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Rylee Mcgurk @RyleeMcgurk
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Which is worse, being too hot or too cold?
If you had more money than you ever need, would you give it away?
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Pap of messages
Pap of messages
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Do you believe in horoscopes?
How old are you
What hairstyle looks best on girls?
Which country do you want to visit?
Which town did you grow up in?
Which is your favorite TV show?
Hawaii five o & criminal minds & dance moms & orange is the new black
Which languages do you understand or speak?
Favorite people from every class
1- ava zach david
2- rachel sarah devin zach
3- kayla alyssa alyssa zach
4- zach kayla brandon zaire jeannette racheal
5- everyone
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Dont have one
Whats your fav couple in 9th grade
Jess & austin are so cute
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Did they just say i gave him a handjob in school wtf  Lana❤
Thats what i thought, but i think they meant someone told them about it while they were at school
Yd they break-up
She wanted to be friends
Who does Julia go out with
Jschillz Still Go Out Wit Him.?
Not when they hung out but someone told me in school
Ooh okay, idk
Last week in school
In school?
I thought jake was single because Sophie gave him a handjob I heard
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Fav 8th graders??
Meese toby
Eddie land
Sarah crispin
Carolina jimenez
Nicole ryan
Theres more but i just woke up and cant think
Who is the last person you bought a gift for?
Do jschillz and jake still go out
Yea why
Do you prefer vintage or new?
Pap of text messages
Pap of text messages