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Sarah Afshar @SarahAfshar
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tbh Your honestly perfff , Your so chill & we have the best convos, your soso funny lmaoo ! Your an amazing vball player and I love playing you.. I hope we get to see each other at provincials . ily <3  Raquel
awe thank youu<3 ily too
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do you have a pic with her
What is your high score in Flappy Bird?
Dan is gossip girl???  Akshala Suren
yeah-_- the ending to the show was really stupid.
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Yeahh.  nina
oh god.
Yep. My new ones also.  nina
the purple ones?:O
Someone ruined why shoes :0 :(  nina
Sarahhh I'm sadd  nina
if you could date anyone from frps who would it be?? you have to pick someone
I barely know any guys from there
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That was me <3  Akshala Suren
ahaha i have to tell you something. ill call you later<3
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Cole cole cole cole
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msg and I might tell you
plans for tomorrow?
probably going shopping with Eliya
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ur so prefect gurllll
who hu last night?
no one. we were all cuddling aha
What did you do today
volleyball tournament
Do you love him or like him?
ur so pretty i wish you were mine
I like potato
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pic with paris
scroll down
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whats up?
on the phone with eliya and lucas
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was the party live?
The meaning of perfection is you
do you have a pic with any of your close friends from eliyas party