Savanny Killersaurus @SavannahRaeTourdot
Savanny Killersaurus @SavannahRaeTourdot
United States
I'm a college sophomore studying to get my Associate of Science degree. I love animals, dubstep, and bright colors.
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Do you prefer talking or texting?
Texting. Socially awkward girl here.
What is your fav pokemon?
I actually have several!
Torchic was my very first Pokemon, so it'll always be special to me.
I'm a third Gen baby, so my favorites are all from that generation: Roserade, Milotic, Altaria, Manectric, Gardevoir, and Metagross.
If you feel stressed what would you do to reduce it?
I'd talk to my friends, take a hot bath, and get into bed with my laptop so I could relax.
How would one woo a lady?
Be aggressive, but not dominating. Unless she's into that sort of thing.
Would you be an Waterbender, earthbender, firebender, or an airbender?
I'm afraid of fire, so that's a no-go...
I have a fear of deep water, so I'd probably be no good as a waterbender...
Earthbending would just get me all dirty...
So I'd be an airbender.
What's your "Spirit animal"?
I don't know. How would you go about finding out?
In your opinion, what's the most beautiful thing in existence?
Life. Especially non-human life. It has an innocence and rawness to it that I find amazing.
If you were getting married tomorrow, what would your wedding be like?
There's a small chapel near where I live. It's set back in the woods, surrounded by a clearing with thick, green grass. There's a creek running by with a wooden bridge spanning it. I'd get married in the chapel, then everyone would move onto the grass for an after-wedding picnic. I want a very relaxed/non-traditional wedding. I'd want to be barefoot and wearing a simple sun dress, with a bouquet made out of sunflowers.
Then, what do you do when you're home alone?
If I'm tired, I sleep. Usually I just play music and browse or some other entertainment site.
Did you not get my question about being home alone?
I suppose not.
I remembered! Why do they call it ovaltine? The jar is round, the cup is round. They should call it roundtine!  JonLastName
Now would be a good time to practice your research skills.
What's your favorite scent?
"New book" smell.
You only hate my poetry because you don't get it!
If I hated it, I would have given it a 0/10.
What's your favorite tv show?
I have several in different genres.
Anime: Eureka SeveN
Cartoon: Anything from the 90s incarnation of CN
Live Action: I haven't watched any live action tv in some time.
Rate my poetry: There once was a women from nantuket Who dreamed her foot was a bucket She woke from fright in the middle of the night To find that her dream had come true The next day she got a job as a bucket for the poorly cleaned restaurant down the street
Credit for attempting. Credit for originality.
Did my question go through about how I have dyslexia and I spelled instirmentality right?
Yes, it did.
Hey now I have dyslexia and I spelled instirmentality right
No, you didn't.
Would you accept or reject the instermentality of all sentiant beings?
The spelling. It burns.
What's your favorite movie?
The Phantom of the Opera.
Would you like to contract with me and become a magical girl?
I never sign contracts before reading them.
If you were out in the desert, on a horse with no name, would you be glad you got out of the rain?
If I was out in a desert, it would depend. At night it's very cold, so I'd probably be grateful I was out of the rain. But, if it's during the day, it would be very hot, so I'd be disappointed that I was out of the rain.
Who would you cast to play you in a movie?
I'd cast myself, because no one can duplicate me.
How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
Let's see...
30 minutes to drag myself out of bed.
15 minutes for a shower (if my hair needs redoing).
15 minutes for hair/makeup/getting dressed.
I'd say a little over an hour on an average day.
Who is someone you wish you had never met?
There's no one on this planet that I'd wish I'd never met. Each experience with a person brings new memories and teaches you new lessons. Why give up knowledge over petty hates and squabbles?