Sarah Afshar @SarahAfshar
Sarah Afshar @SarahAfshar
instagram: sarah_afsharxox & snapchat: SarahAfshar
ask anything<3
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How many followers do u have ?
Do u hate anyone ?
Who do u like
no one
*isnt ramyar Persian
stop asking me about Ramyar 😂
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Last 10 people u texted ?
Xylophone, iPhone and leggings  Parisa Namazi
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Likers get?
R u goin for anyone
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Did u see ramyar at slss today
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Pap of texts
haven't really been on my phone today but sure
Pap of texts
All your friends probably think I'm RETARTED right now  Taraneh Torabi
oh well😂
*does some epic ninja move*  Taraneh Torabi
are you okay?
LOOL Shane's orbs
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Thanks 😂  Taraneh Torabi
oh god😂
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I like green apples
that's great
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Green apple
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DKMMMM omfg I'm dead -eda
hottest 10ers at slss
Ashley knows😂
Thoughts on addy
already answered, scroll down
I thought it was 50 and im a very good mathematician  Beata Roizin
you actually are. I love your explanations😂👌
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Tbh you're sooo pretty and math is bomb . Ca lmao I love talking to your you're really nice and I'm really glad we're friends ❤️❤️  Beata Roizin
Beata❤️ mr.Li probably thinks we're so stupid.
"What's 2050-1000?"
Beata - "50!!"
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Likers get tbh?
too lazy
Tbh Sarah i love u 💘... This aint a joke its real shit 😜... Aii ur such a nice girl, ur soo sweet, ur fucking sick at volleyball, and ur fucking HOT 🔥😍🔥... Lmaoo but on some real shit ur soo nice and im glade that i met u this year... We hv to chill before i leave ❤️ Afshar i fucking luv u ❤️ ~  Om Thakkar XO
om, you're so sweet❤️❤️ we have to chill asap and I'm so excited to play coed with you💖😘 ilyy
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Tbh sarah❤️❤️ i am so so so glad that I met you! Science was so fun with you and even if we can't talk a lot in math, it's still fun with you lol😂 ur soo pretty and good at volleyball and smart and ilyyy😘
awe halee❤️ ilyy😘
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Deez nuts
Go away David