Shania @ShaniaGraham
ill be honest, most the time
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If you could have one superpower what would it be?
Idk, if I could go back in time .. So I wouldn't have made the mistake to date Jackson haha
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Favorite candy?
Idk, those sour cherry things
What's weird mean to u
Can't describe it, I just know weird when I see it
accept a niner for a sesh?
Get me drunk
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Who do I have to be because I'll be them
I don't really care actually, just gotta be hot and not weird
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Tbh saw you up town chill sometime your fucking awesome shi ❤️  Matt Byrne
You're the sweetest
If you're looking for someone for that makeout sesh I'm free
Depends on who u are
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tbh- girl everything about you is perfect, ilysm  Marley McNiven
Wow ilysm
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Best feature: hair
Thank you!
What's on the top of your birthday wish list?
Good make out sesh
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Are you single or taken?
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I think ur hot shi  maddie
That's all that matters to me
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Tbh- good at sports, so pretty, so funny and chill
Thank ya!
Likers think you're cute/hot?
Oh shit, pls like this to boost my confidence
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Why don't animals laugh, smile or cry?
My pussy smiles when I pet her and laughs when I play with her so
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Arent you dating jackson
Tbh Hannah's cute
tbh I don't think you like me but I think you're really good at ball and really nice and a super strong person who deserves more credit  Samantha Graham
Thank u
tbh shiiiii I really wanna write something big but that would be silly, you're pretty cute tho  morgan nichols
Wouldn't b that silly, thanks tho
Can't, watching the game!
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What are you obsessed with?
Advice for boyfriends?
I have 0 advice, but this is what I'd prefer my bf to do
-instead of smothering me with texts and snapchats Give me some space and some breathing room ( don't harass me)
-Let me hang with the my friends, and I'll let you hang with the boys.. Also don't get mad at me if i hang out with one of my guy bestfriends
-Trust me until I give you a reason to not too
-don't be clingy and don't touch me every two seconds bc I don't like it and it just gets annoying to me
-If I did something wrong, tell me.. Don't go around flirting and stuff with other girls to try and get me jealous, it's not gonna work like that
-Don't buy me crap, expensive doesn't mean better, you don't have to buy my love, just buy me chicken wings
that's all I have to say
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followed (:  IG: @ laurroselynne_
Cool name
Better shi✋  Abbie Perry
Better not be shi  Kennedy Collinsღ
I'm not !
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