Seba (◕‿◕✿) @Sibsib
im 16.
i support all human rights ✧・゚:*✧・゚:* \(◕‿◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
don't talk about rape lightly to me. or youll be instantly blocked
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Is 'fear' a feeling or an instinct?  Seagull
a feeling, people aren't born with fear towards things they fear today, so it's not really an 'instinct'
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What are some things you're passionate about?  ספיר
social justice
and anything along those lines ^-^
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want to make new friends?
what r 'friends'
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Isn't it difficult to be neutral in national conflicts?
i don't think anyone is ever neutral, they either have an opinion that they don't want others to know of or they don't know anything about the conflicts so they pretend that they do and claim they're 'neutral'.
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Suggest me 3 users to follow and why I should follow them:  ספיר
1) ‎@Effigy666 i find him interesting
2) ‎@SimpleLifeTeyla always puts well thought out answers!
3) ‎@hilolhibye (yes u) interesting answers and good music taste!!
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Do you sit on public toilets??  Eng-Suhaib AbuAlzait
i hate public bathrooms, i try to avoid them. >_<
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What would be the ideal job for you personally?  AD
psychologist! i love helping people and apparently i'm good at it, if that weren't it though then i'd be a lawyer because i'm good at arguing and i love arguing. ^-^
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post a picture  Dosh ☆
this picture accurately describes me
post a picture
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Still in Choueifat?  Ahmed Al Halwachi
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Hahaha don’t be embarrassed to admit stuff here! I am sure we go through the same thing. I somehow can imagine what one of those things is :P . It has to do with your 7th grade friend? Haha! I am even blushing about it but I guess part of it is what society expects from us, not guys. Unfair =/
;w; that's how life is sadly, we were all raised the same way in those areas
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What does SibSib mean?
it was a nickname someone i used to be best friends with gave me a few years ago. :) my name is pronounced "siba" not seeeeeba, so "sib-sib"
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when will u turn 17?
12 days
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Why do they call it taking a dump Shouldn't it be leaving a dump?  AD
Why do they call it taking a dump Shouldn't it be leaving a dump?
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Hi . Where are you from ?
kingdom of bahrain
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Saudian ?
it clearly says i'm bahraini, dear.
anyways, i decided to follow AD's example and made this page: so send me your opinions on me there bc i've gotten quite a few on here and haven't responded since this is a question site not an opinions one ;)
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Have you ever been shy or embarrassed to admit stuff here on ask?
yeah. lots of things >_<
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What's wrong with your nose?
it's an Arab nose bae, what's wrong with your manners?
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pap = gifts
wait am i getting gifts for this or what??
pap = gifts
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Pussy cats are cute you know :p  Khalid Abdullah
they're cute but my doggie is cuter
Pussy cats are cute you know :p
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What's your favorite food?
jks i don't eat cats, that's disgusting.
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Life goal to have a girl like you? lol you bi? that would be quite good news for me...jks :P
hahah it's just flattering, not to have girls like me (i guess thats even more flattering but) but like find me attractive because that means you're doing something right.
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Do you think some people in ask "cheat" their questions? Like, if someone confronts someone else and that person knows he/she is wrong so therefore doesn't show that question knowing they were wrong?
eh.. it's possible that they addressed it previously or don't care. it's not really "cheating". i have many unanswered questions, some of them are legitimate ones, because i've already stated my point or i just don't have a response to it.
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"Contain your boners"? hahaha! Well, I am bi and I find you attractive. Therefore, you should add "hold yourselves from getting wet"? lol cheers!
contain ur lady boners too (woo a lady finds me attractive, one of my life goals achieved)
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Do you still meet your friends from 7th grade? The ones that said a funny thing to you. Not sure if you remember that story you shared a couple of weeks ago.
the one i mentioned is in canada now, haven't seen her for about.. 2 years now? we're not in touch anymore. i'm still in touch with many of my close friends from 6th-7th grade though! ^_^
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At what age did you kiss for the first time?
does my mom count?
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