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You miss ya lil sis Zy?
Yeah :(
is that girl raven crazy ?
Hell yeah
Just heard you a pimp
I retired from all that .
How many people you talk to ?
Damn you think it's more then 1 ?
Can you name them ?
Antanique , Tash, Semaj, Taryn , Raven , & Taylor . It's a few other I think
Who is it ?
She know who she is ..
I mean , is there a female you love right now ? I don't know how to make that any simpler .
Yeah ..
Prettiest girl n fcs?
Um idk that's hard . I can name like 2 or 3 though
You got somebody you love ?
What you mean ?
How old r you?
How old I look ?
Name 3 or the prettiest girls at Freire
Out the whole school ?
how u lik ur girls apperance wise ?
Lol pretty
thick or skinny
I prefer thick but I like skinny girls too
You like younger or older female?
Older ..
Wassup young ?
Ohh I know lol ..
Naw you tried tho ctfu
Class of 2013 ..?
Imma need you to be certain lol whats my name or my friend name?
Dasia ..?
Lol so you know who I am now?
I believe so lol
Lol Why you laughing. I'm serious
Why you go ghost ? Lol
Freire got school tomorrow?
Yeah .. Smh
Damn so how many people did you talk to in the pass 2 years that graduated?
I'm a friend of a friend you use to talk to but she graduated
Iont know lol but most likely I miss you lol
Thick or skinny?
I prefer thick but ain't nothing wrong with skinny girls
went down on how many girl s
Stay downnn