Ruxil Bagares
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soundcloud or dubtrackFM???

never tried dubtrackFM before. so i'd say souncloud :3

How fast do you fall asleep?

normal state. takes me about an hour or more to sleep.
when studying, takes me about a word from med-surg book to sleep :')

What makes you laugh the most?

corny jokes. and myself huehue

Where did you meet your best friend?

St. Ignatius Learning Center pooo

Are you still friends with someone from kindergarten?

oh yiz bezzy :3

What was the last thing you bought?

baked siopao.

What do you think about recycling?

Creative, innovative, fun way to save mother earth. Pero more than that, i think it is a good way to express yourself. whatever you make out of it is useful, making you satisfied with your work. no one judges your work for you have made a garbage (supposedly) something of great use. it's like a human being given a second chance to experience life, renewed.

if given he chance to kill someone guiltless, who will it be? why?

i dont think i am capable of killing someone guiltless.

contacts or eye glasses?

eye glasses. para way daghan char.

do you have an account on dubtrack?

no. what's this site all about men? women? dude? errrrr....

What do you like to cook?

rice. HAHA I CRI </3

bakit may mga taong torpe?

because there are people who starts getting too carried away by fears which makes them not do or say what they are supposed to say. HAVE COURAGE MAH FREN

anything that could stress you, it will be?

if i have answered this question months ago, i'd say it's nursing. but right now, nursing might have caused me to be too exhausted and stressed out but it makes me appreciate the wonders of God and the values of life. <3

if ther's one call you can't refuse to answer. who is it from?


unsa imong standards sa isa ka guy ? :)

taller than me, ofcourse. but it still is negotiable, HAHAHHA ;D basta makasabay sa akoa. oks nana. basta di murag mas controlling pa kesas akoang papa XD

one person that never failed to make you happy?

myself :')

gakiligon japun ang mga lake?

im no boner :3

If you had 3 wishes what would it be ? :)

better governance (ew. so political. but yeah, seriously). true love. better future.

Name your favorite character and from which series he/she/it came from.

Leo. Percy Jackson na books haha

king tagaan ka ug 1 milyon pesos karong christmas, unsaon man nimo na ug gasto?

half of it, gamiton nko pangsupport/charity like mga psychia patients na gala-gala lang. i know they deserve better than how they were treated by the society :( and half of it, i'll invest. more money, more charity works :3

What holiday gift would make you really happy?

guitar <3

who's your first kiss?


bothering lang kaayo, ok lang ba ako una muduol sa guy para mangutana unsa ba juy naa sa amua? o di?

kung naa jud gina-elicit bes ba charchar sa boh sides okss raman guru?

Do you play an instrument? Which?

pa-charchar guitar and keyboard :)

What was the last lie you told?

last lie.. kaLIE :3