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RSS Report answers
who r u goin for in ur grade?
not interested in anyone tbh..
people u wanna get closes to from each class
French: Akshala
Gym: Akshala
English: Akshala
Science: Actually, Akshala
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who do you wanna get closer to this semester?
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are you gonna give head this year?
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thoughts on;)  Alyssia
alyssiaaa<3 tbh i love you so much. you're so sweet, funny, and you're stunning! you're really good to talk to and we need to chill asap!
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thoughts on guy cohen?
best friend<3 ilysm
Daniel milay?
love him
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who do you know from thornlea?
eliya and kyle
5 ppl you have recently spoken too?
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thots on Daniella zohar
havent talked to her in a while, but she's really nice, funny, and pretty
no thornhill secondary
ohh, idkk. i don't think so:$
do u know any ppl from TSS?
they know who they r
that was me lol  Raquel Jimenez
tbh ily and I'm so happy we got closer! I'm so exited that were on the same team this year
Ily  Akshala
This relationship will not last very long because you're on team Damon-_-
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What are you doing on Saturday?
idk yet
Who's going to haunt?
we haven't really invited anyone yet. So far, it's me, Akshala, I think brooke, maybe Ashley, maybe Eda, and idk who else. Akshalas inviting ppl
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Plans for the weekend
Friday - haunt
Saturday - it's really confusing, not sure yet
Sunday - zip lining and stuff with my team
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Who do you miss?
theres a lot, be more specific
thoughts on  Brooke Ash
tbh ilysm, you're my twin<3 and I'm so glad we got closer this year. yesterday was so much fun:') you're so stunning, sweet, funny, and i can trust you with anything! I'm excited for saturday;) ilyy:*
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are u dating guy c.?
LOOL no..
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If they know than just say it
Just say the ones off the top of your head
why.. they all know who they are
Why don't you just name them?
because I'm probably gonna forget people and they're gonna get pissed off