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What is missing in your life that would make you very happy?
Jade Martinnnnnnn
Best teacher back at cooper?
Mrs. Schaeffer hands down
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Quick question .. Where's my monkey ?
Lol Defiantly my monkey
Just wanted to say we can't wait to have you in Hilton on Sunday. Enjoy your visit, Hilton will be rockin!
Thanks. Can't wait!
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Who's you're favorite sister ?
None of my sister mess with me anymore
Decided when you're going to make your decision yet?
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What is one thing that many people don't know about you?
I love animals !
How good and sexy is kelly Oubre?!??! ;)
lmaoo dawg ugly ah but he nice af. we gone eat together
Who you think is gonna eat this year and if you say joe...
Lol Jo
Since you aren't taking an official to Iowa State does that mean they aren't top 5??
lol imma go out on a limb and say iowa st will make my top 5
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Favorite town in Minnie
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Is Trey Rooney a good bro?
yeah he is. thats my brother man
I heard that you are afraid of playing hoops in Minnedota that's why you is movin
lol Yeahh okayy.
Miss anyone?
yessssssssssssssssss sooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhh
Best part about MN?
My family
Bro Jo is weak n u know it
lmaoo think so?
What's your fan mail address I'm finna send you something
ummmm i dont have one
What would you do if my granny smacked you?  tre
Smack youuu
Who's the most loyal person you know
lol Coach P
Who you honestly think is going to go off this year at cooper?
What will you miss most about home?
My family and my barber
Are you going to miss crushing north branch and the rest of the north suburban conference?
lol Im going to miss the love i got at north branch when i went out there! #greatpeople
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Favorite Highlight by any basketball player
DeAndre Jordan #smh
why you be talking to Chaise like he cool ?
lol He isss cool
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Ever heard of J Wahl or Tavote Woods?
awww yeah i listen to my bro Woods too of course. He out here!