Shania @ShaniaGraham
Shania @ShaniaGraham
ka-nah-da, saint john nb
Young hooper ig-iamm_shanikqua kik-shigraham snap chat: shaniagraham 15 Brown, not Chinese no matter how much I look it
Make a gift
ill be honest, most the time
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How far in advance do you prefer to plan?
I have nothing to plan so I don't plan in advance
Yes! :)  Kayla Wood
Can I be your wcw :(  Kayla Wood
sure hottie, make that 12
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Thoughts: dont know you but you're pretty!  KV Anonymous
thank you!
I have like 11
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Are you more of a dog person or a cat person?
Lebron's my nigga kitty
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I was adopted
Only half
Shi is the coolest person I know  Sean Clarke
Back at ya Sean
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Hey I followed you a while ago could you follow back? And would you spam for a spam? At least ten likes? Thank you I'm trying to hit 30000  Maxy Swag Byrne Latina Fucker
sorry im not into that stuff
What do you think about more than anything else?
a person & basketball
Jackson wheels almost every girl he knows
do you know what wheels means?
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When was the last time you screamed?
Today fishing hahahha them things are scary
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How much of a shopper are you?
How much of a shopper are you?
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What sound drives you crazy?
People chewing with their mouths open
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penis penis penis penis is dickk in my mouth
Don't get a STI
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do you like the dick in and around your mouth?
No I like it in the ear
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do you like small or microscopic?
do you like small or microscopic?
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hey my names shania and I like penis:)
Hahahah sameeee
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You guys want honest opinion?  Shania
Like it up
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Penis  Shania
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What are the english teachers like at saint john high?
Their really good and nice and they'll make u understand everything
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Paragraph: you're so gorgeous and you seem so nice! People say you're good at basketball and you seem to love it so you probably are!! You're stunning and seem like such an amazing person!  Allie Scott
Thanks so much :)
Yeah ....
Why do u say that?