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Are you good at drawing?

Sometimes I like to pretend I am! Seriously, though - I'd say I'm okay at it, but nowhere near the level of most artists.

Hi Anne. I'm into the lore of WoW a lot, though it can be a bit daunting. What I was wondering is, where do you think the naga are in MoP? Doesn't feel like a WoW xpac without some naga around. For some reason I'm fascinated by them and Queen Azshara.


I suspect they're biding their time. Azshara was supposedly working for the Old Gods in Cataclysm, and you can see how well that ended up. She's either biding her time and waiting for really big moment to strike, or possibly seeking allies elsewhere, seeing as how the whole Old God thing didn't really go so well.

Do you have any tips on human lore or RP? I play one, but I find their lore the blandest of the 13 races. Dwarves descended from Titans, gnomes & goblins lost their homes, Orcs & Draenei come from another planet, Belfs were massacred, etc. Is there human lore that doesn't involve orc hate?

Ginger Park

Oh goodness. Check out the lore behind the Argent Dawn and the Scarlet Crusade. Not an orc to be found, but they're both pretty fascinating.

Dragon Soul didn't seem that well received, which is a shame since the concept was great imo. But why do you think it wasn't as popular as other finale raids, like ICC, Sunwell, & even some MoP raids? Was it a lack of new scenery or models, were the fights too long, too many adds? Or was it popular?


I think it was partially because we were stuck in it for so very, very long, and partially due to the fact that the story wasn't quite as cohesive as it could've been. Cata felt very disjointed to a lot of people - there was a cohesive story there to be found, but you really had to look to connect all the dots together.

What do you think essences of different Sha taste like?

Verroak Krasha

Have you ever been stuck in traffic behind a diesel truck when it farts exhaust? I suspect varying degrees of that.

Top 3 favorite raids in WoW, and why?

Ginger Park

Karazhan - it was just the perfect raid. Perfect layout, mysterious spooky tower, and it was Medivh's home. I'm a huge Medivh fan, so just exploring all the nooks and crannies of his old haunt was incredibly interesting. There are so many stories from Karazhan that were never told. Black Temple for much the same reasons - perfectly laid out, the bosses were challenging, and there were so many moments that made me either gape in awe (seeing Azeroth floating in the sky = brain blown) or wonder what exactly was going on. And ... oddly enough, the Sunwell. I didn't raid it when it was current content, my guild couldn't get past Brutallus. But I loved the way it was laid out, and I really liked the Sunwell trilogy manga, so it was neat to see it in game. And holy heck, Kil'jaeden emerging out of the Sunwell is still one of the neatest visual moments in the game.

how dedicated are you to being a Horde player?


Very. I love my guild, I love the storylines, I love the cities and the atmosphere. I have Alliance alts I play so that I can see Alliance content, but I don't think I could ever see myself going back to Alliance full time.

What first got you hooked on the lore of WoW?


That is an incredibly long story, but the short version -- I had a friend who wasn't a terribly emotional person. He didn't get excited about very many things. But he got really, really excited about Warcraft -- way more so than I'd ever seen him before. To me, that said that the story must be something really special, and once I started getting into it, I realized exactly how massive that story was. I like intricate things like that -- stories with so many layers that you never know when it's going to end.

Do you have any specific hopes or ideas for scenarios in the future? Like what would you like to see? Revisiting old raids, personal stories of certain characters explored, seeing parts of cities we've never seen before, etc.?

Ginger Park

More of what we saw in 5.1 -- story advancement. Also, I think they could be used brilliantly for class quests. I'd love to see class quests make a return!

How did you get started into playing WoW?

Ginger Park

A friend gave me a beta key way back in 2004. The second I strolled through Teldrassil, I was pretty much hooked.

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