Ryan Beatty (✔) @RyanBeattyOfficial
Ryan Beatty (✔) @RyanBeattyOfficial
Hi guys! I'm Real Ryan Beatty :) It's my new account. Because my other account it's hacked! Ask me ! I love you ♥
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How many followers do you have ?
ask : 531
twitter : 416 589
you don't remember me do you?
You are anonym so no
that was me  lauren
you know Indonesia?
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your not sexy ....... your SMEXY  Vanessa Humphrey
Your favorite song that you have written is my favorite song I could listen to it all day long L.A.  Alexys Tijerina
ryannnn! it's me lauren :)))  lauren
Hi Lauren
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Do you like Miley Cyrus?! ❤️
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cool! :) eating breakfast :)  Veronika
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Great :)) what are you doing? :)  Veronika
I try to speak with fan and you?
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When are you coming to Kentucky and do u have a snap chat !!  Hannah Melvin
What is your most favorite song that you have written  Alexys Tijerina
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How are you? :)  Veronika
fine and you?
Hey, like 40 of my answers and I'll return the favour :) pleeease :D  Kimaaaaaany!
sorry but no
I hope you come to OMG Fest in Chicago!
I hope
You are very sexy
I love you ryan!! ❤️  Hannah Melvin
I love you too ❤
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Would you date a 15 year old boy?
Are you bisexual?
hahahahahhahahahaha no.
I love you Ryan!!  Hannah Melvin
I love you too ❤
I love you ryan!!!
I love you too
Love you!<3  Im-addicted-to-you
Love you too ❤
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Hey Ryan :)  Veronika
I'm from Finland and I love your voice, and you are so cute <3
Oh thank you love you ❤
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Did you know that you have fans in Finland?
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