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Hey F#%* those dicks saying your not doing a good job! They are being self centered jerks and clearly don't understand you go to school probally have a job plus study time and you must get hundreds of crushes a week!! So thank you for everything you've done!
You are a terrific person! Thank you<3 I hope we've helped you !
Please post all the crushes that are submitted, Jesus Christ, if you guys don't do a good job I'm positive anyone can take your place and do it better
SVSU crushes, you're not even posting comments when most of the comments sent aren't even inappropriate. You're really losing respect in our minds for it.
We will post your crushes, unless too vulgar or vague.
Accepting the fact that I'll never be crushed on. #loner #foreveralone #singleguys
The odds are you've been crushed on several times already! Maybe the person doesn't have social media or they don't know how to post it. You're awesome!
Why don't I see any crushes on here?
It's on our twitter!
Hoping to make it on ‎@svsucrushes2 this year!
This is your year!
Do we post crushes here?
Yes!(: or dm!
I can't wait to see my crush... can't divulge her name because then she'd know who I am, but it'll be great to see her again :]
Well, let us know how the first encounter goes!
can you guys make a Dating site for svsu?
We can try! DM us on Twitter, please (:
Follow me on Twitter!
Who are you!?
Heyyy Whatsup?
Just day dreaming about my crush... you?
Hello, i am here, look at me
I see you
well, i don't see him on campus all the time and Im not sure if i should text him first
Would you like to email us so we can help you with this a little further?!
So will SVSUCrushes be down during spring and summer?
We wont be posting very often, but occasionally we will sign on and get some of those crushes out for the Spring/Summer students!
I have talked to him before a few times, but not exactly about the way i feel and what i can sense from him. Well, I don't think i should i like him because my friends tell me that based on how he acts in class (a little conceited), he is kinda of a jerk lol, and he is graduating, while I'm not yet.
Its easy to go off of your friend's opinions because you trust them, but for these things, you need to find out for yourself! You need to put all judgments aside and try it out!!
Is it more than a crush if you're not just physically and emotionally attracted to someone, but that certain someone can frustrate you because you "know" you probably shouldn't like them and you just can't help it? I can't stop thinking about him and its so obvious that we have intense attraction.
Have you said something to him? Why do you 'know' you shouldnt like them?
How do i submit a crush?
Exactly how you put this question!
It won't let me DM you! :( #MyLife
What's your twitter? We'll go follow you
DM you on Twitter?
As soon as we get back on campus next fall, my dearest SVSU crush, I'm asking you out for a date. #CountingDownTheDaysTilISeeYouAgain
Good luck!!(:
Hey! Make a Facebook group page already! #WeWantOurCrushesOnFB
DM us!
How long does it take for anonymous crush statements to be posted?
We try to get on them right away, but this weeks been hectic, so its been a little longer!
I know this reply is late, but yes, it's against my religion. It's so sad, I know.
I'm very sorry to hear that! The only thing I can think to advise you is just to become very good friends with the person and enjoy their company <3
I tried to post something by direct message like Iwas told to do and I think it wouldn't send because you guys are not following me. So for me to post something, do you need to follow me? and if I tweet my post to you guys, will that automatically show that I tweeted the comment?
You can post your crush to here, or tell us what your Twitter is and we'll follow you so you can DM us (:
I love this boy so much... All I want to do at the end of the day is make him happy and proud to be mine. #HisPrincess
I'm sure that he already is!