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Lol Brooke's going there
she might
Thoughts on shay eda karina and kaylee
I'm not making them long.
shay - love her! She's so funny and so much fun to be around. We need to have our sleepover with Brooke and Ashley soon.
Eda - PF 45 hut hut:') I love her so much and gym and English wouldn't be the same without her<3. we need to go on our date with Ashley c!
Karina - She's so sweet, funny, and she's stunning! we have to chill soon<3
Kaylee - I don't really talk to her but she's stunning and she seems nice. msg me sometime!
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R u going to Kaylee's Halloween jam?
youngest age you would go for?
my age
would u give head this year?
stop asking. idfk
daily make up routine?
i only wear mascara
what do you mean by conditioning at vball?
we have to work out at vball
ugh i want to talk to you sooo bad
so talk to me
workout routine?
i don't really workout. i do conditioning and a lot of running at volleyball like 2-3 times a week.
last hu and with who?
who r u goin for in ur grade?
not interested in anyone tbh..
people u wanna get closes to from each class
French: Akshala
Gym: Akshala
English: Akshala
Science: Actually, Akshala
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who do you wanna get closer to this semester?
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are you gonna give head this year?
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thoughts on;)  Alyssia
alyssiaaa<3 tbh i love you so much. you're so sweet, funny, and you're stunning! you're really good to talk to and we need to chill asap!
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thoughts on guy cohen?
best friend<3 ilysm
Daniel milay?
love him
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who do you know from thornlea?
eliya and kyle
5 ppl you have recently spoken too?
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thots on Daniella zohar
havent talked to her in a while, but she's really nice, funny, and pretty
no thornhill secondary
ohh, idkk. i don't think so:$
do u know any ppl from TSS?
they know who they r
that was me lol  Raquel Jimenez
tbh ily and I'm so happy we got closer! I'm so exited that were on the same team this year