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Shania @ShaniaGraham
Shania @ShaniaGraham
saint john nb
Brown, not Chinese Ball player, varsity shooting guard @ sjhs
ill be honest, most the time
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Tbh for likers
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tbh- you're gorgeous, seem really nice & funny!  mariah
Thank you!
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Where is the best place for a vacation?
Where is the best place for a vacation?
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Hottest guys at stm?
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10 likes for first 2 ? ♥ ♥
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Who's your boyfriend
She is, we were trying to take a pic but didn't work
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Are you single
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How old r u
What's your cell number
Who was the last person you hugged?
Who was the last person you hugged?
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I need bae
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Which is worse, being too hot or too cold?
Being cold hurts like a birch and being hot can never hurt anyone
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aw shi  morgan nichols
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Last thing to make you laugh/smile?
Orange is the new black or Morgan
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post your #stopdropselfie
My stop drop selfie was a just a black plain pic bc my camera doesn't exist in my phone anymore so I'll use this sc pic with ty
post your #stopdropselfie
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maria piltiai. she is on fb, instagram, ask and snapchat!!! :)
Who's this maria girl I wanna see this hotness
its a song by shania twain..
What are you talking about
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you are so shallow and mean and we all know that you want to be like her so stfu. i am not even maria but like omg she is sexy
For one I'm not shallow nor am I mean, for two Why would wanna be like her, sorry my opinion isn't the same as yours, also take your own advice and stfu lol
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well is she the hottest?
Jack Daigle
i dont know how to pronounce her unique last name. but she is the girl who makes hearts stop jaws drop, boys want to date and mean girls hate :)
Oh ok
are u having a party for two?
hot or not on maria
How tf am I suppose to know who Maria is, I know more than one
maria <3