Shari Asgill @ShariAlana410
Shari Asgill @ShariAlana410
15 / ldh / sophomore / obla
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chill ppl in ur classes
science - kiki, mel , addie ,tegan and kuds
buss - sandesh , laura , taylor
math- mads, trisha ,kiki , iqbal
french- addie, trisha , josh , omar , haleigh , tarik
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Prettiest gr 10 white arab asian brown black girls
whyy ??
what's obla
it's a chief keef reference
cute boys in ur classes
science - addie and tegan
business - eric, josh and greg
math - justin
french - josh and addie
loool this is totally my ratchet from the glebe ;)
just a tad ? thats what they call me
What is the strongest animal?
a lion will rip you apart so yeah a lion
Pretty grade 10 Asian, white, brown, Arab, black?
there's alot of beautiful girls in my grade soooo nahh
Pretty grade 11 Asian, white, brown, Arab, black?
asian - shiela
white - everyone whos white
arab - abubu, mona
black - daniella
How's colin
fuck colin
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Twerk 4 meh
listen to big spender and ill twerk for ya
So I heard ur like 6'1
lool i wish , im a midget
What's a warning sign that you're in the presence of bad company?
When their name is kudrat .... Ratchet on ratchet
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shari i fuckin love u #shariappreciationask  kudrat
My fave , i love these little appreciation things Kudkud
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What does it mean when a girl smiles at a boy?
Good things ;)
What do you like to talk about the most?
No comment
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Do you prefer talking or texting?
Talking for sure cause when you text you never know how the person is truly feeling
who would you like to get to know more in grade 10 and 11
Everyone , i honestly need to meet some new people right about now * message me *
U r a babe- xoxo ki
I love you ki <33
What's ur bra size
Does it really matter to you ?
DEADDDDDD , well this escalated quickly ;) i mean yeah you are :o
i thought i was ur fave slut.........  kudrat
you are my fave slut like would i even be breathing without you in my life
bitch just show me your fatass
bad bitches don't take orders from people like you
what do you want for a twerk video
i can not twerk to save my life, no ass tuesday
Who was the last person you met today?
T Barnes and Fabi :* my faves