Seba (◕‿◕✿) @Sibsib
Yes, I'm from Bahrain.
i support all human rights ✧・゚:*✧・゚:* \(◕‿◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
don't talk about rape lightly to me. or youll be instantly blocked
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I'm from saudi arabia
How old are you?
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امممم طيب عطيني جمله بس على خفيف وبحاول ارد علييك
Where are you from?
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ماشاء الله ليتني مثلك اتكلم انجليزي كذا
ليش ما تتعلم؟ كلش سهل!
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Donya goes to your university?
What university? Who is Donya?
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Aktr 7aga btz3lk mn so7abk ?! :\
They don't understand me I suppose ;w;
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If you could go back in time, what is one piece of advice you would give your younger self?  Ayman A. Jibril .. ايمن
I'll tell her to stop being friends with certain people or not to befriend certain people.
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cool i hate grammars's grammar not grammars. Don't talk to me in English.
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when was the last time you have cum ?
Since when was semen food?
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What do people usually misunderstand about you?  Alien
I think people misunderstand me as a whole until they get to know me
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Who is your favorite live performer?
Sia and Marina and the Diamonds
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have you came to Egypt before ?
At least once, yes.
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I want to kiss You
روح توضاء
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Do you love sex ?
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We as a Muslims ... We just feeling proud just for hear the word so ... This such a grace from God so u should be thankful ..... You said just you feel ashamed or something :)
I'm sorry I have no idea what you're talking about.
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Who are you when no one is watching?  دانة
Freddie Mercury
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are u happy with him/her ?
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are u taken ?
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you're too beautiful. you make me cry bc ugly :(
Don't be silly!!! I bet you're gorgeous.
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the emaratis and well off khaleejis living here are probably the happiest citizens in the world! In Bahrain, the protesters cause a problem, they interrupt calmness and progress. The government could be focusing on developing the country further and finding ways to open more opportunities for us  دانة
Bahrain hasn't had any progress before the protests, if it has it was very slight progress and in other areas they got worse, so I don't think there is any weight to what you are currently saying. The government isn't doing much about the protests to begin with, they simply attack or jail protestors, so I wouldn't say that they aren't rapidly progressing due to the protests because they're not doing much when it comes to the protests to begin with.
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Can you ask ‎@EmilyGreen317 some questions pls she'll return with likes:)?
‎@Emilygreen317 no thank u
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I'm comparing living here to there, Dubai has many more activities to do and one doesn't get bored. About the protestors, I've studied a couple of rebellions & I can estimate how far a country could've gone if a certain event didn't occur, the "what ifs" are endless but neither of us is correct  دانة
All the ones I can think of have progressed somehow, like I know right now many countries that included rebellions like Egypt and Syria are doing badly but of course it has to get really bad before it gets better. Anyways, it is true that in those terms Dubai is far better. I don't disagree that UAE as a country is better than Bahrain.
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Your page is interesting :) as a Bahraini fellow, what are your thoughts about our country?  دانة
I think that our country has so much potential of being an amazing place. It's so sad that not many steps are being taken to have our country at its utmost potential. Nevertheless, I love my country, I love our people, this is my home and I'd much rather have it as the mess it is than not have it at all.
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Would you like to explain your complicated answer?
Hm..I'll try but I don't expect you to understand. I was born and raised as a Muslim, on any official forms my religion is Muslim. However, I don't have any solid beliefs nor do I fully agree with Islam, so I typically do not identify as Muslim, but identification is nothing because I'm still Muslim and I'm still treated as a Muslim. So basically, yeah I'm Muslim, but it's more complicated than that if you'd like to consider my personal identification.
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Are you a Muslim?
That's a question that has a very complicated answer.
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