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Do you wear a watch?
Yeah .. If I feel like it
Any body repeat 11th or 12th? & who is they
Mm all I know is Naa & Nashid
Happy to go to school or naw
Yeah kind of
why u not watching the vmas
Fuck the vmas
Listening to music , hbu ?
Team cash out
When was the last time you talked to nichele
Idk , why you keep asking about her ?
CTFU bitch bout salty as hell, why she play herself
Who salty?
Who ya gf ?
Not you !
Can darkskin niggas see they dreams ?
Ctfu , what dh
U Aint Gotta Answer It Bro, Its Cool But Ima Def Say Something When I See You..
You gon get treated ...
Fuck U Talking Bout U Aint Got To Be Gay Just To Fuck Wit Another Nigga, I Fuck Wayy Too Many Bitches To Be Called Gay ...Bitches Laugh At That Shit.. im just keeping It Real Cause I Fucks Wit You..
Ctfuuu boul you op
Tati still yah bestfriend ?
Yeah .. I was hype when I saw her the other day on the low ctfu
Yo Bro, I Aint Even Gonna Lie Im Just Curious As Shit..I Fuck Bitches, Far From A GIPPER, I Fucks Wit U Heavy..You Kno Me From The Block, I Just Need One Night..
What ? Get the fuck outta here with allat gay shit boul .
U Too Hype Cause It Me Ctfup..
Lol what ? Who this
U Still Up?
Gay as shit
oh well u know what to do whn u wanna give in
In the cut
neighbors know ya name or naw
They should lol shit I've been living here all my life
dickkkkkkkk yb
idk thats sumthing only u know lol
Yeahhh true
At Least You Kno,
At least I know what
Bet You Cant Take This Dick
Pause that
u sexy af
Thanks yb