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How old are you ?
16 .
Imma dm you
About what ?
I got a crush on you ! I wanted to let you know
Your not letting me know anything lol your anonymous
I really was in love with you and you never gave me a chance... but i wish you a good life keep balling and good luck tomorrow .. #Nice knowing You ...
Damn , that just made me feel bad but thanks
So you saying you got a girl ?
Im saying I have someone
Your cute . I wish you and your girl a good life
Umm thanks
I miss youuuu
Single ?
is it possible to love 2 people at the same time
Yeah it's possible , anything is possible
but how when your girl not muslim ..........
It's not like she can't convert but I'm going to marry a Muslim
You a real fucking weirdo bull !
How so ?
u gon marry a muslim?
Yes Insha'Allah
I heard you got some popping as sex,,, that's true ?
Lol stay down
I really don't like you
I did something to you ?
Stay down !
it's really me though
You weird lol
Kijuan better than u in ball right
Ctfu fuck no
That's cute
Jealous cause you wanted to know who the jawn was that wanted you
She has no reason to be jealous ..
lol I'm not weird love u baby #niyy
Ctfu but I'm otp with her . You weird
who said I was a nigga bitch
Well you weird then
But you know when a girl getting jealous lol they start drawn on ya twitter tryna make theyself "known"
Jealous of what ?
pusssyyy boy, you a bitch yo when you gon suck this gat nigga
Pause .. You on some gay shit
not answering my questions huh pussy boy ctfu
Im answering everything