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Just a note: I know running this account is already stressful enough. But inappropriate things like sit on my face and things like that said shouldn't be posted on this account. I know you say and try to promote positivity,but saying things like that can make others feel disrespected. Just a thought
We've made it known in the past that if you feel uncomfortable about a tweet posted towards you, all you have to do is contact us to delete it.
So there's this guy...... he's super sweet and we have SO much in common, but he's a different religion than I am and I can't date someone who doesn't have the same beliefs as myself. Because it's just too hard in the end. But IDK what to do!!! :,(
Is it against your religion date someone of a different one? If not, then I would say to go for it! Just because their religious beliefs are not exactly the same as yours, does not mean that their morals and values are different. That is what is truly important in connecting with someone!
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Do you guys ever add people to your team? I think it'd be really cool to help run this!
We never have! But we'll be passing the site down eventually (:
Do the people who run this page ever post their own crushes on here?
Yah we do (;
Wish I had the courage to start a conversation with the guy who sits next to me in philosophy because he is just too cute.
You have to talk to him!!
What happens when you guys graduate? Do you like hand down the site? lol
Thats the plan (:
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I just want to meet a cute girl at Svsu to get my through work today!
You'll meet her!
Tuesdays suck,i never have any cute girls in my classes.
Go somewhere new on your break!
Whoever is running the svsu crushes you are seriously the BEST!
YOU are the best!! Thank you (:
Taking too long to post this shit
We had class.
Can you guys follow me back on twitter Bree Wilcox
We cant find you! Give us your tag
How many of you running svsu crushes are girls?
I posted mine three times and you haven't posted it
We might not have received it or it was too rude to post
How many are there total?
How many of you running svsu crushes are guys?
7 of us are
I submitted one about Colton today and it still hasn't been posted
We don't have it! Resubmitt please!
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Explain it or comprehend it. I'm sure you would have fixed it haha but for real. She's sexy AF
haha we've got you
I have a crush on a taken guy. And I wish this wasn't the situation because he's so nice.
I'm Sorry! You never know what could happen in the future, though!
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Ive been dating a girl for two years and has been great but now goes to cmu and I have been thinking of another girl nonstop for like two months so it might be more than a crush. suggestions?
Can you DM us? We would love to help
what are you going to do when i tell you mom you run this, try me, im the hack king
Hahah yes
So you just type here?
I developed a giant crush on my lab partner. #Whoops #HesSoCute
let him know!!
I'm with someone who's afraid of relationships. We're practically in one now, but no label. I'm afraid I'll never get that commitment. What do I do?
Have you brought it up to the person you're with?
What's DM?
Direct message on twitter!
I'm in love with my best friend. I'm to afraid to tell him and he hasn't caught on #friendzoned
I strongly advise you to tell him. You're the one who will decide if it affects your friendship or not. It's all based on what you can handle in your life based on his response. You never know, it could turn out so wonderful. But if you don't say anything, nothing will happen!