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Was wondering if you could post this? We're currently looking for girls to have a free hair installtion to feature in our portfolio please like and inbox our page for more information.

Check it out girl xx

When did you first ever get

Couple months ago,

can you post a photo of you and baby's daddy even if you not together?


what do you think about the nipple piercing?

Nipple piercings are hot, think of getting one myself

Awrhh your baby is so fucking cute!

Thank you <3

do wear matching underwear?

Yeah all the time, I feel weird if I don't

do you have a cameltoe?

Nope, Only camels have camel toes - OK I THOUGHT THAT WAS FUNNY.

You sent me the same question twice. And I dont really care, it her own opinion she's untitled to it?

you should of used a condom or been on the pill! Stupid teen slut

I was on the pill thank you very much. How self centered and small minded.

what is your job at jump off and where is it based

Promoter/Hostess. Its all over really, next ones in Scala in Kings Cross

what do you do at jump off how do u get in to it can you tel me abit bowt it

Promo really, sometimes you got to host but Ive only done that like once. Youve gotta be a model really but I used to go there all the time and they scouted me.

wha r u doin right now

Playing Sims life stories, you?

where do u work

Jump Off

ur always in diff countrys r u a model

No, I just go on hoilday

Could you please share our page? We're here to help with anything, relationships, self-harm, suicide, family, friends, school. We wont judge and we will help as much as we can. We're here to help anyone that might need us

im here to help

^^^ x

Like = ask or 5 likes?

Im gonna be original and say sure

7/10 x

aww, thanks x

Your baby's beautiful xxxxx

I know he is, but thank you xx

do you and ivetas baby chill together

If you're asking if we go out with the babies together, yes we do :)

what country is iveta from


how long u n iveta known each other and how did u meet

Around five years and we met at Secondary School

do u n iveta baby sit fr each other and is she your best friend do u take ur kids out together

Yeah, but normally me and Iveta are going out together so someone else looks after the kiddies. Yeah, Iveta is my best friend and all the time!


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happy with my life so dont try and change me. young mum, get over it. love my beautiful son romario❤

nineteen. bisexual. portuguese

if anyone needs advice dont hesitate to ask me a question