sarah faraj † @SaraFaraj127
sarah faraj † @SaraFaraj127
Christian and proud ! ♡ (I don't care if you're tall short slim fat black or white. If you respect me, I'll respect you too). عشق السمر مصيبة <3 kik: sarahfaraj18
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ليش الحكومة ما بتتذكر ترفع سعر جرة الغاز إلا بالشتاء؟!! :P  إحصاءات (صفحه كوميدية ساخره)
Zanakha b3eed 3anak. Bnkosho mokhat-hom 3l sha3b eli makel hawa.
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A3tiky ragami w go whatsapp yala
La2 ma belzamni.
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10.03/10 ;-)  odi kurdi™
Odddiiiii <3 <3
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I love you to the moon and back <3 ~A
You're my moon <3
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الحياة اقصر من انك... ّ!  Youssif Samy♥
تضيعها ع ناس ما بتستاهل.
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If I had to choose between you or the world, I would choose you in a heartbeat because if I have you, you would be my world. ~A
Ya rabna ma ahlaaak inta <3
Big I love youuu :3
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A doctor can save my life. A lawyer can defend my life. A soldier can fight for my life, but only you can give me the true meaning of life <3 ~A
And I can't live without my sweet Amer :3 thankyou <3
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funny pic ~! :D  Youssif Samy♥
Hahahhahahaha ! 100%
funny pic ~! :D
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علي سبيل الفرحه ... ~! ^^  Youssif Samy♥
Asafer bara il Ordon :3 o akhoud il rokhsa o ajeb il syara :/
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بتعجبك اسئلتي ولا لأ... ؟ :(  Moawyah Muniain
Ma bwsalni mink kteer as2eeleh! So I don't know.
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أكثر كلمة بتحبيها؟  Moawyah Muniain
Bahebik :p
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بتذاكر/ى ولا لا ~! :D  Youssif Samy♥
Nos nos :3
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Shu betsawi? ~A
Nthing ! Wbu?
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Sarah ❤️ ~A
3younha :3
ahleen ya 8lbi :p  Rakan ❤️
followed  Rakan ❤️
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hehe , fi shwayet ta3ab w momel kmn shway :3  Issa
Haha same here. :/
kif kan nharek lyom :)  Issa
La hala2 mneeh. Bs shwe momel :3 you?
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you look nice :)  Issa
Thank u ;)
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المكان المفضل بالنسبالك ّ!  Youssif Samy♥
My room <3
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لو ينقرضون (…………) يكون احسن ~! :D  Youssif Samy♥
El monafeqen.
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Instagram.Vs.Facebook ~!  Youssif Samy♥
Facebook maybe.
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Morning #.#  Mohmmad Fares98
Sabah il ward :D
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بعد انتهاء علاقة الحب .. هل تسمح بالتواصل مع الشخص اللي كنت تحبه؟  zein.ftm
Hasab kef intahat il 3elaqa bena.
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