Shania @ShaniaGraham
Shania @ShaniaGraham
ka-nah-da, saint john nb
Young hooper ig-iamm_shanikqua kik-shigraham snap chat: shaniagraham 15 Brown, not Chinese no matter how much I look it
Make a gift
ill be honest, most the time
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Well now...  haley
U must be drunk cause I told u!
U guys r dating ?!  haley
U know this already
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What’s something you should throw away, but can’t?
My brother
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are you and jackson dating? :)
Yes mam/sir :)
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Jackson is a dick
He's very nice to me so that's all that matters :)
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what do you think of the cafe crew @ sjh
Can be intimidating tbh but once you talk to them there really cool!
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thoughts on bria irving and taylor pearman
They're both really pretty and seem like really nice girls :)
What do you do if you can’t sleep at night?
Fuck bitches
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nice ass wanna smash?;)
never heard that one before ;)
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What perfume are you wearing today?
fartt by beyonce
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She's really nice and social so I'm sure you guys will end up being friends one day(:
cant wait :) and I believe it!
is he actually happy with her or?
he's more then happy with her, like happy cant even describe it
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is it awk that your cousin is dating on of your bestfriends?
not at all, im glad its her and not a different girl tbh! I think there perfect for eachother!
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A+ your a beaut  Molle Thompson
Thank you:)
Thoughts on Taylor Stewart? She lives out in the kv area I think
shes stunning and a total sweetheart! wish I knew her more!
Fav couple? Besides you&jackson duhh
haha um haley and ryley and lauren and Fletcher! & my cousin and Emily ;)
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Who knows the most about you?
hal, em, morg & cuz!
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Post some funny animated GIF.
too inappropriate
What makes you wake up each morning?
The thought that I get to go to school and see some of my best friends/or if I have to pee
pic of your feet so i can massage
You can only massage my feet if you're here
was that u that kicked my balls?
foot massage ?
Id love one
u kicked me in mine lol
My bitch sucked me off too hard last night
my balls hurt
So do mine
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so kick i bet i have some
I'm right lost hahaha not understanding these questions at all