Jeri-Ann Og. @SafariB
Jeri-Ann Og. @SafariB
they say good things come to does who wait, so ima atleast be an hour late .
insta: jeriann_ogilvie
twittaa :
soo you gon ask me a question,,, or nahh?
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My face is not in the mood for any pictures atm.
throwback pic?
go on my instagram: Jeriann_ogilvie
Not at all. It's sexy when girls squat high
Not at all. It's sexy when girls squat high
u must b really bored ..
How will I be your bitch :)
I'm so confused..
Did you squat low or high?
what do you think
Where you peed?
Ina bush
heyy there :)  Dante Clarke
how are you
why's that?
cause I keep a verrrrry tight circle and I'm not the type to walk around and skin my teeth with people for no reason soo I guess I'm not that approachable who knows .
your actually really nicer than you look!
wow this honestly means a lot because I'm always being categories as the mean girl and that's really not me at all...sometimes only when I have to lol
Lol I still be nice haha  Dante Clarke
ahaha well hi there!(:
I'm a peelover
sayy wallahiii lol
Where did you pee outside?
lmao who are you!!
anytime princess :)
lol u know u don't need to be on anon if ur saying something nice :))
Haha it's the same!
nahh I think its the indoors thing and I only really do shit
like that when I'm intoxicated so ye loll
U look very beautiful
thanks luv:-)
Haha i am. You never peed outside?
ye I have but elevator tho lol really -.-
Haha you just squat and piss
lol u must be a boy
U know it girlll lol
I know what?
Can I be your personal bitch boy?
I would be honored to make u my personal bitch #swag
Why not?
because I am a female and I wasn't thought to do zaat
Chillin like strawberry fillin lol.
loool dats nice!
What is your favorite restaurant in the world?
anywhere that serves sea food mainly lobster
Where are you from?
I answered this already.
Would you piss in the elevator?
no I wouldn't feel comfortable