Sarah Afshar @SarahAfshar
Sarah Afshar @SarahAfshar
instagram: sarah_afsharxox & snapchat: SarahAfshar
ask anything<3
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Tbh ; Sarah joooooon. Where do I even start? You are so helpful in class and so much fun to be around. You are never a negative vibe and you always manage to make me smile. You are so kind and sweet. You are a loyal friend and I hope we stay good friends all throughout high school. Boos boos 😘  Parisa Namazi
Awe parisa❤️ ilyyy! We have the best convos (I love the long talks we have about fuckboys😂)
oh and btw, I was literally shaking through the whole tutorial today😂😂
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Sarahh tbh you were the first person I got close with in grade 9 and I love u ur gorgeous and I can talk to u about anything❤️❤️  Äly
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Tbh Sarah!! I miss talking to you math was really fun with you and you're really pretty and nice and we should talk more!!  Beata Roizin
Math with lee😂 and thankyouu❤️ text me more often, I miss having classes with you!
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tbh sarah you're honestly gorgeous like your body is goals 😻😻😩 you're also super sweet and funny we should talk more ☺️ btw please consider modelling  tanya
look who's talking! you're flawless. but thankyouu❤️❤️ and yess we should talk more, msg me!
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What is ur fav class
everything except for math😂😂
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Interested in any of the guys ?
which guys?
Thoughts on 9er Sofia hating on gr10 girls?
lmao she's so stupid, don't talk shit and then run away from us.
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Would you hu with Alon
Would you hu with brandon
last name?
Would u hu with iqan
Would you hu with kyle
Would you hu with Ali eslami
Wow she's so stupid I would do anything to be your friend you're perf❤️❤️
who is this?😂
Why what happened?? I thought you guys were like BEST friends?
basicallyy, both people in a friendship have to put in effort to see eachother/talk/etc and she put in no effort and eventually I just stopped trying
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Are you still friends with Eliya??
no, we don't talk
Like who
why do you care😂
Meet any new guys?
What time r u going to orientation tomo ?
I didn't go, I was at madawaska
Pap texts
I'm asking her the questions sir/madam. Stop being so jealous anon and get a life.  Ramyar Sa
ilysm ramyar❤️😂
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lol stop asking URSELF questions plsss
I have better things to do😂
you probably get this all the time but you are absolutely gorgeous, like breathtaking, is there anyone you're talking to right now
thank youu and not really
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hu or pass alon addy yoad
Which niners do you find hot that you know give some names
name a few guys from slss that ud hu with
I can't think of any tbh