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When's your bday
February 11th.
Would you date Jorge ?
Why do you care?
goodnight, sleep tight beautiful.
Good night. :)
Do u like big fat picklezz??! From Stripez
Lmfao, what? x)
Goodmorning wazzzzzzaaaapppppp !
Good morning?
Goodmorning Gorgeous ! ;)
Good morning. :)
Okay can you guys fuck off with those questions. Fuck she is trying to get her beauty sleep and it's none of your business anyways!  Erik Perez
Thank you!
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What guy friend would you date
Don't worry about it. :)
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Why do they they want to know your love life like tf
Exactly. I can't have guy friends without people asking if I'd date them. Lol
Would you straight up date Erik Perez
Chingao. Why do you all keep asking me these questions? They're my best friends! I don't wanna loose them. I wouldn't risk it, at least not right now.
You are my beautiful bfffffffff  Erik Perez
Aww thank you Erik! <3
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Its causee the picture wasnt fully loaded! xD -A
Open it stupppss
That rn pic was ugli :c -A
They didn't seem to think so. :c
Smantha u r Beautiful for reals !! :)
Thank you! <3
omgg people are so nosey!! -.- v.v.v.  jazlynnn. ❤
Right!? They never leave me alone with that! -.-
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Why not?
Because I just don't think it's a good idea to do that?
But what if y'all made it really far? x)
That's a risk I'm not willing to take at the moment.
Damn well he just got friendzoned ! xD
I don't see how it's funny, lol?
I'd rather keep him as a friend & become closer than to date him & probably loose him. That's why.
Well it doesn't hurt to say a yes or no one more time?
Nathaniel & I are just friends.
Cause just would you straight up?
I've already answered this question before.
Would you ever date nathaniel?
Why do you wanna know?
What do you think of Erik Perez?
I've answered this question like 3 times before. :p
Whatchu think of Noah De La Garza? c:
Omg I love Noah! He's super nice & gives the best advice. I miss him, I haven't talked to him in a while. :(
Hey Beautiful ;)
Hey! ^-^
So I heard that Andy guy is your #MCM for next ween. Is it cause hes cute or buff or both? ;D
Neither! xDD