Seba (◕‿◕✿) @Sibsib
Yes, I'm from Bahrain.
i support all human rights ✧・゚:*✧・゚:* \(◕‿◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
don't talk about rape lightly to me. or youll be instantly blocked
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what's the oldest thing you still have?  ♬ EbrahimX7™
probably my organs
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a word to your best friend/s ~  ☣☠(ᙖLᗩᙅK)☠☣
"it would b cool if u existed"
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how do u deal with annoying friends usually..???  ☣☠(ᙖLᗩᙅK)☠☣
i AM the annoying friend
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What song/s would you want to be played at your funeral?  ספיר
it's dark and creepy, perfect way to have them remember me lol.
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what's yr new tumblr url ? :(
i don't wanna publicize it here but if u come off anon i can let u know (also if u follow me ill still b on ur dash!!!)
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What kind of associations pop into your head when it comes to bathtubs filled with blood? What could such a "bloodbath" symbolize and why?
i think of horror movies because that idea is so overused that it's just become a part of a horror movies rather than something terrifying ;p it's just meant to freak you out because someone is insane enough to take bloodbaths
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Riddle of the day: What are four days of the week that start with the letter "T"?  Seeds Of Iblis
thursday, tuesday, today, tomorrow???? (idk I TRIED)
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Do you think experience can damage our judgement? If so, then how?  ספיר
i think every experience we have helps improve our judgment because we become less and less ignorant on certain things which makes our judgment better.
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what's your favorite noodle ??? ❤️_❤️  ❤️LUNARPEPPER❤️
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What is the worst, most idiotic question you've ever received? And you're not allowed to answer with "the one I just answered".  ספיר
anything to do with ‎@hilolhibye is very idiotic because she is a poo
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What's something the more you think about, the more absurd and ridiculous it seems?  ספיר
this probably would offend someone but religion, i mean the more i put everything put into it into perspective the more it sounds like a marvel movie or a mythical story.
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Why you hate me so much?
assuming you're someone i actually know, i only really hate one person and that one person actually harmed me a whole lot, so if you're that one person, which i doubt you are, then it would be easy to figure out why i hate you. if you're NOT that one person, i might not like you so much because you also harmed me or were just a horrid friend to me, OR i actually don't have anything against you but you think i hate you because i'm just cold, detached and bad with socializing. if you haven't done me any wrong, i'm 900% sure i don't hate you.
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do you hate islam ? if yes why ?
i don't hate islam, 99% of my family is muslim and most people i know are muslim, i don't like the sharia law, yes, but i don't hate islam. it's not what i personally believe in but i do respect the people who follow it correctly and i don't have anything against the religion itself.
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When was the last time you marched into the dark with only the soft glow of an idea you strongly believed in?  Caden
i actually don't get the metaphor here, i feel stupid right now haha
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What do you think about people sending hate behind a screen?
Pathetic cowards that like to act tough, the whole act is petty and I have no idea what kind of person has such little self love that they have to attack people on a place where they can't face consequences for their actions.
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Would you ever date a Christian guy?
Sure. But I won't marry him since it's punishable by death in Islam if a woman marries a non Muslim man.
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Do you think people can control their own destiny?  Toxic
sort-of, we can control our actions and our actions is what leads to our future and our 'destiny', but unless we know our destiny and how we got to it, we can't DIRECTLY change it.
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Question of the day: What would happen if you never wasted another minute of your life, what would that look like?  Seeds Of Iblis
i'd be at the top of my class, really fit and good looking, popular, and well.. the ultimate human being, pretty much.
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Do you laugh when you get your feet tickled?
no, i kick people in the face.
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Is "Desserts" the answer to stress since "Stressed" backwards spells "Desserts"?
sure, if you don't mind raising your risk of becoming obese or diabetic.
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What color are your toenails painted?
Colour of your blood.
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In honour of 9/11.
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So for the next question I want you all to go a bit crazy with your answers. Whats 1+1?  Seeds Of Iblis
Oh man, I don't think you're ready for such an answer. This question has defined the earth, so simple yet so complicated, I cannot simply give you the answer in words, so here's a video.
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How would discovering the fact that you will be murdered by a serial killer (painless death) and your body will be mutilated, dismembered, absolutely emptied of blood (but you would not feel a thing, since you would already be dead) in the future make you feel and why?
It creeps me out and it's not really how I'd want my body to be found, but seeing as I was put out of my misery painlessly, it's not too bad.
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If you were trapped on a remote island forever with a CD walkman, 1 album & a lifetime supply of batteries which album would you choose & why?
Probably Marina & the Diamonds' "The Family Jewels"
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