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Bacon King <3
my love ;)
What makes someone attractive?
the cheeeeeeekz
Do you feel older or younger than your real age?
I feel to old for my generation..
Why Is Marc Kaz Your Favorite and Coolest White Boy You Know?
Cause he changed the game forever, This dude is a Sensei! He's the coolest white person I know #1 but I am a very close #2 - sugarDale triLLiamSon
What kinda girls do you like?
I like girls who are unique, motivated, have a sense of humor ... The most important thing is her personality most def, Looks do play a part but they eventually fade.
Are you not all the way wit us? U seem off wit all dat crazy talkin u b on.
You fear what you don't understand. I just found myself, got deep into meditation and realized that i gotta spread the love. Peace to you