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Sam you make my self esteem go down so much

Haylee Bregoff

haha why???

U are my gf ok? ok! U don't have a choice


Your smile give mee buterflies


I know who likes you


I want you

oh my

Y are ya getting so much love on here, you don't deserve it!

Haha I'm just as confused as you are

the way your eyes squint when you have your adorable laugh and those gorgeous dimples, I wish you were mine

wow anon your so nice ily

Is tht right ?

the order? we may never know hu? (;

i heard tht fonsi kid or wutever is a douche and doesnt treat u the way you should be treated !

HAHAHA what? Fonzi is the bff, where did you hear this from?

1.caleb 2. Fonzi 3. Bryan 4. Quinn 5. Mando


yur hot and wer gonna have sex u know who this is and u love me. K night sexy 

I think I know who this is

Why him

What the hell are you talking about?

Do it in order

No hahahaha, you can guess what order you want

Your hot, we should get togetha

lol ok

Eww why

Ew why what

Top 5 in order

Haha I'm still gunna go out of order but:
Caleb, Fonzi, Mando, Bryan, Quinn

Who's Sabrina going with?

Um mando

Top 2 in general

I can't do top 2 can I do top 5 please?

Who do you know that's going to homecoming?

Mando and Sabrina, and yeah idk who else

Top 2 guy friends?

From LS?

who is tht guy in your ig pic?

I'm assuming you're talking about Fonzi, that's my bff

Have you been asked to homecoming?


That smile of yours is something else!!!

Hopefully something good ((:

Have you ever been in love?

with pizza

Sam you are amazing!<3

Aw thank you amazing stranger <333


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