your signature move that you use to get the attention of someone you fancy?
Well the eye contact you hold with them
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@  Becky.
Lovely girl!
You're so pretty!
funny, all around a genuine nice person..
we use to speak quite a bit but we don't speak anymore,
you should message me sometime!! x x x
-Like 1 then send ‎@links for opinions
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Like= 3 likes?
Made this with spray paint for my little sister, for my first time it's actually quite good
Like= 3 likes?
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Do you smoke weed?
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Happy Birthday!! Hope you've had a good one :p
Thank you:-)))
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Happy Birthday x  xxx
Thank you!:-))
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Happy birthday, beautiful!
Thank you!
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Happy Burpday!!! :))
Thank you:)
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Which languages do you understand or speak?
Everyone lets just appreciate, ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!
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happy birthday:)  Brian
Thank you:-))
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Selfiee 3:)  Męmø. :$
Last day of being 15..
16th birthday tomorrow,
I still have a mind of a 10 year old:'))
Selfiee 3:)
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Which three words describe what living in your city is like?
Today's the last day of being 15, it's my 16th tomorrow, oi oi
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What is your most treasured possession?
Someone come see professor green with me in December at uea(norwich) thanks;-))
Dp :*  omar ali
I'm hot I know
pap of your Halloween outfit? :D
I hate Halloween