Tbh ; Sarah joooooon. Where do I even start? You are so helpful in class and so much fun to be around. You are never a negative vibe and you always manage to make me smile. You are so kind and sweet. You are a loyal friend and I hope we stay good friends all throughout high school. Boos boos 😘 Parisa Namazi

Awe parisa❤️ ilyyy! We have the best convos (I love the long talks we have about fuckboys😂)
oh and btw, I was literally shaking through the whole tutorial today😂😂

Sarahh tbh you were the first person I got close with in grade 9 and I love u ur gorgeous and I can talk to u about anything❤️❤️ Äly


Tbh Sarah!! I miss talking to you math was really fun with you and you're really pretty and nice and we should talk more!! Beata Roizin

Math with lee😂 and thankyouu❤️ text me more often, I miss having classes with you!

tbh sarah you're honestly gorgeous like your body is goals 😻😻😩 you're also super sweet and funny we should talk more ☺️ btw please consider modelling tanya

look who's talking! you're flawless. but thankyouu❤️❤️ and yess we should talk more, msg me!

What is ur fav class

everything except for math😂😂

Interested in any of the guys ?

which guys?

Thoughts on 9er Sofia hating on gr10 girls?

lmao she's so stupid, don't talk shit and then run away from us.

Would you hu with Alon


Would you hu with brandon

last name?

Would u hu with iqan


Would you hu with kyle


Would you hu with Ali eslami


Wow she's so stupid I would do anything to be your friend you're perf❤️❤️

who is this?😂

Why what happened?? I thought you guys were like BEST friends?

basicallyy, both people in a friendship have to put in effort to see eachother/talk/etc and she put in no effort and eventually I just stopped trying

Are you still friends with Eliya??

no, we don't talk

Like who

why do you care😂

Meet any new guys?


What time r u going to orientation tomo ?

I didn't go, I was at madawaska

Pap texts


I'm asking her the questions sir/madam. Stop being so jealous anon and get a life. Ramyar Sa

ilysm ramyar❤️😂

lol stop asking URSELF questions plsss

I have better things to do😂

you probably get this all the time but you are absolutely gorgeous, like breathtaking, is there anyone you're talking to right now

thank youu and not really

hu or pass alon addy yoad


Which niners do you find hot that you know give some names


name a few guys from slss that ud hu with

I can't think of any tbh


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