How are you? :)

I'm ok Hbu?

I would really appreciate if you would answer my survey for my research. Thank you!: Psyche

It's closed?

what are you studying ?


If you could change something about Bahrain, what would it be? deenah

hahaha can't say that ;p

Do the same words feel different through different languages?

yaaaaa like food sounds more appealing in arabic

do you have an instagram ? and are you accepting random people ?

no i don't have insta

i want to be blocked :mirko Rosiconio Pilonio Montozzi


how is your skin so clear :( deenah

it's not OMG! but it is definitely far better than it was before >_<

Honestly you are so intelligent! Mashallah tbh deenah

Thank u ;--;

Hi! Could you please sign my petition? My school admin is not allowing us to play a video we made on Islam awareness and by doing so, are proving ignorance to the situatuion. Thank you!! ❤️

ooh I used to go there!

How do you differentiate between interest and belief? I've been doing a little research on Islam, both by talking to Muslim people and reading books/articles/etc, and I think it's such an incredible beautiful religion. I feel moved by everything about the prophet but idk if it is right for me?

I think if u feel connected to it and believe that what u r reading is true and logical then that's what makes it belief rather than merely interest! A lot of ppl that converted to Islam said that they feel like the religion kind of spoke to them, like they were touched by the words that they were reading

That's a good idea, I'd like that, but I don't know if it's safe for Israelis to go there, I'm looking it up but can't find any useful information. I'll dig deeper later.

it's probably safer for Israelis there than it is for Palestinians, they have a lot of Israeli military and checkpoints there

I understand but i feel like "shairah" law can be interpreted in different ways, in ways that would suit the muslim world better than secualr ideals

it can be interpreted in many ways but there will always be people fighting against how it's interpreted and want it to be stricter or less strict, and complain about how it isn't real islam, the problem with different sects having different beliefs which will lead to sectarianism etc etc. i think secularism is better, religion shouldn't be mixed with politics, otherwise we can't move forward nor can we think critically. countries under sharia care more about following their religion than they care for what's best for the people and that's not right.

What is your relationship with your faith?

what do u mean?

Why get women pray on their periods? are we dirty

we aren't, but islam doesn't allow anyone bleeding out from anywhere to pray for as long as the blood is there.

Pretty plain, nothing special. Hopefully I'll do on that trip all across Israel by foot soon. :)

OOOOH cool! U should check out the west bank or somethin

is Islamic law better than secular western law?

no. secularism is better, and secularism isn't a western ideal.

How's your week been, lovely people?

soooo tiring 😭😭i want summer break already. hbu??

dream job

Clinical psychologist

You are so cute omg deenah

thank u ;w;!!

Seba do you have an application that you always put your pictures on it ??


are you a practicing Muslim?

what do u count as practicing

متى بتردي البحرين؟


do you think the gulf will ever become more progressive?

hopefully.. but not any time soon




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