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You Single,?

unfortunately lol ..

Going tell your ybs about that constitution camp in May?

Fuck no babyyy

whats ya best friend name?

don't have one

How tall are you?

Like 5'10 1/2.. 5'11 idk

Chill. Just know I like you and still waiting for you to be mines.

Aight lol

Lol. Let me chill

lol who this?

Thinking about how sex would be with be you!!

lol yooo

Having sex, and giving each other head.

ctfu who are you?

Wyd sexy?

nothing chilling , hbu

That could be us but you keep playin!!

what could be us? lol

How does head work for you? Her first then you? Or what?

ctfu freak ass questions

Your head must be good then.

must be .

hey maj


Did a bitch ever cum n your mouth?


Ard, come get some.


Because you just is.

how though

Wen the last time you had sum ass?

the last time I got some

I really need you. I remember when we first met. I was like damn he got to be mines. But you keep playing

who this? & how ?

How good is your head game? like from 1-10

idk lol .. I'm nice though

U talk to sombody??

I might , hbu

You need some ass?

ctfu yeah

Any body you want but cant have?


Ever missed out on something good because you didnt let go

Might've idk

Lol wut you kinda miss someone but don't know who

lol you think I miss you?

Who u miss

idk .


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