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RSS answers
T7ben tomboy
Ahzz 3rsh al r7mam ?
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هل تعتقد أنك إنسان جيّد؟
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Esh al instagram 7gk ?
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ent shy jmeeeeeel <3333333
G9dkk enty ;p
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sho b7ibkk <3 15 facts about me :$  Haya.T
1-t6'7keneee:') <333
2-a7bkkk <333
3-CUTE <3
4-mjhza kllshy bshn6tk =))
5-t7bene :$
6-tkrahen lama a7ad ynadeek hayona =))
7-beautiful <33
8-g9era =))
9-t3sha8en al chips
10- tfhamenee
12-tws3een al 9drr <33=))
13-shy jmeeeeeel <3333333333
14-funny <333=)))
15-w fdetk ma adll betk :$ =))
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10 facts about me  ghado alhudaiyan.
1- beautiful:') <33 mashallah
2-you have the best hugs <33
3-dalo3aaa <33333
4- baby face :c <333
5-ajmal ma5lo8a tmshe 3ala wjh al ar6'
6-6yba <3333
7-gr8 personaalaty <333
8-3ala nyatkk<33=))
9-CUTEST girl ever <333
10-lovable laugh =))<33
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What is something you do every single day?
hug every body like it was written on my chest hug me <33333 =)))
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meen ?
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الأيفون أو الأندرويد؟
Iphone for sure
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لو كنت سيّارة، فما السّيّارة التي تودّ أن تكون؟
mdree walla
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Hey there I want a kiss from ur lips please
Ill think about it :$ =))
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ما هي الاغنيّة التّي تجعلك تريد أن ترقص؟
ws3 9drk- washen6on
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شيئ عَجززتم تحبُـونة ..!  Mo7ammad☀
Al rya6'yat =))ma sh ma d5aal mo5ee
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Happy Eid .. wish a day full of happiness .. yn3ad 3lek be al5eer <33  Abdullah Bin Ahmed..snapchat?!
thank you <33 w yn3ad 3lena w 3leek bll 9e7a a rbb <33
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Laaabbbaaa gllbbts :(<333 w ana a7bss akthr=)):$  Rahaf
;$ <33333333333 shooo b7ebeeeek anaaa
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Labba 10 facts about me;;)?  Rahaf
4-ba3a6' al a7yan t9eren zga =))
5-w a7bb swalfkkkkk
6-a7bk laman tgoleen laba =))))))))
7-nfs tfkere =)):$
8-shy jameeeeeeel <33333333333
9-daym 6gag enty w sara =)))))
10-t7bene ;$
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سسسؤال غريب تقرب لك اسماء المحيني اللي توفت قبل ٤ شهور وسساكنه بمكه  3bo0o6 MAN UNITED
La ma tgrable
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مـآنوع الشخصية التي تستفزك !  F2timah bint mohamed
Sh59eyat al 3ba6a w al Lgafa s3ood ah5oy al bther <33
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Akthr shay 7bteeh feni
Meen enta a9lan
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Hahahaha oo kaif kan youmik ilyoum;p, wshswaitay?
Ma sweet shy ;p
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أستغرب من .................. ! ، [ 3 ] أشياء تستغربون منها !  ♫مريم .
1-Tfkeer al s67ee
2-Tfkeer al s67ee
3-Tfkeer al s67ee
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اذا تضضَايقتَ [ أول ] ڪَلمہَ هَ تطلع منَڪِ ,, َ!  ♫مريم .
Zg =)))))))
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Jwalk 5rban?
Ee;""") shdrak ?
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3 things around u ;p?  Abdulaziz
2-g6wte maia <33
3- my ipad ;p
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