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Would you rather chew off a dick or have a threesome with yo parents

What kinda shit is this? What the fuck?


My nigga is my brother like my mother's kid.

What makes you feel like a boss?

Being WarHOV.

hi khyle!

Hey. How ya doing?

Who would you like to be?

Stress free.

I don't have a phone but that's all I wanted to say. It wasn't anything where I needed to text you for. y'all suppose to be da bros as much as I hate it because y'all irritate me.

He knows where I am and how to reach me at all times. I don't give a shit either way. Whatever happens is his choice.

Ghee just admitt to your wrong.. You kinda did come at him sideways. But he was wrong.

Aw hell naw. If he wanna be a sensitive thug that's on him.

I'm your friend at King lol. I just wanted to know why you had to step in?

My friend? Use the number then. If we friends you should be comfortable to let me answer your questions.

Justin's serious bro why were you messing with him in the first place?

7738173433 Who is this? I'll answer all questions when I know who I'm speaking to.

Do you prefer gold or silver jewelry?

Gold all in my watch!

are you prepared for Jehovah's return?

Jamari I hate you. And if it's not Jamari then oh well.

Who do you trust more, your friends or your parents?

Well, mom and dad lied about Santa Claus.....

What’s the best way to learn a new language?

Sex with a girl who speaks a foreign language. She'll say a bunch of shit.


That's my Nigga.

Maybe you were just born like that.

Naw. People used to laugh at my jokes.

Why are you so lame?

Don't even know. Any suggestions? Theories?

"Oh you're gonna have that a fucking abortion!" http://youtu.be/O-YXlUz3vqg

Why would you send me this shit? Not funny. Or even a question.

Who will go to hell?

Girls who wear leggings with crosses on them. Blasphemous.

What's the most interesting object in your room?

My trophies. I don't know.


She don't laugh at my jokes either. But naw though, she cool as hell. Very pretty. And she famous.


Love her. My big sister. My sunshine.

Selina or bria


Whom have you hugged today?

I hugged like 5 people.

When is the world going to end?

When Jehovah says it will.

Do you prefer tea, coffee or cocoa?

Uhhhhhhh. All that shit nasty.


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