Seba (◕‿◕✿) @Sibsib
im 17.
i support all human rights ✧・゚:*✧・゚:* \(◕‿◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
don't talk about rape lightly to me. or youll be instantly blocked
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Answer this test and share the results. Do you think you're exactly the kind of person described in this test? Why?  nabilah
ah ive taken this before, mine is INFP and i think it describes me perfectly ;p
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do you know that song " i just had sex " what do you think about it ?
its got a very important, significant, spiritual meaning to me.
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what do u think about people who is cool in social networks but in real life they are just assholes?
that sounds like me
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would u be attracted to anonymous boy who do dangerous moves and dance in puplic places like CC or funland and places like that ?
dancing in public is not my perception of "dangerous", and i don't like faceless people i don't know.
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What mostly attracts you to a man ?
A+ attitude
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can u tell me about human rights, and where you live?
human rights: rights of a human, equality or justice on certain topics are a good example. it's a very big list of things, so i suggest you google it.
and i live in bahrain, it says right on my description that i do.
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have you an email?
no i live under a rock
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Did you know that I am a person you know but you will never know who it is but you know me in person! :D
Did you know that I am a person you know but you will never know who it is but you know me in person! :D
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u should listen to sasha lopez , gazzo , and LMFAO
no thanks i don't want to go deaf
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and how about dancing in the street while the traffic light is red ?  Majed
I live in Bahrain, people here leave their kids hanging from the trunk of their car.. I don't think dancing on the streets is even relevant here.
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why playing football in malls y3tbr crazy thing ? it's only football !!  Majed
Because no one plays sports in malls? This is like asking "why don't people get married in the classroom?? It's just marriage"
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did u ever dance on the edge of house or building ?  Majed
No, I've watched too many horror movies to be that reckless.
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any good songs for partying? beside avicii and pitbull  Majed
What kind of fucker listens to pitbull and avicii during parties? Sounds like a terrible party x_x
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Can you love out of lust?  ספיר
Yeah if by love you mean sex.
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why do girls like gays i mean at the end they are BOYS !!
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Do you think that the amount of a person's wealth should match the amount of their intellect? Why?  Diana
No, I know people from royal families that have the intellect of a human child raised by sloths.
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Most of human beings associate the word "fetish" with something sexual, even though fetishes can be nonsexual, as well. Do you associate the word "fetish" with sexual things solely or do you view it in a broader sense? Why?  Diana
I see it as an attraction to something? Fetishes are typically sexual, I haven't heard them used outside of that context really, they're like interests that not everyone has? I don't know how to put it into words, tbh.
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do u like funland and do u think that now is better or before
I like Funland but I haven't gone for a year and a half or more.
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do u believe in magic and ghosts ?
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wht if you was walking and custe stranger comes to u and says that he loves u wht r going to say to him ?
i'd be like m8 u dont fukin know me
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what do u think about who see supernatural things ( jinn w shya6een )
science calls that "schizophrenia" :p
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What are some curses/insults/"bad words" you know in a language other than English? Don't judge me, I'm just expanding my vocabulary.  ספיר
't look like a fool I'll just say one in my mother tongue,
طز فيك
كس أمك
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have you a boyf?
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Can you tell me about thyself?
ask and you shall receive.
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Would you like to be in love with a black guy?
im not racist so someones skin colour wouldn't be something that'll play a factor in my love towards them.
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