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Sarah Afshar @SarahAfshar
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Thoughts on Eliya?
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Thoughts on Ana Romanova?
miss her so much, she's stunning and we need to chill asap
Thoughts on Paris?
she's really nice, pretty, and should msg me sometime
Are you and Eliya still friends with Paris and Dani?
Eliyas not but I don't have a problem with them, we just don't talk anymore
tbh sarah ilysm babe ur honestly my fave im sk happy i got to know and that we play left side together❤️ its been 84 years since ive been set but dont forget #passislyf  ⅼαυʀα
ahah ilysm<3 hold up, lemme park my cello;)
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are you into drugs?
are you into thugs?
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would you give head or hand?
Akshala says I should keep my head and my hands
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thoughts on sex at this age?
Akshala says abstinence is key
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given head?
sarah: i eat wayy too much nutella
akshala: i don't have nutella at home..
sarah: its a hard life hazel grace
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your ass is so good i wanna fuck it
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Thoughts on addy
he didn't come chill with me today after my exam-_-
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First impression: SHES SO PRETTY OMGKALAH  Alyssia
imyy, text me<3
First impression : she's pretty omg should I have sci with her maybe I should sit next to her nvm she took an entire row I think I'm gonna hate her  abirna
AHAHA omg. I remember that, I walked in and took a whole row for me Talia Amy and Jordan:')
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tbh i ship u and addy  Leon Repin
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u goin to winter fest?
LOOL ily <3 ur the total opposite of rude tho dw :')  halee prajapati
ahah ilyy<3
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do you call guys daddy
No wtff
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god is watching u  Eliya
oh well
First Impression: she seems kinda rude, I think she's Prakshis friend tho ?  halee prajapati
wow, you're so mean to me and abirna:')
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Reaction to someone falling in a garbage can
If it's Eliya - laugh because it's where she belongs
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go eat some weave  Eliya
go to sleep
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eat my coon  Eliya
it's koon*
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LOL I was laughing at the fact that it took you 20 mins to stop laughing
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this bitch laughs like crazy at 7 am and doesn't let me eat waffles..
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what dat mouth do though
omg stop.