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How much do you bench press?
Matej Slašťan, II.D, 17 rokov
What will you do after high school? College or work?
ty si môj oco ?
Do you like Coke or Pepsi? Why?
Neither of these.
But if I had to drink some refined sugar, I would choose Mountain Dew.
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what are you waiting from life???
Your correct grammar.
Ignacio loves you too.
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Who makes you laugh?
People obviously
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How do you get in the pool?
like a fuckin whale from Save Willy movie shit
Best music service? Pandora, Soundcloud or Spotify?
Máš rád Barunku? C:  junkie
ye <3
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bu'....y?...Y?!?!? My dream has broken!
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At yo ass niggu'h.
Leave my anus alone.
ya, like the friedly one. i thinks so.:333 JK m8.<3
Where my fedora at
"oi m8" aký drzý frňák to má:--------] ] ) <3  Teri Pešková
promiň Terezko <3
Luv ya 2 m787. btw Qvin here.
Hey Kevin, ily 2 bruuuh [no homosexuality included LOL]
Najoblubenejsi hudobnik a najoblubenejsi song?
Hard to choose.
Keď som bol menší, tak som dosť dlho počúval Linkin Park, takže asi niečo od nich. Tiež aj Marilyn Manson, SOAD etc...
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ako ? :D
Najoriginálnejšia otázka roku 2015, a to je len 5. január.
do u even lift?
Ye, I lift.
Do u luv your m898?
luv all of my famz xx
Omg omg seaf <3  Teri Pešková
oi m8
si gay ? :-D
nei (
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proč ti tak smrdí nohy
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What would be the best friend you think?
You mean... how would he/she be right? Wtf.
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