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10 cutest guys at arroyo

Spiffey Alonso 😍

Ever consider nude modeling?


Any ways to make money without getting a job I'm 15 and never have money and hate asking my parents

Apply to jobs? Or help tutor or clean places :)


No Kik:/

Then why do ppl go to community colleges ?

You save lots of

peanuts or pistachios?


What college are you going to and major in?

Cal poly Pomona, apparel merchandising and management- apparel production options :)

what is your favorite number (read my other question first before answering this one so that it makes sense) lol.. Video response would be cool.

6 :)

If you go to community college does that mean your dum ?


Where dId you get your white strapped sandals ? (:

Forever 21(:

Are you going to cal poly?

Cal poly Pomona? I think so

What community college are you going to?


Do you have a six pack yet?

No ):

Crushing on anybody ?

No (:

What's your biggest fear in life?

Not becoming successful/happy

Hair, makeup ,q&a ,

I want to, maybe soon!

You should make a YouTube

What would you like me to record about? <3(:

You ever smash a nigga or nahh

I crush them with my pinky

You hella cute, hey boo

Hey boo

And hair and makeup I wanna look cute but not too western

Simple make up! Rosy cheeks, pink glossy lios! And totally go for waves! Not straight or tight curls!

What should I wear to mvhs sadies

I think daisy duke shirts with like a white cami and a short sleeve flannel unbutton it and tie the flannel so you can make it like a crop top and some cow girl boots!

How tall are you and how much do you weigh

That's personal (:

I hope you're aware that people can hack your phone no matter how much you tried to block it and protect it

Alright then

Have you gotten accepted into any cal state or uc ?

Yes I have


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