Jeri-Ann Og. @SafariB
Jeri-Ann Og. @SafariB
they say good things come to does who wait, so ima atleast be an hour late .
insta: jeriann_ogilvie
twittaa :
soo you gon ask me a question,,, or nahh?
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i want one
Heartless behavior #justwaitonit
mixtape lol t serieux?
Ill b dropping the name of the mixtape on my twitter page ‎@mizz_minajj tomorrow at 4pm #justwaitonit
you dont tweet a lot anymore
Tktt Ill be tweeting alot more these days im officially the manager and producer for angelicas new mixtape coming out
Just wait on it.
#wegloba #onmypuffdaddytypeshit
u tryin to fuk wit that nigga T lol gluck he a player
Sooo people cant just conversate now einn?? Lol stop pree
anyone who likes this you have to ask them a question okay?
why are you not in relationship?
Bcz if we cant stunt like this i dont want it.
why are you not in relationship?
Heeey ghost ;)  Tristan Wade
Aha waddup playboy!:)
Do you have or want a tattoo? What and where?
I dont have none yet #waitonit
relationship status?
Why yall keep askin the same shit -.-
How much money do you really need?
Enough money aint enough money.
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What was your first mobile phone?
A Pink Motorola lol ya girl was lit!
Who this?
My face is not in the mood for any pictures atm.
throwback pic?
go on my instagram: Jeriann_ogilvie
Not at all. It's sexy when girls squat high
Not at all. It's sexy when girls squat high
u must b really bored ..
How will I be your bitch :)
I'm so confused..
Did you squat low or high?
what do you think
Where you peed?
Ina bush
heyy there :)  Dante Clarke
how are you
why's that?
cause I keep a verrrrry tight circle and I'm not the type to walk around and skin my teeth with people for no reason soo I guess I'm not that approachable who knows .
your actually really nicer than you look!
wow this honestly means a lot because I'm always being categories as the mean girl and that's really not me at all...sometimes only when I have to lol
Lol I still be nice haha  Dante Clarke
ahaha well hi there!(:
I'm a peelover
sayy wallahiii lol
Where did you pee outside?
lmao who are you!!