Matzo ball or kugel?

KUGEL! Nom. Nom. Nom.

What is one "unwritten rule" you think everyone should know and follow? thinktwice

Whenever possible, practice kindness.

"Ignorance is bliss"- Thoughts on this?

I think children should have the pure bliss of naivety-crafted ignorance, but in adolescence and adulthood we all need to become aware and mindful. Knowledge is empowerment which when utilized thoughtfully can lead to fulfillment and bliss.

If you won a 24 hour trip to any fictional destination of your choice, where do you go? thinktwice

Hogwarts, of course!

What is actually more dangerous than it appears to be? thinktwice

Procrastination and indecisiveness.

What's the biggest 180° turnaround you have had in an opinion you held strongly, and what happened to trigger that change? thinktwice

In my early teens I believed that everything labeled natural or organic was inherently better for you and the environment. I didn't want to get the HPV vaccine. I was prey to the naturalistic fallacy. "Holistic healing" had a wholesome appeal to me. It seemed far gentler, kinder, and benign. Then I found out that it can actually be harsh, brutal, and detrimental, with little effectiveness.

I do still believe that nourishing your body with nutritious foods and habits such as exercise and mental self-care are imperative, but I'm definitely an ardent believer in science-substantiated medicine with a proven rate of efficacy when it is necessary. And I am a huge advocate of vaccination.

Pancakes or waffles?

Pancakes, though I've literally dreamed of these Belgian waffles from the Brentwood Sunday Farmer's Market. The almond one tastes like marzipan and bliss. Anyone on the Westside of LA should consider popping in for one.

Do you think laziness is the main reason as to why some women choose to not wear any makeup at all? Why?

No. Many women who don't wear makeup simply feel confident and comfortable in their natural, unembellished skin. Many are not lazy at all but simply choose to prioritize their time differently and not include a makeup routine. Many are budget-conscious and feel that their finances are better spent on other things. Many have other valid reasons, such as sensitive skin that doesn't react well to makeup.

What little things are enough to make your day? chic il y a kneel

A good hug; a rainbow; my Golden Retriever; an excellent iced coffee; an unexpected dash of joy such as contact from a long-lost friend. I had on fleek strawberry cupcake with strawberry icing today, and it was sort of ridiculous how giddy it made me.

It would be amazing to have search features in our inboxes :( I remember a while ago you answered a qs about studying and said something like 'retyping lectures notes everday'. I'm trying to be more eco-friendly and type my notes and was wondering if you had any tips about that &tips about retyping

I retype my notes on my laptop and do not print them, so it is still eco-friendly. : ) I find that retyping and organizing my class notes helps me to better understand the material and imprint it on my mind. I also will add in other relevant material. I mainly use EverNote. Have you ever tried it? If not, give it a go and see if you like it.

Did you hear about Alan Rickman's passing?

I did! He was the rare actor who could endear the audience to him even when he was playing a villain. I grew up on Harry Potter, so I was very sad.

Two legends I love gone this week......

If you could change one thing about your family, what would it be?

I wouldn't want to eliminate their mortality, but it would be awesome if everyone in my family could live happy, healthy, fulfilling lives through their 90s.

Is there a way to search through your answers? I don't want to ask a qs that has been already answered =(

I don't believe there is a way to search through responses on here, though that would be a very handy feature. A search function for our inboxes would be useful, too.

Feel at liberty to ask your questions. Even if I've received them before my perspectives since the time I previously answered could have shifted. : )

Just a general inquiry (feel free to delete - I just want opinions) ~ I'm thinking seriously of dying my hair black but I'm also veeery unsure about it. What do you guys think? ♡ rose quartz;

I think naturally black hair is often very beautiful, but that like with red hair it can be hard to artificially duplicate the appeal. I think you look lovely as you already are.

Ok, call me weird, but I feel like you've been so strongly imprinted into my mind that wherever I go, there is like a little version of Skylark in me that fills me with bliss, and joy, and love for life and singing, and charming humor... oh how wonderful!

I'm reading this on Christmas Day. It was a lovely gift. Thank you so much for telling me that and making me smile. I hope your holiday season has been fantastic. : )

Has anyone else noticed the new layout update for those who use a PC? This is so weird. I don't know if I like it or not. ♡ rose quartz;

I am popping on here for the first time in a while and shaking my head. It's not just on a PC that the layout changed because I'm on a Mac.

I know whether I like it or not. I don't like it. At all. Haha.

Anyhoo, hope you are splendid, lovely Candace!

you are lovely <3 I hope you had a wondrous day :)

Aw, thank you so much. I hope you have a wonderful day, too. ♥

What two animals should breed and make a new animal?

Peacock and a skylark. A pealark would be magnificent.

Which do you prefer, sunrises or sunsets?

Sunsets! : )

:( I miss when you posted regularly.

I'm sorry. I've been perpetually swamped lately and now have the flu. I'm probably going to temporarily deactivate my account here in the upcoming day or two because I know it will be virtually impossible to pop on during the upcoming hectic holiday season. I don't want my inbox to swell up and people to think I've neglected their questions. I already have nearly 3000 unanswered questions and feel remiss. I will be sure to return in 2016 though. : )

Have you ever met anyone who was born as part of triplets?

I'm friends with many twins, but I don't know any triplets. When I was little I always wanted to be a triplet, haha.

What's something you've improved about yourself within the last year? chic il y a kneel

I've improved my mental housekeeping abilities. I've become more efficient at deciding what should occupy my head space and decluttering it of regrets and distractions, sweeping away agitation over petty matters, and removing negative, unproductive thoughts as routinely as taking out the literal trash. It's help to give me more clarity and happiness.

Not using turn signals leads to people developing trust issues.

^ Truth. : ) Haha.

How adept are you at recognizing your anons?

I rarely make any effort to recognize them because I assume there is a reason they've posted anonymously.
: )

Occasionally friends will post as an anon simply because they don't have an account here, and they're making a lighthearted comment or teasing me in a benevolent way or whatever. It's more obvious who they are when they post. I haven't really had that many trolling or derogatory comments in all of my time on this site. It's simple to recognize the patterns of those few who have tried to leave little deposits of negativity.

What is something you do that you wish everyone else would do too? thinktwice

. Use turn signals when driving and also when biking in crowded areas such as on campus.
. Stand on the right side of escalators so that people can pass them on the left
. Use common courtesy
. Say what they mean and mean what they say.


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