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Sarah Afshar @SarahAfshar
Sarah Afshar @SarahAfshar
instagram: sarah_afsharxox kik: sarah_afsharxox snapchat: SarahAfshar
ask anything<3
RSS answers
Who was the last text you received from?
laura and alyssia
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what's his ask link?
idkk I'm on my phone. Scroll down
lol how r u guys not officially dating yet
because Ashley's having trouble letting go!
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are u opening the gate for ramyar
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tell this kid to ask u out already jèsus christ  ⅼαυʀα
omgg Laura :') text me
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noo LOL
or nah -Ashley
pap of u and ramyar kissing
don't have one
i did XD
nm wanna message me on fb?  Daniel Maliy
msg me
hey whats up beautiful <3  Daniel Maliy
hey, nmu?
Someone said why do you have so much acne to me. Advice?
um idkk. ignore them?
do u ever cry same  ⅼαυʀα
I cry everytime
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is ashley playing vball with you?
nope, shes not playing this year
about me and you know what I'm thinking without me even saying anything. LOOL we can basically read eachothers minds. You always keep me sane when I'm stressing about basically everything. You're my long lost sister and I love our showers :') Ughh now my thumbs hurt!! I love you sar bear❤️  Akshala
omg ilysfm<3 and yess our showers are the best:')<3. "Sarah, i think someones coming.."
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tbh: this is gonna be long cause you made me :( So I can honestly say you are my best friend you have no idea how much I love you. you were always there for me and we've been through A LOT! From grade 6 drama to grade 9 drama we managed to stay close! I am so thankful for you cause you care so much  Akshala
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I'm kinda missing you atm just a little  Akshala
We're doing the debate. Fmlll
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who likes who more
wtf, idk..
so your dating ?
like how much
like a lot
do you really like him?
wow u guys are so cute<3
pap of u and ramyar
the only one I have is my snapchat story
pap of u and ramyar
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whos ashlique?
Ashley's twin :)
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Best friend?
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