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I want you to dick me down

Lol that's wassupp

i love ur whole Vibe lls , Imuu ..

Lol thanks who is this

follow back?

I did :)

welcome sexy nigger

Lol aha

You lookin for a gf? Or do you have a girl that fits your needs?

Hmm idk ..Im chillin but it would be nice to have a gf

sexy nigger

Lol Df ok thanks

Follow back? :)

Courtney .

I did :)

What's your favorite party game?

Twerking Df lmao no games

Who Eva Like Rate Tbh & Bf ? Do Yuu Accept This Challenge


Rate And Tbh For The Likers!!!


sorry for disturbing you but http://ask.fm/isaacrobertson is giving away gifts if you like 75 of his answers. 2 gifts if you like 150. sorry for disturbing you once again and have a great day :)


Who are your enemies?

Don't have any



Ok ion feel like txtn you thoo txt me first lol

Text me lol I'm just playing

Lol ..Kristin right?


Who Df?

No bitch

Oh diamond? Lmao

Haha cause I'm one of them

Kristin? Should've known lmao

What's two of your exes name?

Diamond and Kristin ..u on me for what?

Ok khimani daddie

Say word!

So why you taking care of a child dat ainn yours?

Don't worry bout what I do!!!

Hmm I thank she yur daughter...and she look like you

Lol u worried manee! Just know either way laa shawty getting taken care of cause she got a great mama and a loyal ass GOD dad but say word! & if she was mine I wouldn't have a problem with that

Khimani is your daughterrrrrr!!! You be lying cause I seen the pic on diamond IG and it was like khimani and her daddieeee

Okk if you say word! And that is my baby I love her like she my own, I take care of her like she my own, I spend time with her like she my own but biologically nahh she not mine but ok since u so worried


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