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You in a bad mood?
What's the youngest age you'll date
idk , I ain't date nobody younger then me in minute .
Hey semaj , you miss Brooklyn ?
lol yeah , I saw her the other day .
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I just wanna spit on Ya dick
Ctfu yoo
i see your name in Sue dms
um ok ctfu .
Mmmm , interesting ... It seems you like girls that resemble fast food items . Preferably nuggets
Ctfu what yo?
You shoot better than Bundles ?
Way better then bundles Ctfu
About dating quadrea and alaya.
Don't believe me then
Maj #2
No that's you
You lieing but it okay,
Lying about what ?
So you don't like Chicken nuggets ?
Yeah I do lol
Who ya favorite ex. ? Alaya or Quadrea?
Ctfu what? They never was my gf lol
Do you like McDonald's ?
It's ard not really
Who in Ya group message lol
my niggas lol
Got any favorite ex's?
yeah . Who doesn't?
Ya last girl was meat ! Lmao
don't really care about your opinion
Last person you texted
my group message
How many girls did you talk to that go to Freire?
Idk keep that in the past .
How many girls you talk to ?
you care ?
Keep your head you'll get into a college Forsure
Insha'Allah but thanks
You know what Valentine's Day is & if you don't I advise you find out . It's getting close .
Iont really care for it .
You talk to anyone?
stay down
Got any acceptances yet?
Nope smh
What are you doing for valentines day
what's that?
Favorite color
Blue & Black