Sarah Afshar @SarahAfshar
Sarah Afshar @SarahAfshar
instagram: sarah_afsharxox & snapchat: SarahAfshar
ask anything<3
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Would you follow the white rabbit?
Alice would
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Plans for 2day
Ur beautiful
Do u like anyone
Pap unanswered questions
I have 400..
Would u hu with anyone from slss
Who was ur first kiss
Who do u ship together
Do u hate anyone at slss
first impression: she's gorgeous omg / truth is: we should talk moree / how old do you look: 14/15 / ever made me laugh: yaa / ever made me mad: no / best feature: body😍 / crush on U: no / you're my: friend / name in phone: don't have ur #  tanya❤️
thankyouu❤️❤️ and yess, we should talk more, msg me sometime!
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Haha no too much hw Friday Saturday or Sunday or Monday LOL  Korin Arbel
okayy I'll let you know
I'm coming over to go tubbing👌🏽  Korin Arbel
SLSS is full of Fuckboys:'(
Hu or pass: ryan t, jake m, jared r, josh c, yoad, michael r, tim, leon, max l, ali k, alon a
hu: Ashley Kizunov
Favorite guy friends from 2013
idk, I don't remember
Y don't u go for anyone
I'm in no rush to go for someone because Im sick of going for guys who I can't have real conversations with, and who only wanna use girls. And tbh, there's no one to go for atm/no one I'm interested in.
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What pisses u off that guys do
too lazy to make a list so I'll do a couple
-when we have boring/useless convos
-asks for head/hand/nudes all the time
-takes too long to reply
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Pap snap history
things you look for in a guy?
-easy to talk to
-someone I can have real conversations with and keeps the convo going
-taller than me
-good looking
-not immature
-not a fuckboy
-fun to be around
-not cocky
-not too clingy but loyal
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interested in anyone?
last hu
do you still have the vid of the beed from school?
Pap of texts
summer plans?
a lot of volleyball: beach volleyball camp for a month and a half, playing beach with alex, madawaska, most likely another vball camp overnight, trying to find 2 more indoor camps
and like chilling with friends and stuff
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