Shania @ShaniaGraham
ill be honest, most the time
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ayyyyyyyyy  Ben.
I'm sleeping
My bad  Graham
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She's mine graham. Back off.  Abbie Perry
There it is
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Holy hottt  Graham
Awh thanks
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Junior  cameron™
Thanks :)
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Pce jack
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Nono back tickles ❤️❤️❤️❤️  haley
Oh yes omg
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What makes you really sleepy?
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You're a blasian haha  Damon White
I'm actually just half white and half black but I could totally pass for being Asian & I love rice so
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Hot  Damon White
Hell ya
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Are you part Asian?
Yeah, half black half Asian
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What makes life worth living?
Can someone ask me questions
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Take a picture of your home library.
What color are your eyes?
Probably blue bc I like the colour blue
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What's your favorite flavor of bubble gum?
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Couldn't tell ya ;)
Well keep doing what you were doing and I think you'll be fine ;)
Nope just to ugly ;)
Then how did you get all the girls u got before ;)
See it ? You're crazy I can barely talk to one ;)
Girl shy or what?;)
I don't get all the ladies Hahahaha like what
Yeah i see it all the time;)
What do you think about my new upload? It's free to download. Everyday i upload a new song.  PaponeMusic
Hmmm no
What do you think about my new upload? It's free to download. Everyday i upload a new song.
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Likers get thoughts
I did just do a tbh but lol I guess
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I may have been with you last night...
Do I ever want to hook up with you!
Ou who are u
Pap of the fire?
I like Jill in this one
Pap of the fire?
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I'm a friggin' comedian bud ;)  ❂Jenna McLeod❂
I'll let u think what u want ;)
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