Daniel Sahyounie(✔) @SkipSahyounie609
Daniel Sahyounie(✔) @SkipSahyounie609
Hi im Daniel,1/5 of the janoskians This is my official ask account new single on iTunes Best friends
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If you could have dinner with any political figure, dead or alive, who would you pick?
tf is political
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Selfie please:)  Bileber 5sos And Jano For Life
Selfie please:)
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Please ask me anything
Hi cutie ;) lol Daniel (skip) the JANOSKIANS have changed my life forever! I love you guys so much! ❤❤❤❤❤  Katie Mckale
aw cute
do u love any of your fans like in love deeply in love  natalie
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Out of the boys who would you marry fuck and kill  Bileber 5sos And Jano For Life
marry beau fuck luke and kill jai
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Do you guys live together or do you just meet up to make videos?
we live together
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What is your favourite mockumentary?
I just got into a Janoskians mood so I'm jamming out to Best Friends. but, how's your day been, best friend?
fckn fab
Heyy Daniel do u have kik if u do what's ur kik?
dont have one
How where the onions  Lauryn Janoskians Murphy
worst thing ever
loved your two new challenges :)
thanks bae
How big is your dick
10 inches
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hey, i'm an italian fan, and you're amazing *-* oh my god *-* i love every your video, on youtube *--* xx  Payne said my name**
thats good aw
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do u like big asses or small asses  natalie
big obv
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love you too
That's good and same. What have you been up to lately?  Mariah Montville
nothing really wbu
Hi-ya! How are you? ^-^ May I ask please, what is your snapchat? :D
im good and danielskip1 :)
How have you been?  Mariah Montville
good you
who is your favorite out of the group?????
beau my sexbuddy
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hey im a huge fan thank you so much you give me strength to get up everyday your amazing awesome without you my life would be incomplete xo  livi sahounie
Hi daniel. U r really beautiful.ilysm<3
kiss me xx
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don't mind me, just catching up with my best friend, hopefully anyways! so, how is my wonderful best friend?  Sarah McGarry
Would u ever let a girl into ur JANOSKIANS group  Kellytran
pussy pussy YES