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lacrosse selfie??
lacrosse selfie??
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Oh my god your hot
Hi CJ hahah
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that was me v
Not a ten?:(
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rate 9
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Do sexual truths
I don't even know if anyone even used ask anymore but yea sure
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You're such a lil cutie patoote!!
Wait whatt haha
hottest seniors at school
I don't really know that many senior girls at my school
oh good thing u got it back
did you get your phone back
Taking a nap
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Shawn it's Charlie raney from math class, lets go to McDonald's with Cj and get dranks!!!  Emily Hunt
Ok charley
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good day??
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Out in the rain
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Are u and cj Roman on varsity lax
Yea hahah #twins
What is your high score in Flappy Bird?
What's Flappy Bird?
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Tbh ur really funny and I can't wait to do a shoot for u and Haley! Haha
Yea that's gonna be fun:)
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true lol anyways have a good weekend:)
You too:)!
ok thanks for not pressuring me haha:)
Honestly you can't really pressure a random person hahaha
well that's nice:)
Well when you want to tell me who you are feel free:)
because idk im nervous and you won't like me anyways
Is this a joke? Haha I don't (not like) pretty much anyone. I love everyone hahah
I don't know if I wanna tell you haha
Why not?:(
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someone that thinks youre nice and cute haha:)
Who could that be:)?
of course haha im always up for listening to new music:)
Wait who is this??:)
that's a good song haha
You actually listened to it?!❤️ wow thanks haha:)
what kind of music do you like?:)
Anything BUT country. I don't want to hear that✋
what kind of music do you like?:)