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ill be honest, most the time
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Thoughts on Lauren Titus
I'm glad I met her back in the day
Who's the one for you ?
Can't even believe you asked me this
Who's the one for you ?
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you're number of likes are crazy  joe ohara
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bruh you a like god  joe ohara
Bruh what are you saying
Can you truly love more than one person?
You can love as many people as you want, but being " In love " with someone is a total different thing and I only think u can feel that with the "one"
Seriously tho fuck love
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tbh I literally love you and your hugs and your cute little personality you're such a bae it hurts ily  Julia Sheehan
I dig this tbh, ilysm
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Do you still have feelings for him ?
No, but I'll always care, even though he's a dick and I hate him and he's a dick
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why not
Not really my kind of song what do you think of this song
Don't like it
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What do you regret the most?
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thoughts on tylor linton?
He's my fav and has the cutest smile
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3 Bestfriends ?
Emshiels, HD, morg
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Shi I wonder who took your display picture???
Some cool chick, name starts with a c I think ???
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What do you dream about?
My boyfriend that I don't have
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Post a picture of the weather where you are!
Sweating pussy
Post a picture of the weather where you are!
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feeling like someone else took a picture of this  Samantha Graham
Nope ur drunk
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Baseball!  Zack Nowlan
But I play soccer too, that has to change your mind
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how many people have a picture like that...  Samantha Graham
ihuuuu  Samantha Graham
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How was the party last night? Were any girls on Christian? ?
It was good and then bad and then good again & no, but why does that matter anyways?
Thoughts on devon scoville
Love that guy to death
What's your favourite thing about Saint John?
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Hot! duhh  Graham
As long as I'm hotter than Sam;) thanks bb
Hot! duhh
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You're beautiful !
Thanks cutie