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What's your favorite breakfast food?

Pancakes yo

Whom have you hugged today?


What is missing in your life that would make you very happy?


Do you lore?


never....NEVER I SAY

im 2sexy4my shirt plz help am cold

Turn the swag down

What female celebrity do you wish was your sister?

umm...I cant think of would be..just plain wrong

Are you sexy?

No :'( I wish I was

yo fookin skull, m8. ill bash da sheet outta it m8. fite me irl.

k :P

Girl you really want to fuck?


You call yourself SmoothToast, but can you show me how smooth you really are?

i love you bb

I love you MOAR

wait so are you a girl or guy I'm so confused wtf


Im whatever you want me to be

Nude ones? ;)

For sure

Do u even smooth?

All day errday

aye mang


Are you actually gay?


why are u fag

I have too much swegs

I'm just gonna go ahead and guess that you're a guy



Who are you?

Hold on a sec, this isnt a reverse ASK.FM

guy or girl????????????

Are YOU guy or girl???????

u get me so HARD and SMOOTH

Wait until you get buttery ;)


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About Fiction:

I have risen from the yeast. Survived the harshest heat from the toaster. Still surviving in the bread bag. Cuz no one likes the end pieces (aka the butt of the bread)

In your toaster