Shania Elizabeth
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Did she say anything when you farted?

stop wondering about my love/fart life

Lucky her

hahaha that's fucked

Did you fart around her?


Was Amanda comfortable enough to fart around you?

yeah she was pretty comfortable

Do you find it unattractive when a guy smokes?

depends, cigarettes are gross

Do you take nudes?


Do you prefer a home cooked meal or take out?

Depends on the day

Do you prefer to be called sexy or beautiful?

Well I don't like being called "sexy" so

When did you break up?

March 9th

You broke up with her but you still want her back?


Did she break up with you


Do you still talk?


Do you think you'll ever get back?

I'm not sure hahah, I want too

What happened

Some stuff

Thoughts on me?

I don't think I know you😬

Are you and Amanda still dating?


Have you ever smoked before?

Smoke what?

Just answer like 5 more questions and I'll leave you alone

No, what do you think my farts smell like, common sense, probably like ass


Why are you so concerned about the smell that comes out my asshole

Do they smell bad?


Do you?

Maybe ;$;);););)

Do you fart a lot?


Thoughts on

Thoughts on who



Do your nipples get hard

Hahaha wtf


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Brown, not Chinese
Ball player, varsity shooting guard @ sjh

saint john nb