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How long have you lived in your current home?

8 years holla

What would you name your first child?

Tatianna if its a girl
Mason or Jeremiah or Xavier if its a boy

Which country do you want to visit?

Greece <3

Which is your favorite TV show?

Suits all day everyday

hottest white guys in 11 at ldh

can you give me a list ??

limbo? thats so old lmao.

i know , I went on a cruise in the summer and I just heard it and it's still one of my favs

Would you date a white guy

lool yeahh

First three songs in your favorite playlist?

Anaconda - Nicki Minaj
Limbo - Daddy Yankee
2 on - Tinashe

likers get?

a tbh ?

How would you describe your perfect sandwich?

Grilled cheese will forever be my number 1

what turns you on about looks and personality?

lots of things like nice smile , nice eyes , fit body but personality is important too like being nice, sweet and caring is better than having abs

how far would u go ?

Lool isn't this kind of personal

If you had an extra hour of free time every day, what would you do with it?

Watch more Netflix !!

What turns you on?

Go for Greek , Niles and nice eyes and a good smile :)

How can we save the World from global warming?

nothing , we are all going under

toss me my $10 on monday after I study

loool crunch time is upon us already .... have fun studying

im going to do that to your face .....

if you ain't talking go for greek , i dont want to talk

actually you belong there ..... im done

blackk girls at ldh?????

me , ashley, trisha , deleshia and yeah thats it

hostest gr 12 boyss

markus, jake , wassim , this random italien guy , the nark that left, colin , chris, matt , paul

eww go for greek sucks

if i ever find out who you are , I will come after you and make you regret those words

more like the cover would say "thot"

LOOOLLL cause im the baddest hoe in ottawa #callme

If there were a book about your life, what the cover would look like?

A girl who just won free go for greek for life


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