Sarah Afshar @SarahAfshar
Sarah Afshar @SarahAfshar
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ask anything<3
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Tbh. I LOVE YOU. We should chill soon  Josh Levin
i love youu<3 and yaa we should
Tbh you're super pretty, I love talking to you at school but we should talk more❤️❤️ your last answer is so funny :))  geena
thankyouu and i tried:') text me more<3
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I'm too young to vote
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wtf. Do you not have anything better to do..
last person who hurt you?
doesn't matter
You still use kik?
pap of msgs
wanna text me.  
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r u trying out for slss badminton team
nah, I don't have time for other sports.
Tbh you're so pretty and I love chilling with youu  Karina
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pap text
pap text
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tbh your one of my favorite girls in the world. your nice, funny, and beautiful. you also make me happy when I'm sad and I enjoyed English with you it gave me joyyy. I hope we can hang out soon and have many memorable moments. nigga  
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how many squats do you do daily? your butt is my goal
I don't, I play volleyball lol
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Grade 10 courses?
are you taking gr 10 history in summer school??
does the person go to slss
who's jam next Saturday?
in 2 weeks, and dw
did u and ur bf break up?
what boyfriend..
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going for any guys?
hows ur bf? ;)
don't have one lol
next jam you are reaching?
Sunday and next Saturday
everyday make up routine?
only mascara
you're so cute