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ya blood type Pepsi?
Ctfu foh mirzy
I wanna be ya next so bad
lol who this ?
You said ask anything
North .
When's the last time you had sex?
The last time I had sex
Im Funny? you Just Better Be Really Laughing Chocalate.. U Ever Played Wit Yaself & Whoaa Plz Dnt Get Mad?
You weird cannon lol
Nah thts Wat Makes My Pussy Sad, Lol I Cant Make Ya Dick Hard Through Ask
Yoo you really funny lol ..
Lol This Jamie Them Last Two Comments Wasnt Me Smh
I know you from somewhere ?
You Wanna Try Eating Ass
Fuck no
Ever did anal ?
Fuck no
You Open To New Shit?
Lol what you mean
I Doubt 25 But My Name puerto & Dnt Take This Racist But I Never Been With One Of You..
Ok lol but what darkskin or black ? Ctfu
lol Im 18 Tho, Wats The Oldest U Ever Been Wit..? nd How Old Cutie.Just Wanted To Get A LAUGH Thts Y I Posted Tht But At The Same Time I Still Want Ya Dick Tho
Funny as shit but 25 .. & who is this ?
Wat About My Toungue, You Might Like That Shit..never Kno..U Chocalate I Like That..Ima Wrap This Warm Pussy All Around That Big Black Dick..I Can Go For Hours..You Aint Even Gotta Move
Ctfuuuu you funny as shit & don't put nothing near my ass . Ya dirty ass Ctfu
Tht dick Yo, I Would Eat Ya Dick & Balls All Up , Lick Ya Chest Nd Put My Thumb In Ya Butt...Bet Tht Make Ya Dick Hard As Shit..
Ctfuuuuu Bitch don't put ya fucking thumb in my butt . Fucking trifling
Just wanting To Eat Tht Black Dick Up & Lick Ya Butt A.Couple Times
Ctfuuuuuuuu what yo?
Chilling , hbu
You cute , can I slide in ya Dm's ? lOl
You can try lol
How old are you ?
You woke
who u think yo
Idk dh .
u dumb for caring bout that bitch
About niyy ? How you figure
text me bitch
Watch ya mouth & Who this?
go twatch me real quick.
How ? I don't know who this is
Yeah what ?