Seth Anthony Young @SethAYoung
Here, there & everywhere! (UK)
Part scientist (Microbiology), part insomniac, always cooking/baking/creating. Infatuated with the beauty, ‎@Nigella_Lawson. Appreciates wine & charismatic men.
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What's your favourite bacteria then?
Serratia marcessans
When and why did you last cry?
If the person reveals themselves, I'll happily tell them :)
And 'follower I'd be most likely to marry'
Well, this is a tough one. There is an answer people will be expecting but just to throw a curve ball: ‎@HoeferMichelle
If u were deciding on Twitter awards, who gets 'most annoying follower'?
I dispose of the annoying ones so I couldn't award anyone that!
What's your favourite savoury ingredient?
Difficult one - either cheese or bacon. Preferably, cheese with bacon. That could work
Herby or spicy?
Honesty, both. If I had to choose, spicy!
Main or meat?
Fish, because I don't eat it often enough. Preferably lemon sole
If cooking/baking makes you the happiest (as previously answered), why are you pursuing science in school?
Lack of conviction. And: I'm worried the hobby might be ruined if I do it all day everyday
Describe Mr Perfect...
Some who can be my best friend and love. Smart, loyal & respectful.
When you evetually fall asleep what do you hope to dream about?
Usually summer, a beach with sunshine.
Where do you live? I want my mango curd! :p
Manchester. You'll have to reveal yourself to get some mango curd
What problems did you have in school?
The usual - my situation wasn't unique. I was ever so slightly arrogant with teachers that - unjustly - spoke down at me; I see it more as standing up to disrespect.
How do you learn best: by listening, watching, reading or doing?
A mixture of all 4, but mainly reading/writing and doing.
Favorite Actor... and Actress...
Actor: Bradley James; Actress: Sandra Bullock
Favorite movie?
I have a few. White chicks is up there and I'd like to one day start in a white:black equivalent, by unlike 'big momma'. Aside from that, I love anything with blood, guts, gore/horror. I love the adrenaline rush from fear
If you could be any food, what would you be?
I like this question a lot. I'd have to say falafel; it's one of my fave words & I adore eating them!
What makes you happiest?
Cooking, baking/being in the kitchen.
Chips or chocolate?
Who would you call first if you won the lottery?
Vicki; the love of my life.
If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would you choose?
This reply will not come as a surprise: ‎@Nigella_Lawson - either the food by her fair hand or we'd dine out and i'd pay!
What are the things you always take with you?
An access to money - cash, debit/credit card; phone; glasses
If you could influence people like a celebrity does, how would you use it for the benefit of the planet?
Use of grammar!
Which countries have you visited?
Malta, Spain (mainland & lanzarote, fuertaventura), France (a few times/places), Greece, Germany, Belgium, Amsterdam, Canada (all over - 6 times), Gambia, Kenya, Malawi, Cyprus (North & South), Turkey, US (everywhere from AB, Canada, to Vegas). That's all that comes to mind - I may have missed one or two
What is your favorite month of the year?
February. It's still crisp but we have those says where it's cold but really sunny.
If spooning often leads to forking, is that why you always want to spoon? ;)
No. I like spooning and I like cuddling, and I'm quite very affectionate. Spooning would only lead to forking under distinct circumstances - never inevitable or not just with anyone ;)