Shania Elizabeth @ShaniaGraham
Shania Elizabeth @ShaniaGraham
saint john nb
Brown, not Chinese Ball player, varsity shooting guard @ sjh
ill be honest, most the time
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Pap of lock and home screen
Fan girl made me this
Pap of lock and home screen
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Pap of a selfie
Snap me
Pap of a selfie
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Thoughts on Kennedy weir??:)
Nice girl
Thoughts on sherie
Love her
are you single? how old are you?‎  danycesolis
Very taken by my girlfriend who I miss so much & 17
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Your ass is more pale then a vampire 😂
Sorry I can't tan my ass
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are you gay straight, or bi?‎  danycesolis
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can you make a video saying "im gonna kick you in the balls joe" It's a bet with a freind
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Idk you but came across your ask but the girl in the pink skirt is beautiful
My girlfriend, she is pretty beautiful eh
If you could be any OITNB character, who would it be?
Ruby rose because I'd get all the hoes in jail to be my bitches
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Tbh- you're so cool and I hear you're taking over Marcus if me or Sarah can't make it !!! Good luck😂😂☺️‎  Faith Gilmore
It's a handful but it's not too bad😉 thank you ☺️
What's your favourite cheesy pick-up line? Have you ever actually used it on someone?
Amanda one day goes
" here can you hold this for me " (holds out her hand as if there's something in it) then just slips her hand into mine 😂 it was smooth asf
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7 facts about the girl you like?
-she's a baller
-she's the sassiest thing ever
-she's adorable
-she hates her feet
-she's a fag
-she cheer leads sometimes
-she's got a cute belly button
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You got it❤️
❤️❤️ why u up so late
shi likes it up the butt
Tylor is that you? 😏
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So do I have your permission to fantasize you, her, and me being together?
Go for it
What about if they fantasize of being with both you and your gf?
At the same time? Kinky
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Got a kik?
No but I have a number
What's her ask
Thoughts Shi?*‎  Fuck Bitches Get Money
I wish you would suk me off already
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Do you mind other girls fantasizing about you?
No I think that's sweet
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How far have you gone so far?
Kissed her once
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Who's ur gf
Amanda sleigh
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