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Lol so you know who I am now?
I believe so lol
Lol Why you laughing. I'm serious
Why you go ghost ? Lol
Freire got school tomorrow?
Yeah .. Smh
Damn so how many people did you talk to in the pass 2 years that graduated?
I'm a friend of a friend you use to talk to but she graduated
Iont know lol but most likely I miss you lol
Thick or skinny?
I prefer thick but ain't nothing wrong with skinny girls
went down on how many girl s
Stay downnn
Semaj you miss me not being at Freire?
Lol who this ?
what dat mouf do
Not a damn thing lol
You know damn well you not better then man & its RAY
Ctfu I'll fry you cous
why do you live your adorable
What ?
yu eat pussy,?
Stay down lol
u love somebody u let goo ??
Um yeah ..
who do you want that's in your grade ?
Nobody ..
What the last time you got some pussy
The last time I got some pussy ..
Who was it
Semaj ..
who yu like rite now?
What you mean ?
why you such a latte?
I'm not .. At all
Did you ever want 1 of the freshman girls?
Yeah I did at one point .
You talk to somebody in your school?
Naw ..
Why you so black ?
Gotta represent for the darkskin niggas lol
I heard you got raped is that true?
What yo lol
Who ya squad ?
They know who they are ✊
Are you gay ?