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Virgin Mary is on this ting @RoxanneSpychalski
Virgin Mary is on this ting @RoxanneSpychalski
‎@becca_jade_ - Perfection ‎@navraj99-don ‎@crazycookiexx - amazing ‎@LukeThompson121 - Top lad ‎@M00c0w13- lovely
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Kik- xRoxannex
I am Mike Wazowski
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You're gorgeous
Thank you
Love you x  Becca
Love you too x
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like= follow?
Someone wall to wall chat me or
kik me; xRoxannex
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Made this by myself using spray paint
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Made this by myself using spray paint.. Sven from frozen, made it for my little sister
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What is your signature move that you use to get the attention of someone you fancy?
Well the eye contact you hold with them
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Lovely girl!
You're so pretty!
funny, all around a genuine nice person..
we use to speak quite a bit but we don't speak anymore,
you should message me sometime!! x x x
-Like 1 then send ‎@links for opinions
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Made this with spray paint for my little sister, for my first time it's actually quite good
Like= 3 likes?
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Do you smoke weed?
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Happy Birthday!! Hope you've had a good one :p
Thank you:-)))
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Happy Birthday x  xxx
Thank you!:-))
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Happy birthday, beautiful!
Thank you!
Happy Burpday!!! :))  Jake
Thank you:)
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Which languages do you understand or speak?
Everyone lets just appreciate, ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!
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happy birthday:)  Bri bri
Thank you:-))
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Selfiee 3:)  Męmø. :$
Last day of being 15..
16th birthday tomorrow,
I still have a mind of a 10 year old:'))
Selfiee 3:)
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Which three words describe what living in your city is like?
Today's the last day of being 15, it's my 16th tomorrow, oi oi
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What is your most treasured possession?
Someone come see professor green with me in December at uea(norwich) thanks;-))
Dp :*  omar ali
I'm hot I know
pap of your Halloween outfit? :D
I hate Halloween
Like= question?
Like= question?
Do you like sparkling or still water?
3 more days till my 16th birthday, oi oi
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What is the worst gift you have ever received?
Someone wall to wall chat me?
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Anyone want to do kik rates
Come off anon?