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Do you need any help?
somehow? i'm feeling alone, and i'm feeling like a stoooone. CARRY OOOOON! lol
unsa imong gusto sa isa ka lake ? :D
ha ha. di putot. chada ug kilay. hazel brown eyes. pero shorr ko.. chapwera na tanan na standards basta kabalo lang sya mudala nko <3 ug accept kaayo ko niya.
How many slices of pizza do you usually eat?
2 or 3 :)
What's the most unusual thing in your refrigerator, right now?
human hand, KIDDING >:)
What do you prefer: read the newspaper, watch TV News, or check online news?
watch TV news. it's not all the time man gd gabuy kog news paper and di pd ko permi gaupdate sa news sa net ü
What's something that you would never wear?
as of this moment? bikini. HAHAHA
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What color socks are you wearing right now?
im not wearing any socks right now. :)
What do you do to entertain yourself?
sing myself a lullabye. read myself a book. play myself some failed attempts of musical scores.*FA*
What does it mean when a girl smiles at a boy?
it depends to what the girl is up to. you know, aaaah. kapoy explain. hahah. kung bitchy siguru, gsto sya nimo. pero kung smile na "abnegation smile" (ROTS) wala lang, being friendly lang. per okung wagas na smile like their forcing to stop their laguhters.. naay something sa imung face or what.. pero kung mischievous na gane. maybe they are plotting something agasinst you hHAHAHAH :) taw oy. wa ta kabalos tinuod. sometimes, what the eyes see tend to deceive.
maulaw sad ko :P
ayg kaulaw. bad na --, hoho
Who was the last person you met today?
di pwde people? lol.
so gusto raka nga mag ug couples, dli ikaw ang gusto ? o.O
o. pangit man pag-about na dayon sa own relationship HAHAHAHHHAHAHHA
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What was the last 'nice' thing you did for yourself?
that God loves me. ana nalang ta HAHHAHAHAH
What's the best concert you've ever been to?
concert? t5.. haha mao raa
unsa ang makapakilig sa imu ? :D
kilig? couples, movies, actions, moments, time. LOL
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nganu gwapa man kah ? :D
gwapa ko? akakay XD HAHA jk. well loved lang ke HAHAHA
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oo ako tong nag checa sah imo :P knxa man daw ko bi :P HAHAHAHA
ah do diary taka kaila --, hahahah
aie, dli nlng taka hatagan :P ahahahaha
oy, ikaw tong nagcheka about adtong hatag ug chocolates? HAHHAHA XD aw. murag kaila galing ko nimo hohhohoho~ ü k ra. di man sad ko masyado hilig sweets :)
What is your high score in Flappy Bird?
unfortunately, i dont play this game since it's not installed on my phone. but i am proud to say my highest score is 3, pfft.
have you tried to drive since then?
car? no. motor? YES.
how did you fail?
errrr. almost caused an accident. HAHAH. almost bumped on a big tree. lol. t'was fun and horrible. YOU SHOULD'VE SEEN MY DAD'SREACTION HAHHAHA. priceless >:)
have you ever pumped the brake pedal in a car?
pedal. is that the accelerator something? ye. i did. when my dad taught me how to drive but then failed ahhaha
Are you wearing socks right now? Post a picture.
NO. im not wearing any socks. weird. haha im barefooted. lool
Pinaka annoying nimo nga nursing friend, laki. Kinsa?
annoying? wala man oy? so far.. wala jud. haha. keber ko raman gd hahaha. binuang binuang ra dayon nang suko2 effect baaaa
What qualities does a friend to keep have
accepts me. kana ra. then.. knows how to get me back on track. JJHGN <3