Sally-ann Partridge @SallyannPartridge
Sally-ann Partridge @SallyannPartridge
im a young girl wid a big background
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who's the hottest skater in pigeon ?
Dnt know anyone tht goes pigeon but wud say cj is hot
Do you have official app for Android?
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Your bbm
wow alot of people do not like you on this wow tbf thow ignore them they all must be pathetic with no life and are ashamed of there own life as i said sally ill always be there for you if you want to know who this is just ask =)
Who's tis?
id kill myself if I was your mum or I would have put you up for adoption by now
everyone does that darling :P
which is pathetic
dont even know who tht is....plz you have more haters than you think u doo (y)
hiding behind a computer screen on anoynmess pathetic .
how much do you weigh
i dno
maybe you should stop having a break and eating kit kats? go and eat an apple !!!
i dont like kit kats?
Rachel if she pisses u off to much ?????
no i wudent touch her
why are you so fat?
i dno
still?:L would u ever get into a fight with her?
fight with who?
why are you so nice about Rachel when she is sucha bitch to you:L
cuz shes not as bitchy to me as india is
opinions on india and Rachel? gotta give em credit they say whats on their mind and don't hide away like you ahahahh
india- im only speaking the truth shes abit cocky but its probz only 2 me but shes really stunning
- rachel i dont really know her well but seems really nice ..
sally would you say any of this shit to anyones faces tho  ellie craig
tbf yeah
And proud
You don't know who he is? You're dead to me. He's the lead singer of Green Day. He's the sexiest man alive.
who what????
Do you know who Billie Joe Armstrong is?
wana go out bbe ? ;) xxxxxxxxxxx
i have a boyfriend..........
your dank bbe i wank ova ya tits every nite ;) cxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I'm pregnant.
whos this .....
come suk me off ;) xxxxxx
can I spunk inbetween your tits
erm naah im ok id prefer it if u didnt
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sally you are stunnin and niall phone back broke :( but ur ma sista near enough anyway i just luv u so friggin much its unreal and im so jealous cuz u r friggin beautiful <3 <3 luv ya bestie <3
<3 love u casey savage
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Opinions on ambaa sutherlands group. (Ambaa, caitlan, jodie, miyu, amy,immy, danni, sanmie)
well what can i say erm there all idiots haha jks i love you all to pieces ur all like my big sista's weve had our upos and downs buut were ok now;)