Seba (◕‿◕✿) @Sibsib
Yes, I'm from Bahrain.
i support all human rights ✧・゚:*✧・゚:* \(◕‿◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
don't talk about rape lightly to me. or youll be instantly blocked
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Do you have an amazon wishlist? Can you link it please? :)
why do you need it?
I was debating with someone on Reddit today about something and I decided to ask you people about your opinions on the matter; do you think the turmoil and strife in the Middle East today is the islamic version of the Protestant Reformations?  Li Ru
well i think it's not specifically the middle-east, but the muslim world as a whole. but yeah, i mean i haven't looked into the protestant reformations but i always saw what's happening to the islamic world as a stage similar to what the christian world once went through. they called it the dark ages, i believe? i think that's what the muslim world is going through. we are living through the islamic dark ages.
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Hey, how are you all doing? well I just want to apologize if I ever said to anyone anything wrong, I'm opening a really new page and after my recent fucked up situation with the Kuwaiti CID I had to think and see where I am standing.. I don't make any sense.. Much love and my apologies  AD
omg what happened with kuwait man?! please let me know. hope you're ok. shit happens to everyone, so dont let this bring you down, ok?
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What is your native language?
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Seba, I miss you talking to you. I wish you could come to America. I told you I would help you and I failed. I apologize
who are you? no one told me they would help me in america.
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من لاعب عليك يَ روح أمك وقال ان المتحجبات كذا ؟ والمفصخات على القران !! هبال
that's not what the picture means honey. it means "don't judge a book by its cover". just because someone is covered, doesn't mean they're a good muslim. only an idiot thinks that if you look a certain way it means you're religious. i know a christian woman who wears a hijab to respect the culture, i know a muslim girl who wore a hijab and smoked and partied and lied to her parents, i can go on forever.
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hahahahah its so funny how people want to decide if you're muslim or not, what they don't get is that every single person does sins, They don't know what you're are doing when your alone, or what you're thoughts are, Islam isn't only your actions (sry for the bad English)  Kara Gilinsky
this picture says it all (and your english is good)
hahahahah its so funny how people want to decide if you're muslim or not, what they don't get is that every single person does sins, They don't know what you're are doing when your alone, or what you're thoughts are, Islam isn't only your actions (sry for the bad English)
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What's one belief in your life that has slowed you down and/or held you back from doing certain things?  Teyla
Nothing. If it's something I want to do I'll do it. If I actually believed in it, I wouldn't want to do it.
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What's one dream that you've had in your head for a while and have not yet taken action on?  Teyla
I really want to sing on stage again but I have too much fear :(
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If you had a chance to be the opposite sex for one day , would you use it ?  Arika
Sure. Preferably at a time when I'm supposed to have my period tbh.
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Could you ever kill a human ?  Arika
There are some people I'd happily kill. But I'm pretty sure I'll feel really guilty and traumatized over it.
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Why is hypersomnia linked to depression, in your opinion?  Diana
Probably because a lot of people resort to sleep when they're depressed so sleeping a lot often and always feeling tired can be a sign of the illness
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i live in malkiyah as well, the beach is alright but its rather polluted
can't expect better from bahrain
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بتحب مصر ؟
you guys have so much yet so little. i love egypt and egyptians.
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do u ever go to malkiyah beach?
my mom tells me its nice but i have never proper gone
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snapchat: ‎@sebaisdumb
instagram: ‎@sebaabd
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where do you live?
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sha5bar 7beebitch elfilipinyy??
i don't even have any male filipino friends lol awks.
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it really messes me up that you can accidentally create a human life but you can’t accidentally make a pizza
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ولك الدكانة الي جنبنا سكرت شو اسوي
im not sure if i understood any of this except for the "what do i do" bit at the end? sorry if this is a dialect i'm unfamiliar with, then i most probably will not get you.
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I'm not assuming, or judging. Well tbh i did judge you for being a classy person. You look greaat in this dress. Slightly off topic, but i just wanted to say that i never even ask people here i was just really curious.
aw, that's nice of u, thanks! its not a dress tho. but thank u.
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Omg you're so stubborn; like me. Just don't take it as an argument. Because i was just asking. I really didn't know and you left me wondering. And that's what is for, not leaving someone to wonder.
ok try not to be rude or accusatory next time then.
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So why do you say alsamu 3aleikum? "Asalamu" means peace. While alsamu means death and doom. I'd read in an islamic book that a jew said to muhammed "alsamu alayk" so muhammed pbuh said and to you too.
oh no! typo! one whole letter from one word! i am such an evil traitor and this completely changes my religion!
alsamu is not a used word in arabic and i don't speak hebrew if whatever you're saying is from there. chill.
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Are you a jew?
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imagine that if u were homeless, are u able to steal money..???  ☣☠(ᙖLᗩᙅK)☠☣
i know for a fact that i'd feel too scared and guilty to do it. i'd probably ask someone for help or just die.
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