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[Following you, Sakura]

Oh hello there.

Will we ever see to have a chance of an United Korean Republic and a reconstructed Japan with its SDF in an military alliance with the Korea? Also, you need to cut yourself a little out of your VN persona sometimes or else interesting things might happen.Psychologically proven that I am not a creep

A United Korea? Perhaps..Military alliance? Maybe if China keeps acting like they are.

My VN Persona? Umm I'm just being myself. Interesting things happen all the time.

If your not a creep then why did you have to make a statement you were not proven to be one? XD

Big cat here. Any favourite animal?.


Hmm good..question *taps her chin* Ah yes! It would have to be the Slow Loris. Because They are called Slow Loris..Which means they are Slow..Which means it is easy to catch.

What is your favorite pass time

Well hmm..I like going to the beach with Nee-San, Taking romantic walks with Sempai. Umm!! Yeah food like chicken and stuff! *looks around*

Did you know that i hear voices in my head ? should go get professional help then.

Because they have a hole in one! XD XD XD

Oh I get it *she blushes*

Why does a golfer wear 2 pairs of pants?

Umm errrmm..I..Don't know I never knew they did....

How many languages do you know ?

I know three!!

What country wold you like to wist ?

Umm hmm..I think I would like to see Jordan, I always wanted to see Petra.

Are you happy that a new Star Wars Battlefront was announced on E3


Because..Umm it's EA.. and they will ruin it and a Micro transaction want to use an X-wing..likely..

Pretty fine I guess, hope to see some questions!. Thank you and by the way I am not mad.


Thanks for what big kitty? Oh yeah I know your not mad.. It was a joke!

Hello, I am that mean big cat everyone seems to be afraid of. How is it going?.


It's going good big Kitty! How are you? Thanks for asking!

Can you guess who asked that question about the "evil twin"? I'll give you a hint: I am always cheerful and a happy kid. Go on guess :D

That would be...The Man on the Golden Throne.. The Emperor who would be a god!

Not a big kitty ;0

Loner the soldier guy!!

Can you name a nice accompaniment to liver, besides a nice chianti and fava beans? Or indeed Jazz?

Oh Umm...I..Do..don't know w..why you would ask that umm I know anything..about that..Umm yeah..

But..umm I don't know I..if I was to eat a liver *looks around* I..umm would just eat raw..if..t..they were..still alive hopefully so they could feel every tooth as I take their flesh and convert it to mana... WAIT WHY AM I SAYING THESE THINGS!!?

What is your favorite TV show

Umm..Hmm..I ..I like Family Guy, The Simpsons, Top Shot, and shows about space like The Universe. I don't watch a lot of T.V though. *nods and blushes*

Does Sakura have an evil twin or something? that's It's not evil..I assume your talking about when I have White hair and red eyes? R..right?

So you made an ASK as well? Guess who I may be, miss. You prolly know already :D

The Big Kitty?

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Hey FuFus!! I'm Sakura Matou!! You can ask me anything I'm not shy..I don't bite..well maybe if I am hungry..or..mad..or..Ok I have to stop rambling like this.. But go on ask me stuff! I love meeting new people! besides Sempai, Rider and Nee-San need a break from me too!

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