Seba (◕‿◕✿) @Sibsib
Yes, I'm from Bahrain.
i support all human rights ✧・゚:*✧・゚:* \(◕‿◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
don't talk about rape lightly to me. or youll be instantly blocked
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What is paradise for you?
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Do you have sex the beginning of adolescence?
Wtf is this question. I don't even know what you're asking!
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Why did you delete your instagram seb  Altay Butokova
It was boring, I'll remake it in the summer maybe!
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Which form of art do you believe is most influential? Why? Post an art piece that influenced you lately.  rx
Poetry! Because words have the power that drawings could never match up to.
Which form of art do you believe is most influential? Why? Post an art piece that influenced you lately.
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Ur instagram?
I deleted it
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If you were president, what is the first thing you would do?  Alien
Probably make racism illegal
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are you brainwashed? Most probably you would say no. Most of the people get their beliefs from their childhood and that's a fact. If you were born in a different country, would you be believing in something other than your current religion? (Feel free to delete this question. Thank you all)
I can guarantee I am mostly not brainwashed, considering my beliefs don't align with what they teach and enforce in my country..and whole region really.
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change your dp please, not being mean or anything
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Do you find comfort in nudity? Why / why not?  Diāna
No, because I've been made to feel it's wrong by society lol
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مين اخر شخص شفته
my friends kazuki, mattika, and nader
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may i be the next blocked?  AVGVSTVS ROMANVS IMPERATOR
why would i block you? oh and by the way, Italians, spanish, and portuguese people are all considered white.
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how many users did u block?  AVGVSTVS ROMANVS IMPERATOR
more than i can count
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If you had a brainwashing machine, who would you use it on?  Ayman A. Jibril .. ايمن
myself. id much rather lose all my memory and start over with my whole life and growth.
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Hey, so I got you all a little quiz for today. Answer all the 13 questions and post your results. Good luck
Hey, so I got you all a little quiz for today. Answer all the 13 questions and post your results. Good luck
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What are you expecting from the new season of "Game of Thrones"?
50 scenes of naked women
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What is your favourite song at this very moment? =)  Teyla
hard choice but this is one! it's hard not to like a talking heads song.
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Question of the day: what's your understanding of The Illuminati?
some stupid thing about how apparently we are getting brainwashed because when music is put backwards and celebrities make particular poses then it's some Satan appreciation which is straight up stupid because basic psychology tells you that you won't be brainwashed by subliminal messages that are put backwards because your mind can't pick that up and no one gets brainwashed by some stupid symbol. people making stupid conspiracies as always.
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do you have a tongue piercing?  Mirghani Jr.
nope, i wish!
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I misstated that. I meant there is so much to learn in Islam it could take a lifetime is what I have been told. Don't delete insta I like your pics on there ;) how is your day going?
i don't think there's that much to learn! that sounds like an exaggeration. it's quite straightforward
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Are You An Anal Person ?
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Post new pics on insta
i don't know. kinda wanna delete it
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I am pretty unorthodox Christian as well and from America. I know how that sounds lol. But through my studies I have met a lot of Muslim people and friends and I don't associate with what has happen.. But I do know that the study of Islam is quite complicated and takes years to fully understand it.
not really? unless you don't understand Arabic but if you do it's pretty easy. it's just vague which is why people come to a lot of different conclusions
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I agree they pretend like it only happens in some other world you could say. Do you consider yourself a devout Muslim?
no, im pretty unorthodox too. i dont agree with many things but out of all the old, books brought down by god books, Islam is the best, in my opinion at least. not saying Muslim countries or the societies of today are the best because everyone knows that total bollocks but the religion itself has less.. questionable things let's say.
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You're welcome. Christianity is the same about prematerial sex. But I see it as if you love for someone and care about them and see a future why not?
yeah that makes sense but that's really not a thing worth telling most muslims nor devout Christians. plus people act like no one ever gets raped before marriage and act like the whole issue is black and white when it isn't.
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Nah but pictures are amazing I follow you on instagram and I can tell your a good person :)
aww thanks!!
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