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Sarah Afshar @SarahAfshar
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tbh: imy today :( I'm really happy that we gotta really close this year and I'm really sorry that I gotten you sick lol. you're an amazing volleyball player and you're super pretty and nice. ily❤❤❤ :* we should chill over the break, sc me or message me on fb sometime❤
thankyouu ilyy:* and I feel like I'm dying LOOL thanks-_-<3
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plans for tomorrow?
might go to Canuck stuff and then going to bornas
plans for tonight?
shopping and chipotle<3
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Tbh Sarah i miss you so much I saw you yesterday thoo ur so pretty like plz share, last year was so much fun being on the same team I miss that so much ur so nice and really sweet and your a really close friend to me we need to keep in touch and chill soon love you ❤️  Alexxx
thankyouu! Ilyy<3 we have to chill soon with all the girls!
daily makeup
only mascara
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love him<3
he's really nice, funny, and hes fun to pepper with:') we should talk more often, msg sometime
It me ramyar
Hi Shawn;)
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Tbh:I've had a crush on you for some time now. You are beautiful and perfect. I love talking to you when we do talk.
awe thanks<3
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are you and josh back together?
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pap of SARYAR
Pap of edarah
top 5 guys in grade 9 at slss
And Eda
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Tbh Sarah imy <3 I don't get to hear ur stories in Science anymore :( but I'm so glad we met, ur fun to talk to and hopefully me u and Abirna will be reunited in math next semester!!  halee prajapati
omg yess<3 I miss youu:( I have no one to tell stories to now:((
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tbh damn girl how do u do it?? ur gorgeous af and athletic like b pass some of the good genes over here not all of us can pull it off and plus ur a sweetie and i love ur attitude!  Samira Zoh
awe thank you so much<3 ilyy
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k just did on fb
okayy. I can't go on fb rn, I'll answer later
I really like you
message mee
Which three things would you take to a deserted island?
A panera/chipotle restaurant
Stefan<3 and Damon Salvatore
Wanna message me on fb  Daniel Maliy
yeah, after practice.
people u have gotten close to this year from forest run and bondar?
Vikki, Ashley C, Raquel, Lauren, Maria and idk who went to bondar. I think halee and Alyssia? sorry if i forgot anyone.
y not post an action shot?
because i don't like them. I don't have any good ones
why what?
ya b ill be waiting for you with dolla bills  ⅼαυʀα
yess<3 and lemonade pls
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pot an action shot?
DOLLA BILLS $$$$$$  ⅼαυʀα
LAURAA. are you coming to practice?
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can u post?